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MWFV Ch.17 Part 1 – Father (I)

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Mr. Qin had an accident.

Chen De was still in Jingyuan villa when he got the news.

Last night, he learned from his colleague in S city that their boss had finished his work there earlier and was ready to return to B city. So today, Chen De came early in the morning to deliver the news to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. Also, he informed Uncle Fu to prepare for Mr. Qin’s return.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Qin was attacked on his way to the airport. Qin Shao’s phone was unanswered, as well as the local assistant. Moreover, he couldn’t get any news from the bodyguards. For the first time, Chen De’s usually calm face showed a nervous look.

“Xiaobao, Xiaobei, you go to school. There is an urgent matter in the company, so I have to leave first.”

Right after Chen De arrived, he received a call and then quickly leave? Didn’t he have something to tell them?

Su Bei was puzzled by Chen De’s action.

But, when she saw that the older man’s nervous face didn’t seem to be faked, a particular idea flashed through her mind, and her whole body tensed suddenly.

“Uncle Chen, did something happen to Dad?” Su Bei asked.

How sharp.

Or was this the so-called connection between father and daughter?

Chen De instantly touched. After looking at the two children in hesitation for a few seconds, he finally decided not to directly answer Su Bei’s question.

“Don’t worry, Sir is fine.” Chen De patted the girl’s head.

But after leaving Jingyuan, he completely lost his previous composure. In one sense, Mr. Qin’s existence was equal to the entire Qin Group itself. Therefore, in any case, nothing should happen to him, and even if something really happened, the news must not be spread out. Since Chen De couldn’t get any accurate news from Mr. Qin’s side, for the time being, he had to go back to the company to control any possible future risks.


Jingyuan villa.

Even long after Chen De left, Su Bei still didn’t recover from the shock, standing in the same place with a pale face.

This made Su Xiaobao frowned.

“Isn’t he very powerful? How can anything happen.” He murmured with a low voice.

Su Bei only shook her head in response. The villain in the novel was indeed very powerful, but there was still the male lead who destined to shoot him down. Su Bei thought that after she let Chen De arrange more bodyguards around Qin Shao, it would help him to avoid the novel plot. But Qin Shao still met an accident. Would her and Su Xiaobao’s fate also the same? That no matter how much they struggle, in the end, they still couldn’t escape from the bad ending….


After waiting for a whole day, at 8 pm, Chen De finally received the news that Mr. Qin has regained consciousness from his colleague.

“How is Sir’s condition now?”

“Mr. Qin was unconscious because of hemorrhagic shock and a slight concussion. He has just been awake, and his condition has stabilized. Except for the minor injuries on his chest and lungs, others weren’t serious.” Assistant Lin dutifully reported. Even after a day passed, he still felt terrified.

The car accident on their way to the airport was obviously intentional, and the target was Mr. Qin. Not only the car accident, but the perpetrator also arranged a group of men to attack them on the way. If his boss didn’t bring enough people, without Qin San and his team’s protection, the consequences would be disastrous.


The moment he heard Mr. Qin’s voice from the phone, Chen De’s eyes almost brimmed with happy tears.

“How are you, sir?”

“No problem.” Mr. Qin’s voice was calm and a bit low. Although it was somewhat hoarse since he has just wake up, there was no hint of weakness, so his body should be fine.

Chen De was relieved.

Then he heard his boss asked: “How is the situation over there?”

“Rest assured, sir. I have blocked the news, and nothing wrong happened in the company.”

After some pause, he said: “Sir, this incident…”

Qin Shao: “Go check Song Group and investigate everyone that Song Yancheng personally contacted.”

Listening to Mr. Qin’s instruction, Chen De secretly thought, “As expected”. At the same time, he also cursed eighteen generations of the Song family.

He heard from assistant Lin that the gang who attacked Mr. Qin wasn’t like well-trained gangsters nor seemed to be local thugs, but more like a group of outlaws who sold their lives for money.

Mr. Qin might be Song Yancheng’s business rival, but was that man so crazy that he even wanted Mr. Qin’s life?!

“I will send people to investigate immediately.”

“Mr. Qin?”

“Are you with the kids?” Qin Shao asked.

Just now, he seemed to hear Su Bei’s voice and also the stupid boy who asked: “He’s not dead?”

“Yes, sir.”

Chen De looked at the twins sitting with their backs straight on the office sofa, staring at him nervously.

“Sir, do you want to talk to Xiaobei and Xiaobao?” They worried about you.

“Well, give the phone to Su Bei.” Speaking with that stinky boy would only annoy himself.

Chen De handed over the phone to Su Bei.

At the other end, Mr. Qin heard the phone had changed hand and moved his lips. When he was still thinking what to say, a girl’s voice came from the receiver: “Dad?”

Su Bei’s soft and sweet voice passed into his ears. There was tension, cautiousness, and anxiety in it. Her voice was not loud, but somehow it tickled Qin Shao’s heart, and his mouth unconsciously formed a thin arc.

The little girl’s face appeared in his mind——His memory of Su Bei was in the morning before he departed. The girl was carrying two plates of pancakes. Smiling widely, she asked if he already had breakfast.

She was so thin, but her eyes looking at himself was so bright. No wonder that when Qin Shao first saw Su Bei’s eyes, he felt a unique sense of familiarity.

Very similar with his own eyes– he secretly thought.

“Xiaobei?” Qin Shao finally spoke. He still wasn’t used to calling this name, so his tone was inevitably a bit awkward.

“Yes.” Su Bei answered.

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  1. Wait, being unconscious from haemorrhagic shock means he lost consciousness from blood loss. That means he almost died. Why didn’t the author just say he had a concussion? Less life threatening, but can still render you unconscious for a few hours.

  2. What a sweet interaction.

    lol father and son don’t seem to get along, they look like they’ll only set aside their differences to take care of their darling girl.

  3. Listening to Mr. Qin’s instruction, Chen De secretly thought, “As expected”. At the same time, he also cursed eighteen generations of the Song family.

    Does that mean Chen De also cursed the woman married to the Qin dad? Does it work like that?

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