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MSRV Ch 98 Part 2 – Starting Lessons (II)

Si Yue wasn’t aware of his fans’ inner turmoil, nor did he care. He stood next to Fu Yunruo, looking totally at home as he said proudly, “Our son’s very amazing.”

Our son… Fu Yunruo raised her head and glanced at Si Yue. Unable to argue, she could only acquiesce silently.

“He has always been amazing.” Fu Yunruo looked at her son. After the initial excitement passed, she began to worry about the change this sudden fame might bring to her little boy. Whether it was good or bad, she had no way to tell at this point.

Si Yue seemed to sense her concerns and reassured softly: “Don’t worry. There’s me here.”

Fu Yunruo turned her head, meeting Si Yue’s tender gaze. Suddenly, she felt that having someone to share the responsibility of raising her son together was a good thing.

Ever since she had Wenwen, she had always worried that she wouldn’t be able to raise him properly, afraid that she would raise the child in the wrong way…

Si Yue was such an excellent man, and he would be a good role model.

The worries in Fu Yunruo’s heart loosened. She and Si Yue sat on the side, watching their son together and exchanging words from time to time. Although they didn’t speak much, the atmosphere was very relaxing and harmonious.

After a while, Fu Yunruo got up and retrieved her mobile phone. She didn’t want Wenwen to be exposed to electronic devices for too long, for fear of damaging his eyesight, and thus kept his screen time to minimum.

Wenwen felt reluctant, but he obeyed. If he wasn’t allowed to play, he wouldn’t. However, he regretted how quickly time passed. He felt like he hadn’t been playing for long.

After the moments of happiness, a sudden realization dawned on Wenwen — why do Mom and Si Yue suddenly look so friendly together?

Upon returning to his senses, he immediately became alert. This cunning Si Yue must have fooled Mom behind his back again!

No, he has to be on guard!

Si Yue: “…” What the hell is this little rascal thinking again?

Wenwen resorted to the clingy tactic and transformed himself into a little tail that followed his mother everywhere.

He felt nostalgic. Before he started school, he and his mother were together most of the time, and he kind of missed that time.

Unaware of her son’s ulterior motive, Fu Yunruo noticed him being idle all day and pondered, “Would you like to go visit the village before school starts?”

Wenwen’s kindergarten had a two-month summer vacation, so they could spend about one or two weeks in the village before returning.

However… Fu Yunruo thought about the pile of responsibilities she had. Being absent at this time wouldn’t be easy. Still, her son was more important, so she decided to take some time off.

Hearing this, Wenwen’s eyes lit up. He indeed missed his playmates, grandpa, grandma, and other people in the village, but the thought of the long and inconvenient journey made him hesitant. His mother’s serious illness at the beginning of the year still left him with lingering fear. Not willing to make her exhausted again, he shook his head and replied, “Let’s wait until the Chinese New Year to go back.”

Although the destination was the same, summer hot days made the journey several times tougher.

Fu Yunruo patted his head, “Then, how about inviting your friends home so you can play together?”

That’s a great idea! Wenwen’s eyes lit up again, “Kangkang, Doudou, Lele… can we invite them all?” Wenwen counted with his fingers and called the names of his good friends in kindergarten.

After a careful count, he realized that most of his classmates would be on his invitation list.

Fu Yunruo asked him to think about how to entertain his friends. “Should we entertain them here in the flower garden or at home? What activities should we arrange for them?” She encouraged her son to make a plan.

Wenwen began contemplating seriously. Having something else to preoccupy his mind, his longing for his friends back in the village was suddenly diluted a lot.

So, with excitement, he eagerly ran to get pen and paper to start planning.

Two hours later, holding the well-written proposal, he returned to his mother and started explaining in all seriousness, “I’ve made up my mind. Let’s receive them at home.”

After careful consideration, Wenwen decided that even though the flower garden was larger and had more beautiful space, it was already summer, and they couldn’t play outside as it was easy to get heatstroke. Moreover, there wasn’t a suitable place for kids to have fun. But their home was different. The house was spacious enough to accommodate a dozen friends, and they even had a dedicated entertainment room and a backyard to play in.

In addition, they could also go to the common playground inside the community. The wall and gate made it very safe, so they didn’t have to worry about the kids getting lost. They could spend a good time at the playground for the entire afternoon!

However, he still had to trouble his mother to prepare lunches for everyone at noon.

“They will come over from 9:30 to 10 o’clock in the morning. I’ll take them to play in the backyard and then to the entertainment room on the second floor. After having lunch, they can rest for an hour and a half, and then we’ll go to the neighborhood playground! After 4 o’clock, the kids will go home!”

Fu Yunruo gently patted Wenwen’s head and praised, “Hmm, Wenwen, you’ve planned it really well!”

With Fu Yunruo’s approval, Wenwen felt extremely proud. They first discussed the time to invite the guests.

Since this plan came up suddenly, if the timing was too soon, it might be rushed, so they scheduled it for five days later.

This would be the first time Wenwen formally invited friends over to play, so both the mother and son were quite nervous.

Wenwen had their contact information, so, with Fu Yunruo’s company, they made phone calls one by one to extend the invitation.

In the end, except for a few who were on vacation outside the city or abroad, everyone else promised to attend.

While Wenwen was eagerly waiting for the gathering, he forgot to keep a close eye on his mother. As a result of his negligence, Si Yue found an opportunity to get closer to Fu Yunruo.


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