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ATCF Ch 34 Part 2 – Are You Worthy? (II)

At this moment, Jiang Li and Jiang Tang were standing by the railing of the pond, feeding the fish with some snacks. Jiang Tang had her hands in her pockets, leaning against the railing as she asked, “You have a good relationship with that guy, Tong Yi?”

Jiang Li nodded, “He’s my desk mate. When I just transferred to this school, the Jiang family didn’t give me any pocket money, so he voluntarily lent me some.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Tang’s expression softened, and she smiled, “This kid is actually quite funny.”

“Funny?” Jiang Li was puzzled.

“Yeah, he mistakenly thought I was a boy before. One moment he wanted to arm wrestle with me, and the next he invited me to go watch a car race. Later, he even suggested comparing our skills in Sanda and taekwondo.”

Jiang Li was curious, “So, who won?”

A broader smile appeared on Jiang Tang’s face, “Since I considered him your friend, I declined. Then he called me a prude and said I wasn’t manly enough.”

Jiang Li burst into laughter, “Is Tong Yi really that childish? He sleeps through almost the entire school day and never bothers any of his classmates.”

“Later, when he found out I was a girl, his attitude took a 180-degree turn. He said everything before was just a joke and asked me not to take it to heart.”

Jiang Li found it hard to imagine Tong Yi apologizing to someone and even harder to imagine him quickly getting along with the children from the orphanage.

After saying so much, Jiang Tang couldn’t help but ask when she realized Jiang Li hadn’t reacted, “Don’t you find his behavior strange?”

Jiang Li nodded, “He’s kind of weird sometimes.” But all of Tong Yi’s previous strange behavior was because he wanted to equalize his seniority. This time, she didn’t know what he was caught up in.

Jiang Tang: …

She had said so much, and this was Jiang Li’s response?

Jiang Tang had always been someone who speaks without reservation, so she couldn’t help but tease, “I think, when a teenage boy exhibits such strange behavior, it is likely because he falls in love.”

Tong Yi’s previous provocation towards her was out of jealousy, and then the apology followed, along with deliberately getting closer to those little rascals—they were all undoubtedly for Jiang Li.

After hearing Jiang Tang’s words, Jiang Li was stunned for a while. Because she never thought that Tong Yi would fall in love!

But, well, Tong Yi had already passed his seventeenth birthday and would soon be an adult, so although he technically was still a junior high student, it was no longer puppy love, nor was it too early for him to start dating someone.

As for Sister Tang, she had already graduated from high school and was an adult, so she no longer had restrictions about dating.

So, the reason why Tong Yi’s attitude turned around 180 degrees after finding out about Sister Tang’s true gender was because he had fallen in love with Sister Tang?

Jiang Li felt that her guess made a lot of sense.

Jiang Tang reached out and tapped Jiang Li’s forehead, “What are you daydreaming about?”

Jiang Li snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Jiang Tang with a gossipy gaze, “So, Sister Tang, do you like Tong Yi too?”

Jiang Tang: …

What is going on here?!

She took a deep breath and asked with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, “Do you think Tong Yi likes me?”

Jiang Li immediately nodded, “Although Tong Yi is my classmate, he took a break from school before and he’s already seventeen and a half this year.”

Jiang Tang displayed a speechless expression and finally said, “I think Tong Yi… is destined to have a bumpy love life.”

She had already figured it out—Jiang Li was completely clueless. Well, it’s a good thing for kids not to engage in early romance, and she shouldn’t encourage it.

As for Tong Yi’s unrequited love?

She wasn’t familiar with him at all, so why should she care so much?

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Tang and mourned silently for Tong Yi in her heart for three seconds.

Why did he have to fall in love with Sister Tang, of all people?

Everyone in the orphanage knew that while Sister Tang had a few suitors in the past, she always scared them away.

Poor Tong Lei Feng.

After exchanging a few words with Jiang Li, Qin Zheng pushed away the annoying Zhou Li and no longer sat with his classmates at the same table, but instead joined his parents.

Qin Lin and his wife had also received a hand-written invitation from Old Master Feng and decided to attend this banquet. He had had a good relationship with Jiang Huai before, and his son Qin Zheng grew up with Jiang Ruo. After the verbal engagement, it was not an exaggeration to say that they were like a family.

