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MSRV Ch 97 Part 6 – A Well-Matched Couple (VI)

After reaching an agreement, Yuan Xin instructed the team and assigned public relation personnel to monitor news about Wenwen on the internet. He then took out a brand-new mobile phone and began registering various social media accounts for Wenwen, complete with real-identity verification.

Yuan Xin first registered Wenwen on the two largest social platforms: the Panda Live Platform where Fu Yunruo also belonged, and Weibo.

Seeing everything was ready, Fu Yunruo quickly followed the newly-made account and set up a priority notification.

Si Yue’s reaction was equally swift, and he became Wenwen’s second follower.

Wenwen watched Yuan Xin’s actions, excitedly bouncing beside him, reaching out to snatch the phone, “Uncle Yuan, I want to follow Mom first! Let me do it! Let me do it!”

Yuan Xin had no reason to refuse and happily handed over the phone.

Wenwen skillfully followed Fu Yunruo’s account and enabled a priority notification.

Si Yue reminded from the side, “Follow me too.”

Pretending not to hear, Wenwen completely ignored Si Yue. He had no intention of following Si Yue! Didn’t hear, didn’t see!

Yuan Xin waited until Wenwen finished following Fu Yunruo’s account and then took the phone back. Seeing Si Yue looking so pitiful, he casually followed Si Yue among a list of many others.

During this time, Wenwen’s number of followers and fans continued to rise.

Many fans who had previously followed Fu Yunruo, Si Yue, and Yuan Xin’s accounts also started following Wenwen’s, constantly sending private messages to confirm the account’s authenticity.

Especially among Fu Yunruo’s fans, a considerable number of them were actually fans of Wenwen. It’s just that Wenwen didn’t have a social media account, so they turned to following Fu Yunruo instead.

No promotion was done on the new account, but people on the internet were very observant and quickly caught on.

Yuan Xin patted Wenwen’s head and said with a smile, “So, what do you want to post for your first Weibo?”

Wenwen’s heart involuntarily raced, feeling as nervous as he did when he was first noticed by others all those years ago.

His first Weibo! He had to think carefully about it.

Wenwen subconsciously glanced at Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo gave him an encouraging look.

Wenwen finally sent a standard message: “Hello everyone, I am Wenwen, nice to meet you.”

Both accounts were updated simultaneously.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue commented immediately.

Yunjuan Yunshu V: My little cutie! Thank you for your support!

Si Yue V: Yes, our little cutie.

Yuan Xin let Wenwen watch the real-time stats. The number of comments, likes, and followers exploded in a short time.

Everyone was very enthusiastic, showing off their emotions with various emojis.

Fu Yunruo was proud, “Everyone likes Wenwen very much!” She smiled happily.

Wenwen grinned.

Although there was no promotion, just fans of Fu Yunruo and Si Yue were enough to boost Wenwen’s account directly into trending topics. In no time, other people in the entertainment industry who got along well with Wenwen caught the news and quickly forwarded the post.

Yuan Xin paid special attention to the director and cast who previously took good care of Wenwen, and also the names of the staff that Wenwen remembered.

Wenwen stood on tiptoe to read the comments.

[Finally~ Take my heart!]

[My baby!!!]

[Our youngest child, aaaaahhhh!!!]

[Who is this? Brother Yue actually set up a priority notif!]

[Baby, you finally have an account. Mom has been waiting for a long time. Woohoo, I am so happy!!!]

[Isn’t this the little cutie who hugged Brother Yue’s thigh!?]

[Right, right! The cutie who wants to be friends with Brother Yue!]

Even though Wenwen had only appeared in one variety show, his fame was far and beyond.

Yuan Xin watched as the number of followers rapidly jumped to tens of thousands in a blink of an eye. He couldn’t help musing inside. Wenwen’s two accounts were probably the first in history to surpass tens of millions of followers within an hour of being created!

At least one-third of Fu Yunruo’s fans came over in just one hour. It seemed that some fans had noticed the buzz in the group and spread the news, leading almost all online users to come and follow Wenwen.

Si Yue had a massive fan base, and many of them had watched the variety show and remembered Wenwen. Whether out of fondness or curiosity, they all flocked to follow him.

In addition to that, there were followers coming from all directions, including Xia Wanning, Director Mo, and others.

Fu Yunruo was genuinely surprised, almost shocked.

She had always known that Wenwen was popular, but this was too exaggerated, wasn’t it? It was her first time witnessing such a phenomenon. Within just an hour, Wenwen’s followers had exceeded tens of millions. Were these people living on the platform?

Fu Yunruo’s eyes showed a hint of doubt. Could Brother Yuan have bought fake followers?

Yuan Xin swore by the heavens that he absolutely did not buy any followers. All the data was genuine!

Fu Yunruo glanced at the hundreds of thousands of comments, scrolling through them and recognizing many familiar usernames. Her fans… seemed to dominate the comment section.

She glanced at her own fifty million followers.

Well, it seemed that these fifty million were also Wenwen’s fans. When she thought about it, it didn’t seem exaggerated at all.

Fu Yunruo hugged Wenwen tightly and gave him a kiss. “Our Wenwen is the best!”

Wenwen’s face turned red.

Shortly after, someone from the team called Yuan Xin and told him that Wenwen’s trending topics were overwhelming, and it was difficult to suppress them.

Yuan Xin was not surprised. Looking at the skyrocketing number of fans, it would be near impossible to stop Wenwen from trending.

He was full of confident now. These were all real fans, 100% genuine!

Wenwen’s popularity was so overwhelming that even if he didn’t trend, he would still become incredibly famous. While others strive to constantly trend, it seemed impossible to overshadow the buzz surrounding Wenwen. He didn’t have much work out yet, but once he did, it’s likely that such a grand spectacle would occur every few days.

Yuan Xin couldn’t help but think that the talent for fame might be hereditary. Si Yue was already impressive, but Wenwen had even more potential to surpass him. Both father and son were truly enviable.

Yuan Xin didn’t stay for long and soon left. He had to keep a close eye on the team and the internet to prevent any mistakes. He took his phone with him when he left.

Until Wenwen turns eighteen, his social media would be managed by Yuan Xin. This is to prevent a child from doing foolish things online.

Wenwen: “…” He really wants a phone and his own accounts!

But not even Fu Yunruo took Wenwen’s side, so he could only watch as Yuan Xin leave.

His phone, his accounts ah….


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