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MSRV Ch 99 Part 2 – Kids Gathering (II)

When Kangkang’s parents came over, Wenwen greeted them politely, “Hello, uncle. Hello, aunt.”

Fu Yunruo also came out to greet the parents. She couldn’t help but take a longer look at Kangkang’s mother. While she was quite familiar with Kangkang’s father, having seen him daily during drop-offs and pickups, this was the first time she met Kangkang’s mother. Contrary to Fu Yunruo’s imagination, Kangkang’s mother didn’t have the appearance of an elite powerful woman; instead, she looked gentle and unassuming.

“Hello, Wenwen’s mom. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Hello, Kangkang’s mom.”

While the adults exchanged warm and polite greetings, Kangkang was already pulling Wenwen, eager to rush inside the house. It was his first time visiting Wenwen’s home, and he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Meanwhile, Si Yue couldn’t participate as a parent yet since he hadn’t been accepted as such. Like Tiantian and Qian Shengnan, he could only help out as a friend. Furthermore, even if he wanted to help, he couldn’t show his face in front of the parents, because no one could predict how many of them might recognize him. If any turned out to be his fans, the situation would be quite awkward.

So, Si Yue had to wait until all the parents left before he could come over. This made him felt frustrated inside, but he maintained a nonchalant appearance.

When the parents came over, they felt assured to see that Wenwen’s mother was well-prepared. There were several other adults attentively looking after the children, so they didn’t have to worry. Once they were finished with greetings, the parents soon left after arranging to come back in the afternoon to pick up their kids.

In total, the Fu family’s villa received more than a dozen young guests today, making it very lively. The rooms were bursting with noises and laughter, and the merry voices of the children could be heard everywhere.

Wenwen behaved like a proper host. He first led his guests to tour his house and then offering them the pastries his mom had made.

Fu Yunruo had already confirmed with each parent if their child had any dietary restrictions or allergies and carefully avoided those foods. As a result, the children could enjoy the treats to their heart’s content.

After serving them his mom’s cooking, Wenwen led the children to play games.

Surprisingly, all the kids listened well to Wenwen, making it easy for him to manage them.

Fu Yunruo, Si Yue, Tiantian, and Qian Shengnan didn’t actively participate, but they always kept a watchful eye on the young guests, ensuring any potential accidents were avoided and offering help if needed.

At noon, the nutritionist and a chef introduced by Si Yue prepared a sumptuous lunch for the children, taking into account the preferences of each child. The kids ate heartily and were overjoyed.

After digesting their meal in the playroom for a while, Wenwen led the children to take a nap in the large hall. Fu Yunruo had bought many comfortable and cute sleeping bags and spread soft blankets on the floor. The children found it fascinating and happily lay down in the sleeping bags for their afternoon nap, with Wenwen joining them.

After the children woke up from their nap, they went to the community entertainment center to play. Time passed so quickly, and when it was time to leave, they were reluctant to go.

It was not until half past five that all the reluctant children were safely returned to their respective parents. The lively atmosphere in the house seemed to linger, and the sounds of the children’s laughter and playfulness still echoed in Fu Yunruo’s mind.

After the children were gone, Fu Yunruo finally heaved a sigh of relief. She, Wenwen, and the rest slumped on the sofa, not wanting to move. While the kids were well-behaved and didn’t cry or throw tantrums, taking care of so many children required constant vigilance and consumed a lot of energy. If they did this more often, it would indeed be terrifyingly tiring.

“Those kindergarten teachers are truly amazing,” Tiantian sighed, totally spent. Kids could be little angels when they behaved, but when they started playing, they were like wild monkeys.

Fu Yunruo agreed wholeheartedly. She felt she needed to express her sincere gratitude to the teachers — they were truly great.

Right now, Fu Yunruo felt completely drained, not even wanting to move a finger. However, seeing her son so happy, she couldn’t help but feel that even if she was exhausted, it was all worth it.

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo and kissed her cheek twice. “Thank you, Mom. You’ve worked hard today.”

Fu Yunruo’s face bloomed with a smile, and she returned the kisses. “You’re welcome, Wenwen. You’re amazing, too”

Wenwen chuckled. He was indeed very happy today, but decided that one such hosting event was enough. Next time, he should invite just one or two friends, three at most. Having so many was too exhausting!

The only one who didn’t seem to be exhausted, Si Yue, went on to pour them a glass of juice and started cleaning up the aftermath.

To be honest, Si Yue did most of the work, especially the physically demanding tasks — he practically did them all, so Fu Yunruo’s main role today was to look after the children and guided them in playing safely.

After resting for a while, Fu Yunruo and the others got up and started cleaning up. The decorations had to be taken down, and the house was currently in a mess after so many kids running around all day — they had to sweep and mop the floors, and then dispose of a pile of garbage.

Thankfully, there were enough people here. With more people, the task was quickly completed, and the house became tidy and clean again.

In any case, today’s gathering ended successfully. Afterward, many parents asked Fu Yunruo about the lunch dishes; quite a few of the kids wanted seconds and were clamoring for more to eat at home.

After consulting the chef, Fu Yunruo shared the dishes and recipes with them.

Through this event, her relationship with other parents grew closer, and they even formed a parents’ group to exchange parenting experiences.

Another permanent change was that Si Yue persuaded her to retain the nutritionist and chef. Taking care of a child required careful consideration of their physical condition to adjust the menu accordingly, so for the sake of her son, Fu Yunruo was easily persuaded to compromise.


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  1. Brings to mind a 4 year old’s birthday party. It was chaos! Children everywhere and the birthday boy got even cranky and refused to cut the cake (I made) until his mom said that I would be sad if he didn’t… He got happier after eating something.

    I remember, I made him and his little sister some ponchos with hoods. His was a dino one with a tail and dorsal scales and her’s was a bunny. She was 2 and liked the ears, particularly. They liked them, funnily enough.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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