But the moment he learned that Jiang Ruo was not actually Jiang’s biological daughter, he knew he couldn’t get too close to Jiang Huai anymore.

As for the money he invested earlier, he would consider it a failed investment and let it go!

Now that the Jiang family’s biological daughter had been recognized by the Feng family, there were two reasons behind this grand banquet: to introduce Jiang Li to the people in their circle and, at the same time, to announce that the Feng and Jiang families have broken ties.

So, when the invitation from the Feng family arrived, Qin Lin didn’t even hesitate to attend and show his stance.

Seeing his son standing with Jiang Li from a distance, Qin Lin felt relieved. He was really worried that his son would offend Jiang Li, who was in the limelight, for the sake of that fake Jiang Ruo.

Mrs. Qin also looked at her son with a relieved expression. She had previously thought that Jiang Li was Jiang Huai’s illegitimate daughter and had sincerely advised Feng Yun to find a way to get rid of that illegitimate daughter. But now, it seemed she was just worrying needlessly, and Feng Yun had made a fool out of her.

Suddenly, she remembered that when she arranged the verbal engagement between Qin Zheng and Jiang Ruo, someone had warned her to consider carefully. They said that although Feng Yun was the pampered only daughter of the Feng family, her decision to go against her family and eloped with a poor young nobody showed that she wasn’t capable of making a sound judgment. But back then, she had brushed it off, thinking that someone like Feng Yun, whose brain was filled with love and nothing else, wouldn’t cause any trouble in the future, and she wouldn’t have to worry about her son’s relationship with his in-laws.

Furthermore, Jiang Ruo was indeed well-behaved and understanding, always able to touch her heart with her words, which made her truly satisfied with this engagement.

But now, it was evident that Feng Yun was not just a love-struck brainless. To do something as amazing as not recognizing her biological daughter, it was an understatement to call her brainless.

As for Jiang Ruo, she was merely cute and innocent in appearance. Holding onto someone else’s biological daughter’s identity and not revealing any clues, it was impossible that she had no scheming inside.

Thinking of the harmonious scene between her son and Jiang Li just now, Mrs. Qin shifted her gaze to Qin Zheng and whispered, “Although the Jiangs are muddle-headed, their daughter really looks good. She’s truly pleasing to the eyes.”

Qin Lin also smiled and said, “Indeed, not only her appearance, but her demeanor is exceptional too. There’s no comparison between Jiang Ruo and her.”

Qin Zheng’s eyes darkened. Ruoruo was the person he liked, yet his parents were disparaging her this way. However, he didn’t want to argue with his father here in front of so many people, lest they become a spectacle.

Mrs. Qin agreed, “That’s right, if she hadn’t been switched at birth, she would have been even more outstanding. Then, when we arranged the engagement, it wouldn’t have been with Jiang Ruo but with Jiang Li instead.”

“Mom, please stop,” Qin Zheng frowned, trying to halt his mother from continuing.

Qin Lin also found this idea far-fetched, “Now that Jiang Li has been recognized by the Feng family, the number of people who want to marry her in the future may be enough to break the gate. It’s really not our son’s turn.”

Mrs. Qin became displeased upon hearing this and retorted, “The Feng family may be great, but our son is outstanding too. From childhood to now, he has always been among the best in his age group, and there have been plenty of girls who liked him.”

Qin Zheng felt particularly awkward because of his mother’s remarks and countered, “Jiang Li is also outstanding. Moreover, in the last mock exam, her scores were higher than mine.”

In his heart, there was only Ruoruo. Even if other girls were great, he would only view them with appreciation and not think about anything more.

Mrs. Qin scoffed, “It was just a mock exam, what does it prove? Besides, everyone knows the last mock exam is intentionally made easy to boost students’ confidence!”

Qin Zheng sighed, “I know my own capabilities, so please don’t make trouble, okay?”

Mrs. Qin wanted to say more, but seeing her husband and son frowning, clearly not interested in continuing the discussion, she could only let the matter rest.

The family of three had no idea that their conversation was inadvertently overheard by Zhou Li. Without hesitation, he took out his phone and recorded a video, deciding to show his goddess how Qin Zheng praised Jiang Li.


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