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DDDV Ch 115 Part 1 – Five Spiritual Roots (I)

Lu Yaoyao’s heart brimmed with anticipation. She was only eighteen, yet she had already reached the Golden Core stage. Her talent must be extraordinary, and her spiritual roots would surely astonish the world! With this in mind, Lu Yaoyao placed her palm on the stone, and after a moment, it shone with a dazzling array of colorful lights, enveloping an area of five meters in intense brilliance. Lu Yaoyao withdrew her hand, and the lights dissipated. When she was in line just now, she already knew that the fewer colors emitted by the test stone, the better the spiritual roots, and the brighter the light, the higher the aptitude.

But hers…. hers had five colors…

“Five spiritual roots.” Ziruo sympathized. Those with all attribute spiritual roots still could step into the threshold of cultivation, but it was common sense that the more spiritual roots you possessed, the harder it would be to advance.

Lu Yaoyao blinked in disbelief. Why was she the one with the worst five roots? Too illogical! Clearly, she was so talented!

Ziruo consoled her, saying, “The light just now was the brightest I’ve ever seen. It means that even with five spiritual roots, your aptitude is still the best.”

Lu Yaoyao doubted the accuracy of the stone’s measurement. Nevertheless, five spiritual roots had already met the criteria, so she didn’t ask for a retest and chose to continue: “Please measure my bone age next.”

“This way.”

As Lu Yaoyao had her bone age tested, she looked at Ziruo eagerly. This time must be accurate, right?

Ziruo announced the result, “Five years old.”

“Impossible, I’m eighteen!” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened even more. Both tests must be wrong!

“But this is the result.” As Ziruo spoke, he carried the little girl away from the testing site and put her down in a corner. “Now be a good girl and return home, alright?”

“…Your measurements are wrong. I am really eighteen!”



At this time, a group of youths arrived at the entrance of the square, attracting the attention of those around them with their extraordinary demeanor and exceptional look. Guiyuan chief disciple Lu Junyang, highly esteemed and entrusted with great responsibility, was the main person in charge of recruitment this time. Standing beside him was a graceful and aloof girl in a purple dress, Ye Zelan, the eldest disciple of the deputy sect leader of the Medicine Sect. Although Ye Zelan stood next to someone she had a crush on, her mind seemed elsewhere as her gaze wandered around the square.

She came this time for the sake of the benefactor who had saved her from the people of the Wentian Sect in the Cangwu Secret Realm half a year ago. The aftermath of that incident had been resolved, and the Wentian Sect no longer pursued the matter, but Ye Zelan still felt indebted. Little sister Yaoyao had expressed a desire to join the Guiyuan Sect, and with the sect currently recruiting disciples, Ye Zelan had a premonition that she would encounter the little girl again.

Ye Zelan had already asked her master to intervene and requested a favor from their counterpart in Guiyuan Sect, the Hall Master of the Alchemy Hall, ensuring Yaoyao’s smooth entry into the sect. The Hall Master, whom Ye Zelan had to call Martial Uncle Mo in courtesy, had readily made his promise. As long as Yaoyao could pass the assessment and enter the inner sect, he would accept her as a direct disciple. Still, even with the promise in hand, Ye Zelan couldn’t help but feel a lingering unease and decided to visit the square. It didn’t take long for her to spot a red little dumpling conversing with disciples of the Guiyuan Sect, and her usually aloof countenance softened in an instant.

Ye Zelan’s footsteps turned and were about to walk toward the little dumpling, but then she stopped halfway. It was not the right time to catch up. Instead, she looked at Lu Junyang and said, “Senior Brother Lu, that’s Yaoyao. It seems like she’s in trouble?”

Yaoyao was neither in the queue nor among those who had passed the assessment. What could be the reason…? She felt concerned, but this was the domain of the Guiyuan Sect, and it wasn’t appropriate for her to interfere. Her only option was to rely on Lu Junyang.

From a distance, Lu Junyang clearly saw the direction Ye Zelan pointed and recognized the young girl with whom he had a chance encounter. Lu Junyang was amazed, never expecting such a remarkable coincidence. Knowing that she would become his junior sister in the sect, his heart filled with happiness. He truly adored this lively and adorable little girl.

Lu Junyang approached the disciples on duty.

“Eldest Senior Brother.” One of them came over and cupped his hands.

“What’s the matter with that little girl?”

“She wants to participate in the entry trial, but she’s not old enough…” The disciples were charged with the simple task of maintaining order and registration, so they were quite idle and had noticed the playful interaction between Junior Brother Ziruo and the young girl. “This little girl is so cute, insisting that she’s eighteen.”

Ye Zelan furrowed her brow lightly. Sure enough, things were not going smoothly. She looked at Lu Junyang, not saying a word, but her cool gaze carried a subtle plea. Lu Junyang was also worried inside, as the young girl’s height was too noticeable. How could she not stand out during the trial? Maybe he should discuss with Martial Uncle Mo about accepting her as a disciple first and let her participate in the trial when she reaches the appropriate age?

There were precedents for this. When sect members met particularly talented children, they would be brought into the sect and started training under special circumstances. Once they were old enough, the kids would then participate in the entry trial and formally become a disciple of Guiyuan.

“Although the little girl has five spiritual roots, her aptitude is unprecedented…” the disciple described the grand spectacle Lu Yaoyao’s test caused.

Hearing this, Lu Junyang’s expression moved slightly. He then smiled and said gently: “In this case, let her participate in the trial.”

“But…” The disciple hesitated.

“I heard that His Venerable’s spiritual root test was also such a grand occasion. Since her spiritual root aptitude is so high, maybe we made a mistake in assessing her spiritual roots. Let her participate in the trial. If she can pass, wouldn’t we know for sure if she really is talented?” Pausing for a moment, he spoke gently, “If anyone has objections, they can come and find me.”

When the disciple heard this, he found Lu Junyang’s words reasonable, so he went to inform others of the news. No one had objections. There was no limit to the number of participants in the entry trial. As long as they passed the assessment, anyone could take part and then join the sect upon passing the trial. It was just a matter of having more people, and there was no situation of occupying spots.

Ye Zelan’s voice slightly warmed, “Thank you.”

Lu Junyang chuckled: “Not at all. I think we’re picking a treasure here.”

Seeing Lu Junyang’s smile, Ye Zelan was dazzled for a moment.


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  1. So I guess the bone testing was for her actual physical age, rather than her true age? I figured it’d be able to tell someone’s true age despite their physical appearance because people can always take pills to make themselves appear younger than their actual age, so physical appearances aren’t necessarily a good determination; especially since her bones should technically show that they’re eighteen years old despite having a bone structure around five years old. I guess she’ll just have to prove herself in the test!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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