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MWFV Ch.28 Part 2 – Darling (II)

After a moment, Chen De gave another suggestion: “Xiaobao’s training can start now. But Xiaobei’s, should we wait until the art performance ended?”

Su Bei was now busy practicing group dance at school, and then another piano lesson at night. Every time Chen De came to pay teacher Zhu’s salary, the other party would always let him heard a bunch of praise about how talented Su Bei was.

Hearing Chen De’s words, Mr. Qin was stunned for a moment.

“When is this art performance?” After a few seconds of silence, Mr. Qin asked.

“The next Friday.”

Chen De quietly glanced at Mr. Qin, somewhat surprised: “Xiaobei didn’t tell you about the school’s art performance next Friday?”

Xiaobei was going to perform at the opening!

Qin Shao: “…”

“This…” Looking at Mr. Qin’s seemingly darker face, Chen De lightly coughed and said, “Isn’t it because you’re too busy these days, Sir, always coming back late? So that Xiaobei hasn’t found a chance to tell you?”

Then Chen De glanced at the message that just being sent into his phone and said to Qin Shao: “Sir, young Chairman Lin has arrived, and he is now downstairs.”

Qin Shao nodded: “Let him up.”


Lin Shaochi’s visit to Qin Group this time was for the purpose of the cooperation on the ‘The Dream Park’ project. An assistant led the young man to Mr. Qin’s chairman’s office. Wearing a dark gray suit, Lin Shaochi entered the room. Without being subservient or disrespectful, he greeted, “Hello, Mr. Qin.”

From the side, Chen De was carefully studying the young man. Lin Shaochi was still in his early twenties, but he already had a calmness that was rare for his age.

After initial greetings, Lin Shaochi sat down and took several documents from his assistant before handed it over to Mr. Qin. He didn’t mention anything about his help to Mr. Qin in S city, nor did he say any ‘grateful’ words because of Qin Group’s investment to this ‘Dream Park’ project. This was an equivalent transaction. Mr. Qin understood this, and Lin Shaochi also was not stupid.

Although it was impossible to guess why Qin Group decided to invest in ‘The Dream Park’, but this project definitely would be profitable, and Qin Group’s investment was absolutely a win for both sides.

Lin Shaochi directly opened the main topic and started talking about the project. “At present, the progress of ‘The Dream Park’ is very smooth. Everything is proceeding according to the previous plan. The three pilot sites in S city, H city, and G city have partially been opened. From the market feedback, the investment cost can be recovered within 3 years. After that, the annual income can reach more than 120%. This can be guaranteed.”

Mr. Qin’s eyes swept through the documents. Although his main interest was not in the figures mentioned, he did not say anything: “Good.”

Qin Shao: “All other sites should be completed by February next year.”

Lin Shaochi: “No problem.”

After finished talking about the ‘The Dream Park’, Lin Shaochi handed another document to Mr. Qin.

“Also, I don’t know if Mr. Qin will be interested in this project.”

“Network security?”


The future prospect of this project was very good. Although it was not as optimistic as ‘The Dream Park’, the new project already attracted many investors at its initial stage. However, when it came to strength and decisiveness, Lin Shaochi preferred the Qin Group.

After Lin Shaochi introduced his project, Mr. Qin didn’t show a positive attitude.

“Qin Group is not lack of money, but we are not a charity.” This was Mr. Qin’s attitude-a simple proposal was not enough to get his investment.

“Understand. I will do the rest of the work as soon as possible. But we are also looking forward to achieving cooperation with Qin Group.”

After Lin Shaochi left, Mr. Qin glanced at the documents on the table and lightly commented: “A good young man.”

On the side, Chen De smiled at his boss’ praise. Indeed a very good young man. Moreover, from Lin Shaochi’s figure, Chen De seemed to faintly see a young Mr. Qin’s shadow.

On the other hand, after leaving Qin Group’s headquarter, the assistant who accompanied Lin Shaochi finally let go of his tension and pulled off the tie that he had straightened so meticulously before.

