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MWFV Ch.16 Part 1 – Daddy Qin (I)

At school.

Looking at the twins who were picked up by a Maybach, Liu Kai and several other students who were still there began to gossip.

“Look at their car, not bad ah. It specially customized, and they even have bodyguards.” Liu Kai commented, hand on his chin.

“The car is pretty good. But from which family? I came back and check, there is no family with surname Su in B city.”

“Then they may be from another city? Or probably returned from overseas?”

“Unlikely. I haven’t heard of any family or company moving to B city recently.”

Students who could enter Weiming Middle School were from the wealthiest and noblest background. Even as a child, everyone knew a little bit about the news in their circles. Who belonged to whom, although they usually didn’t say it publicly, everyone knew clearly. And of course, there was another possibility.

“Upstart.” Chen Zian interjected.

In order to squeeze into the upper circles, some upstarts would spend a lot of money to push their children into this school.

When Chen Zian said this, the boys all looked at him at once.

“Fuck, is that true, who told you this?” They asked in surprise.

Upstarts weren’t popular in this school. But since everyone usually had their own circle, most of the upstarts would try to hide their ‘upstart’ identity.

“From the girls.”

“Tsk, those girls only gossipping all day. How can you believe their words?”

“No, it seems that this matter already spread in the school. Many people also know this.”

“Fuck, who spread it? So vicious, ah?” Liu Kai looked at Du Yiming: “Is it your Yinyin goddess, because love turns into hate, thus spreading baseless rumor?”

“Roll! Huang Yinyin is not such a person. Also, it is not necessarily baseless. No smoke without fire, in case Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are really upstarts?”

“I see they don’t look like ones.”

“Because you see they don’t look like upstarts, then they are not? So tell me, which family is surnamed Su?”

Liu Kai: …

Xu Yangyang: Makes sense

Chen Zian: Sure enough, great minds think alike.

Xie Minxuan: A group of dumbass.

After throwing a lazy glance at those four, Xie Minxuan snorted. He left them aside and departed with his family’s car. The man who accompanied Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to take the test that day, later Xie Minxuan finally remembered who he was -Chen De, Mr. Qin’s exclusive assistant.


About this matter, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao naturally knew nothing. When Xu Yangyang and the others still gossipping at the school gate, the twins already on their way home to Jingyuan villa.

Su Bei was a little surprised to see Chen De already came to the villa at this time.

“Uncle Chen, why do you come so early today? Your work isn’t busy? Or is there something wrong with Dad?” The last possibility made her nervous.

“Sir is very well there. I am here to tell you that he will be back in about 10 days.” Chen De told them with a smile.

“Really?!” Although she didn’t really look forward to meeting Qin Shao again, Su Bei was still pleased to hear that he was coming back.

“So, has Dad resolved the troubles there?”

“Yes, the troubles have been resolved. After finishing some remaining works, Sir will come back.”

“Dad is really well? No accidents? He isn’t injured, right?”

Chen De:”… ”

Why was Su Bei always worried that her father would either injured or had an accident? Chen De felt that he must find some time to talk to these two children: Although this world was not absolutely safe, it was not as terrible as you think. Moreover, your father, Mr. Qin, was not someone that ordinary people could afford to provoke.

Chen De patted Su Bei’s head: “Don’t worry, Sir is fine, he didn’t meet any accident.”

“I have another thing to tell you today.”

“What is it?” Su Bei saw Chen De’s expression suddenly became serious.

“It’s like this. Mr. Qin has a biological mother. She was abroad before but will come back in several weeks. So during that time, she will live here for a while….” Chen De told the twins about the old madam.

Fearing that they might have too high expectations for this so-called ‘grandmother’, Chen De also emphasized: “Mr. Qin and his mother haven’t had much contact in these years, and their relationship is not very harmonious.”

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  1. ooo the grandmother is coming. I anticipate that the twins will win her over and smooth the relationship with their father since they’re both so sensible. hehe.

    1. Put me down for granny being ecstatic. Qin doesn’t even have a wife she must be biting her fingernails and bugging him 24/7

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