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MWFV Ch.15 Part 2 – How Are the Kids? (II)

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“How are the kids?” After being silent for a few seconds, Qin Shao finally asked.

Chen De was shocked: Sir is asking about Xiaobei and Xiaobao?

During his previous reports, whenever Chen De mentioned Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, Mr. Qin didn’t show that much reactions. He thought that his boss might not like to listen to those children’s trivial matters, so he didn’t mention them this time. Unexpectedly, his boss directly asked.

“Xiaobei and Xiaobao are very well.”

Chen De recalled for a moment and then told him about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s situation at the home and school in the past two days. After he narrated some exciting events, Chen De didn’t know if it was his imagination, he seemed to hear Mr. Qin chuckling from the other side of the phone.


Chen De: No more ah. He had told the boss all of the things that happened in these two days.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen De’s expression suddenly became grave again: “Sir, there is one more thing I think I should report to you.”


“It is about Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s life in the countryside. A few days ago, I dispatched people to Hongxing County to investigate their school registration status.”

Qin Shao didn’t say anything regarding Chen De taking the initiative to deal with the sibling’s school matter.

“They didn’t have a good time there…” After hesitating again and again, he still told Mr. Qin about the result of the investigation. Including how the two children were bullied and ostracized both in their village and at school because of their background, how Su Bei deliberately ate less after their grandma’s death to save money, and how Su Xiaobao went to the logistics park to unload goods there. Because it was a phone call, he could not elaborate much. Even so, after listening to Chen De, Qin Shao’s pupils were darkened. He drooped his eyes and said nothing.


On the other side, Chen De, who was still holding the mobile phone, didn’t hear Mr. Qin’s voice for a while. This made him worry. He wasn’t sure what was his boss’s attitude regarding this matter. However, now that he had told Mr. Qin all of this, Chen De decided to bluntly remind him about the children’s school registration problem.

“Because Xiaobei and Xiaobao now still don’t have household registration, their new school can’t create student files for them. They could only continue to stay in the school in Hongxing County, but it really wasn’t good for them to go back there.”

After listening to Chen De’s words, Qin Shao calmly said four words: “Wait until I back.”

From just those four words, Chen De keenly sensed a trace of anger.

In fact, there was another thing Cheng De didn’t dare to mention. The person he sent to Hongxing County also brought back a video recording a campus violence incident, in which Su Bei was the victim. When he saw it, Chen De’s anger was no less than seeing his own relative being horribly bullied. Now that Mr. Qin was still in S City, Chen De didn’t dare to send the video to him.

“Sir, there is another thing.”

“Speak.” Compared with before, Qin Shao’s tone was obviously much colder.

“Today the old madam’s assistant sent a message. The old madam should be coming back.”

Qin Shao: “……”

Qin Shao: “When?”

“Specific time still not decided, but probably in several weeks.” Towards this matter, Chen De also had a headache.

The old madam surname was Yang, she was Mr. Qin’s biological mother. Twenty years ago, the old madam and old master Qin were divorced, and afterward, she moved abroad and never came back. It was only in recent years, after she made some investment in the country, that the old madam would return and stayed for a while around time every year.

When the old madam was in the country, she usually lived in Mr. Qin’s Jingyuan villa. Except that some of her investment projects were relying on the Qin Group, there was not much affection between the mother and son. Therefore, whenever the old madam returned to the country, Mr. Qin only let his subordinates to take care of her while he choose to temporarily stay at other place.

In the past, since Mr. Qin never cared much about the old madam, Chen De and Uncle Fu also didn’t care. But this time, the situation is a little different: Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were also staying in Jingyuan.

Chen De had dealt with the old madam before. She was indeed a difficult woman. So Chen De didn’t dare imagine what would happen if they let her meet the two children.

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