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MSRV Ch 98 Part 3 – Starting Lessons (III)

While Wenwen was eagerly waiting for the gathering, he forgot to keep a close eye on his mother. As a result of his negligence, Si Yue found an opportunity to get closer to Fu Yunruo.

Si Yue glanced at the surrounding potted plants. Seeing Fu Yunruo busy, he picked up the watering can nearby, intending to help water the plants.

When Fu Yunruo turned her head, she saw Si Yue holding the watering can, the nozzle already aimed at the soil in the pots, about to pour water.

Fu Yunruo’s heart skipped a beat. “Stop!”

Si Yue turned around, looking puzzled. What’s wrong?

Fu Yunruo was extremely nervous. “Don’t move! Stay still!”

“Okay.” Although confused, Si Yue obediently held his position without moving.

Fu Yunruo cautiously approached, pressing down the nozzle and taking the watering can from Si Yue, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness she noticed in time; otherwise, Uncle Guo’s precious flowers would be watered to death, and she couldn’t imagine how angry would he be!

Receiving a scolding wasn’t a big deal, but losing such beautiful flowers would be heartbreaking.

“These orchids don’t need watering.”

Si Yue pointed to the sign next to the orchids. “It says here how much water to use during this time period.” He wasn’t randomly watering them.

“I’ll take care of it.” Fu Yunruo said with a headache.

Didn’t this plant killer have any idea? After all these years, unable to keep a flower alive, blaming it on strange weather and air quality, even finding fault with the way flowers are planted, but never looking at himself for the reasons.

Even Wenwen had learned this lesson completely.

“I just wanted to help you.” Si Yue’s voice carried a hint of grievance.

“Just standing there, please. I greatly appreciate it.”

“Hahaha!” Wenwen had just looked up and was about to get angry at Si Yue for sneakily approaching his mother again. Seeing Si Yue’s dejected expression, he didn’t hold back and laughed gloatingly.

Serves you right! Mom would never give you a chance to get close to the flowers! Thinking you can please Mom by helping her with chores? Impossible, haha!

Si Yue gave the stinky boy an indifferent glance, “Have you grown flowers?”

The laughter stopped abruptly. Wenwen lowered his chin and glared fiercely at Si Yue.

Now it was Si Yue’s turn to mock mercilessly.

Fu Yunruo: “…” They’re two peas in a pod. Big brother shouldn’t pick on little brother. Is it really okay for them to hurt each other like this?

Wenwen couldn’t argue with Si Yue, but he was a child, and children had their own methods to retaliate. So he ran to Fu Yunruo’s side, clinging to her leg, and started whining.

“Mom, he bullied me!” That’s right, he could tattle!

“He’s so annoying! Can we just ignore him, please?” Wenwen pouted cutely, and Fu Yunruo immediately became disoriented, agreeing to everything.

Wenwen gave a smug glance.

Si Yue gritted his teeth and looked in annoyance at the stinky brat that was his son. Then, he suddenly said, “Wenwen should start learning. How about I hire some tutors?”

Initially, Si Yue thought it would be better to let Wenwen relax for a year before starting formal lessons at the age of five. But now he believed that the little guy had too much free time.

Si Yue came to the flower garden every day, but never had a chance to get close to Fu Yunruo. Wenwen protected Fu Yunruo like a territorial cub, never allowing him the opportunity to approach.

So, he deliberately mentioned this matter, knowing that Fu Yunruo was concerned about Wenwen’s studies during the summer vacation.

Sure enough, Fu Yunruo’s attention was immediately attracted, “What kind of tutors?” Naturally, she believed that Wenwen should learn as much as possible. She had heard that nowadays, children needed to pursue two or three hobbies and develop a special talent to be considered outstanding.

However, she also had her concerns. “Isn’t it too early? Shouldn’t we wait until he starts elementary school?”

Si Yue responded earnestly, “It’s not too early. This little guy is quite intelligent. I started learning when I was three. Don’t worry, the initial years of instruction are easy and enjoyable. You can observe for yourself, and if you feel it’s not suitable, we can reconsider.”

Fu Yunruo was tempted by the idea.

Si Yue continued, “Since Wenwen enjoys acting, learning a musical instrument or dance would be beneficial for him.”

Fu Yunruo nodded in agreement. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Si Yue was qualified to speak on the matter. His wealth of experience was invaluable.

Suddenly curious, Fu Yunruo couldn’t resist asking, “What about you? What are you skilled at?”

Si Yue replied, “Piano, violin, and I have some knowledge of the saxophone. No particular expertise.”

“Mainly, it’s about nurturing an elegant artistic temperament and fostering the ability to appreciate music.” He had always been the one appreciating others’ music. Except for performing in front of his family, he had never played music for anyone else or willingly showcased his skills. But now, he smiled at Fu Yunruo and said, “If I have the opportunity, I’ll play the piano for you.”

Fu Yunruo smiled without responding. Instead, she lowered her head and asked Wenwen for his opinion, “Which instrument do you like? Piano?”

The piano was the first instrument that came to Fu Yunruo’s mind. She imagined a grown-up Wenwen sitting gracefully in front of the piano, playing captivating melodies. Oh my god, it would be so beautiful! Her son, a little piano prince!

Contrary to his mother’s excitement, Wenwen was horrified. It was bad enough that he had to attend kindergarten with those toddlers, and now he had to take extra classes? What about his days off? His holidays?

He is still a child!

However, before Wenwen could protest, Si Yue had already made another suggestion, “Why not let him take a few days of music lessons first and see which one he likes?”

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Alright.” Just saying that much, Wenwen might not even understand what musical instruments are or their differences. It would be better to let him experience them first before making a choice.

“I know a tutor. I’ll contact them and arrange a time for them to come to our house.”

Fu Yunruo had no opinion. She had no contact in this field and knew that Si Yue was trustworthy, so she didn’t hesitate and agreed directly.

“…” Wenwen almost exploded. Can’t he give his opinion just because he’s young? “I want to learn the piano! And the violin! And also the erhu!” He shouted loudly.


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