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MSRV Ch 98 Part 4 – Starting Lessons (IV)

“…” Wenwen almost exploded. Can’t he give his opinion just because he’s young? “I want to learn the piano! And the violin! And also the erhu!” He shouted loudly.

Wenwen remembered that in his past life, he didn’t have the opportunity to learn these instruments and ended up embarrassing himself at a banquet, which people laughed at for a long time. Now, when these things were brought up, he was reminded of unpleasant memories. He thought to himself, in this life, if he had the opportunity, he definitely wanted to learn well, not lose to even a professional!

Fu Yunruo looked over and asked anxiously, “Will it be too hard to learn so many things at once? Let’s take it slow and start with the piano?”

Si Yue agreed, “Music is universal. Once you learn the techniques of one or two instruments, you can quickly pick up others.” It’s just a difference between professional and amateur. But since Wenwen had no intention to shine in the music industry, it would be enough to learn just the basic knowledge.

Since Wenwen had already made up his mind, there was no need to have each tutor come for a trial lesson, so Si Yue immediately called the piano tutor and arranged for them to come tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. He also made another private call.

“So urgent?” Fu Yunruo heard that it was for tomorrow, “I haven’t bought a piano for Wenwen yet.” She would have to go to the music store tonight and buy a piano.

“No need to buy, I have a piano at home,” Si Yue said. “I’ll have someone deliver it tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Fu Yunruo hesitated.

“Wenwen is also my child. This is part of my responsibility.” Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo, “You have to get used to it.”

“…” Fu Yunruo couldn’t say anything. She indeed had to get used to it. After all, Si Yue was Wenwen’s father.

Wenwen poured cold water on the situation and glared at Si Yue, “No way! Mom, let’s buy one ourselves!” If they accepted too much from a certain someone, it would become more difficult for Mom to refuse him later!

Just like the last time! Because Si Yue took an effort to accompany him during the audition and sent him back afterward, Mom was too embarrassed to drive him away!

“Okay, okay. Let’s buy it ourselves.”

“…” Si Yue suddenly showed an innocent smile, “Since he is starting to learn anyway, why not make good use of morning time and let him take another class?”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Wenwen: “…No!”

But Wenwen’s protest was useless. Si Yue, rarely firm in stance, left no room for negotiation.

To make Fu Yunruo agree, Si Yue gently explained, “The class will be very relaxing and follow Wenwen’s pace. It won’t be tiring. Give it a try for a few days, and if there are any issues, we can cancel.”

Fu Yunruo reluctantly agreed. Regarding Wenwen’s resistance, she could only express her helplessness.

Early the next morning, a few tall young men wearing black trousers and waistcoats carried a piano over to the house.

Wenwen’s firm protest and Si Yue’s insistence put Fu Yunruo in a dilemma. Finally, she came up with a compromise and bought Si Yue’s piano.

Fu Yunruo was pleased with herself. What a brilliant idea!

But this matter had to be kept from Wenwen. If he knew that this piano originally belonged to Si Yue, the child would explode again.

Fu Yunruo watched on the side as the piano, which Si Yue said to be inexpensive, was being carried in. She wasn’t totally ignorant; this piano should be a world-class artwork, priceless and unique. Only one was made thirty years ago, the pride and final masterpiece of a piano master’s life.

She never expected to see it here.

She couldn’t tell how much this piano was really worth, but it was definitely far, far more than the 100,000 yuan she had just paid Si Yue.

Wenwen, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He fell in love at first sight with the piano. It looked very cool!

“Isn’t this piano too expensive for Wenwen? He is just a beginner. I think it’s too wasteful.” Fu Yunruo whispered to Si Yue. Her idea had totally backfired. Had she known what kind of piano Si Yue intended to send over, she would have gone out and bought one by herself!

But Si Yue was in a good mood, “It’s worth it as long as Wenwen likes it. This is the same piano I used when I started learning as a child.”

Fu Yunruo watched as the group of men carefully carried the piano to the makeshift music room she had hastily prepared. Suddenly, she felt that such a humble place didn’t match this magnificent piano.

After the piano was set up, the men politely left.

Wenwen’s eyes were fixated on this black piano and couldn’t look away. It was simple yet elegant, noble and captivating, standing quietly there, detached from the world.

Seeing how much her son loved it, Fu Yunruo couldn’t bring herself to return the piano. She thought, if she worked hard for another ten years or so, she should be able to pay it fully, right?

Si Yue walked over and ran his slender fingers across the black lid before opening it. He sat on the piano bench, his fingers gliding over the keys, producing a series of beautiful notes.

Then he began to play.

Familiar music filled the air, and Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but be surprised. It was a classic piece, “Für Elise.”

This piece didn’t have much difficulty or high technique, suitable for a beginner. She thought Si Yue would play something harder!

However, the melody he made was very beautiful and captivating.

Si Yue’s gaze slightly lowered as his agile fingers danced on the keys. Then he smoothly transitioned to the next piece, which was the one Si Yue wanted to play for Fu Yunruo, a highly challenging composition.

Apparently, the previous one was just a warm-up.

Music always soothes the soul. As the last note fell, it took Fu Yunruo a while to come back to her senses. “Such enchanting music.” She praised from the bottom of her heart. Although she could play a little piano herself, she couldn’t handle such a difficult piece.

Si Yue’s lips curled into a smile. “I’m honored.”

Wenwen was equally fascinated, but he was also stimulated, “Mom, I will play it for you later!”

“Okay, Mom is waiting!”

Wenwen was stirred up with determination and decided to study seriously to defeat Si Yue, the Great Demon King.

However, the piano tutor was scheduled to come in the afternoon, and for the morning, two etiquette tutors arrived.

Both tutors exuded a special aura and looked even more sophisticated than the etiquette tutor who taught the original ‘Fu Yunruo.’

Fu Yunruo couldn’t find the right words to describe them. If she had to differentiate, it would be like the difference between a student who struggled in the etiquette class and an elite student.

From her memories, Fu Yunruo knew that upper-class families placed great importance on the upbringing of the next generation, and these etiquette lessons were the basic requirements. There were social circles for everything, and different occasions required different manners. If you didn’t know anything, it would bring disgrace to the family’s reputation.

Fu Yunruo hadn’t even thought about having Wenwen learn these things yet, but Si Yue had already made arrangements. Observing the respectful and courteous manner of these etiquette tutors towards Si Yue, she couldn’t help but feel doubtful.

In general, people regarded Si Yue as a regular actor who came from an ordinary family background. She used to believe that too, but now she suddenly couldn’t understand. If he was so ordinary, would he have a priceless piano that only existed one in the world? And even used it as a child?

And could he hire etiquette tutors even better than the ones the Fu family had hired?

Who was Si Yue, really?


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