Lin Shaochi glanced at the little assistant and snorted: “Don’t be so spineless.”

“Young Chairman, it’s not that I am spineless, it was Mr. Qin who was too imposing.” This was the first time he saw ‘Mr. Qin’ directly. The assistant finally knew why there were so many big businessmen who had to admit defeat in front of Mr. Qin. Just now, Mr. Qin simply glanced at him for a moment, but his suit already wet with sweat. He felt like a little foot soldier who meets a great general.

“Young Chairman, are you not nervous at all?” The assistant asked.

Lin Shaochi smiled: “I’m here to talk about business, not to fight with the other side.”

Little assistant: “…”

After a while, the assistant frowned and asked Lin Shaochi: “Why did you go asking Qin Group cooperation for this project, Sir? To be honest, I think Qin Group is too big for our project. We cooperating with them is like cooperating with a tiger.”

Lin Shaochi: “Cooperating with a tiger is better than cooperating with a fox.”

Little Assistant: It made sense.

But, thinking about that Mr. Qin, the assistant still had some fear. He then heard Lin Shaochi said: “Go back and continue to refine the plan. Also, make some preparations and set up an independent department for this project.”

“Yes, Sir. But…” The little assistant hesitated a bit.

“Is there a problem?”

“Young Chairman, if the capital can really be gained through Qin Group’s cooperation, there will be no problem. On the technical aspect, however, we are still lacking.”

The assistant’s words made Lin Shaochi frowned: “Let’s discuss this later after we back.”

At night, Mr. Qin returned to Jingyuan villa.

Uncle Fu was about to go to the kitchen to make tea for him, but Qin Shao stopped him.

“Did you prepare mobile phones for the children?” Mr. Qin asked Uncle Fu.

“Yes, sir. When you were in S city, I saw that they didn’t have mobile phones. Since they were going to school, it was inconvenient for them to be without one, so I prepared it for them.”

Speaking of it, should he give Xiaobei and Xiaobao new phones? It seemed that he had heard about a new type of mobile phone being released recently.

“Just gave them a phone? Didn’t you let them saved important numbers?” Mr. Qin asked again.

“I did, sir. Important numbers like home, bodyguards, all have been saved directly.”

Mr. Qin was silent for a moment before finally asked: “Did you also give my number?”

Uncle Fu was stunned.

“I did, sir. Did the children call you during the day and disturb your work?” Uncle Fu asked with some worry.

Mr. Qin: “…”

Disturbing his work? Calling him during the day? Not even once.


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Author’s Note:

[Small theater]

Mr. Qin: Why my daughter didn’t invite me to her performance?
Chen De: Maybe she hasn’t found the chance.
Mr. Qin: Didn’t have the chance or didn’t have a phone credit?

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  1. I applaud Mr.Qin for his wanting to be a daddy but he also needs to calm down a bit. They were abused and neglected by adults and ran to him in desperation. Not to mention it seems he’s extra busy on Friday’s. She’s a considerate girl.

    Pluse he did know, they talked about winning the vote when he returned. That’s why she needed to practice the piano so much. He seems to have forgotten.

    This does mean he can show up front row and surprise them.

    1. I’m curious too. From what I can see, we have up to three potentials – classmate, 2nd place hacker, and Lin (although he is a bit on the old side). The dark horse is Song’s son.

  2. Poor Daddy Qin. This was pretty hilarious. He’s so sad he didn’t get the invite for the performance yet.

  3. Mr Qin, from that day till Friday : *stares at his phone and jumps at any notification that come in*

  4. so sweet, I really found a gold coin in this novel. a thousand of thanks for your work. when is release the next one or what’s the schedule?

  5. Why do I feel like Young CEO Lin is the hacker vvvv and maybe our ML ????

    I feel bad for the family of three, Daddy Qin has no reference for how to be a family and the kids has a loving grandma but have been let down by society in a major way. Gonna need daddy Qin to speak more with his kids.

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