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MSRV Ch 99 Part 3 – Kids Gathering (III)

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Another permanent change was that Si Yue persuaded her to retain the nutritionist and chef. Taking care of a child required careful consideration of their physical condition to adjust the menu accordingly, so for the sake of her son, Fu Yunruo was easily persuaded to compromise.

The nutritionist pointed out that Wenwen was slightly above the standard weight, and it required attention.

Looking at the boy’s chubby little body, his fair skin, adorable looks, and plump cheeks that were full of cuteness, Fu Yunruo originally thought he was perfect. However, since the professional advised control, she decided to follow their advice and make some adjustments.

As for the chef, Si Yue suggested that Fu Yunruo was already quite busy and didn’t need to spend so much time preparing meals. A professional chef could cook abundant, nutritious, and delicious meals for the family every day.

The nutritionist and the chef didn’t live in their house due to space constraints, so Si Yue arranged them in a residence near the community. The chef would come over every day to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner before leaving, and the proximity would make it an easy commute.

“…” The decision didn’t come easy for Fu Yunruo. Si Yue’s persuasion had won her over, but she wasn’t sure if her income could cover the expenses. Seeing her hesitation, Si Yue explained that both the nutritionist and chef were permanent employees who received regular salaries, whether they worked or not. So, it made more sense to put them to use.

Half-jokingly, Fu Yunruo asked, “Does your family have an inheritance to the throne?”

Si Yue laughed, “Nope.” The family had no throne, but they had a consortium. Nevertheless, he had many private islands under his name, so being a landed lord should be close enough.

“If you think it’s possible, I can introduce you to my family.” Seizing the chance, Si Yue hinted.

Fu Yunruo quickly decided against it. She didn’t want to delve into such a sensitive topic.

Looking around, Fu Yunruo noticed how lively her home had become. They now had a piano tutor, two etiquette tutors, and even a chef and a nutritionist. The whole household might benefit from the last two, but these staff were employed just for Wenwen, so it was hard for Fu Yunruo to reject them.

Because of the classes he now had to take, Wenwen’s days were filled with activities and he seldom had time to follow his mother to the flower garden. As a result, Fu Yunruo commuted by herself and let Qian Shengnan stay at home to look after Wenwen.

Si Yue smiled in satisfaction when he noticed that Wenwen no longer clung to his mother all the time. Right, this was the correct way. Kids should focus on their studies instead of sticking to their mothers like unweaned babies.

Of course, Si Yue’s satisfaction stemmed from the fact that he finally had the chance to get close to Fu Yunruo. Seizing over this opportunity, he turned to her with a mysterious air and produced a piece of paper. “Guess what this is?”

Curious, Fu Yunruo asked, “What is it?”

Shaking his head, Si Yue didn’t tease her and directly revealed the answer, “It’s an invitation to the movie premiere.”

Fu Yunruo’s face lit up with joy and surprise. Needless to say, it had to be the premiere of the science fiction movie in which Wenwen had a part. She took the invitation and opened it to find that the premiere was scheduled for a week later.

Si Yue’s smile softened, “We’ll take Wenwen with us to watch it.”

Fu Yunruo eagerly nodded. It would be Wenwen’s first movie, and she definitely wanted to be there to support him.

“Thank you!” Grateful, she thanked Si Yue for the thoughtful gesture.

“Don’t be so formal. It’s only natural,” Si Yue replied.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head. Her smile deepened.

Uncle Guo naturally noticed that Si Yue was always following Fu Yunruo around lately. Knowing that this pig fully intended to arch his family’s little white cabbage, although Uncle Guo didn’t make any comments, but there was a clear hint of dissatisfaction in his expression. He never let Si Yue touch the plants, but there were always other tasks to do, such as cleaning, mopping, and running errands.

Fu Yunruo felt a bit sympathetic, but ultimately didn’t say anything. At first, she thought Si Yue was getting close to her because of Wenwen, and even his confession might have been for Wenwen’s sake. However, after spending more time together, she could sense that even if Si Yue’s intentions weren’t entirely pure, he did have some genuine feelings for her.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t quite distinguish what these feelings were based on. Although she was already a mother, when it came to relationships and marriage, she had high standards and longed for something pure, free from too many other factors.

She was unsure if Si Yue’s liking for her was solely because she was Wenwen’s mother. If it were someone else, would he pursue them as well?

These conflicting feelings made her reluctant to dwell too deeply on the matter.

Fu Yunruo believed that co-parenting could work, but forming a family for the sake of their child required careful consideration.

Wenwen was deeply immersed in his studies and forgot about everything else. A few days later, he was bewildered when Yuan Xin came to him to talk about work.

Yuan Xin: “You haven’t forgotten that the Xianxia drama is starting filming soon, have you?”

Wenwen: “…” He had indeed forgotten.

Still, with Yuan Xin’s reminder, the initial enthusiasm sparked again, “Has the filming already started? Am I going to the set?” He asked excitedly.

“Yes, you need to go there tomorrow afternoon.” The movie would be shooting many outdoor scenes this time, and the location was quite far. Daily commutes like last time would not be feasible, so Wenwen would have to stay at a hotel near the filming location.

“I have booked a hotel suite. I came here specifically to inform that I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow at two o’clock.” Yuan Xin explained. Wenwen played the role of the male lead during his childhood. As a character with limited screen time, filming for a week would be sufficient. Additionally, since his appearance was in the early scenes, he had to start filming relatively early.

Fu Yunruo had also forgotten about this matter. Upon receiving Yuan Xin’s notice, she quickly packed up luggage for both her son and herself.

After the initial excitement faded, Fu Yunruo suddenly remembered, “Isn’t the premiere in three days?”

Wouldn’t they clash?

She didn’t want to miss the premiere…

“Premiere? What premiere?” Wenwen asked excitedly, “Is it that sci-fi movie?”


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