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THDP Ch.15 Part 1 – Fair Price (I)

Meng Qi quickly did a mental calculation. The price offered by Xiang Linmo was higher than she estimated. One hundred fifth-grade spirit stones, if he bought three Qingfeng pills, the total would be three hundred fifth-grade spirit stones. It was still far from the amount needed to buy the jackdaw grass. Not to mention the medicines for Xiao Qi’s treatment.

“Fellow Daoist.” Xiang Linmo saw that Meng Qi fell silent. He hesitated a bit and said: “I seem to sense a spell in this pill…. is it perhaps Qingfeng spell?”

Meng Qi nodded.

Xiang Linmo exhaled slowly, trying to stabilize his emotion. At first, he thought that it was just a common Qingfeng pill. Otherwise, he wouldn’t speak to Meng Qi with such a tone. But after all, he was a fourth rank medical cultivator. Improving a medical cultivation rank wasn’t easy. It required a lot of medicinal ingredients, curing illness and healing injuries, to slowly accumulate experience.

Xiang Linmo had the talent to reach the fourth rank. His knowledge and experience naturally were very extensive. He soon found out why the girl dared to take a first realm Qingfeng pill to this place: this seemingly ordinary pill actually had a spell imbued in it. In other words, besides its own natural medicinal properties, the pill could also use the effect of the imbued skill to enhance its healing ability.
But how about the efficacy? Was the healing effect simply doubled, or even higher?

As a medical cultivator, this kind of novelty greatly aroused Xiang Linmo’s curiosity. Moreover….this girl only imbued a low-level spell into a first realm pill, so the effect actually wasn’t that significant. However, imagine if this method could also be used to imbue high-level healing spells on high-grade medicines. The shock it brought would significantly change the entire medical world!

The more he thought, the more excited Xiang Linmo was. His mouth somewhat dry, his eyes staring intently at Meng Qi. The little girl in front of him was so good. Not only was she beautiful, but also very smart that she could come out with such a brilliant idea!

Xiang Linmo saw that Meng Qi still didn’t speak after some time and quickly said: “Then… two hundred fifth-grade spirit stones?”

This was already a sky-high price for a single first realm pill. But its real value couldn’t be measured by a standard price. Xiang Linmo only hated that his pocket wasn’t deep enough. He calculated again for a moment before asked: “Or, does Fellow Daoist need something else rather than spirit stones? Please state, I will do my best to fulfill it.”

Meng Qi hesitated: “How many pills do you want?”

“Five.” Xiang Linmo carefully asked: “Is it possible?” The pill was so unique that he didn’t know the difficulty of its refinement process, but it shouldn’t be that easy. Presumably, not many pills were available. However, since he wanted to use it for research, one pill was definitely not enough.

Meng Qi was not surprised. When she brought forth the Qingfeng pill, she knew that it was impossible to sell them in large quantities. After all, the level of a first realm pill was too low. The sword cultivators who came to Beyond The Heaven couldn’t possibly have much interest in it. Medical cultivators might buy the pill for research, but other types of cultivators wouldn’t buy much.

“Hmm…” Meng Qi thought for a while, “Do you have jackdaw grass?”
“Jackdaw grass?” Xiang Linmo thought, “That is a herb native to the Northern Realm. I don’t have it here.” But Xiang Linmo was a seasoned worker of Beyond The Heaven. He quickly added: “There are many famous medical sects from the Northern Realm opening a shop here. Shencao Pavilion, Huichun Hall, Feihua Valley…Fellow Daoist may visit their pharmacy to ask.”

Meng Qi stared at Xiang Linmo for a while, then she asked: “It may be presumptuous for me to ask, but has Fellow Daoist ever visit the Eastern Realm?”

She had never seen this man appear near Lu Qingran. But Meng Qi from the previous life wasn’t constantly staring at Lu Qingran either. Who knew how many people that daughter of heaven met and how many loved her?!

Meng Qi comforted herself. After all, she was really short of money now.

“Eastern Realm?” Xiang Linmo smiled slightly, “This one is a Southern Realm cultivator, but I always curious about the Eastern Realm and will travel there sooner or later.”

A young and elegant cultivator.


Is going to visit the Eastern Realm in the future.

Alright, he is one of them!

Meng Qi nodded silently. “Two sixth-grade spirit stones for one pill.” She quickly took out four more Qingfeng pills from her storage bracelet.

“This…” Xiang Linmo inhaled sharply. He had seen all kinds of ways people tried to gouge the price before, but he had never seen such a ruthlessness! In a flash, she raised the price ten times. After all, it was still a first realm pill, ah!

Xiang Linmo stared dazedly at Meng Qi. The girl’s eyes were as clear as a mountain spring. Her big pupils shined like cold stars, and her expression was calm. Who would thought that she was actually such an unscrupulous extorter!

Xiang Linmo couldn’t understand. He could afford ten sixth-grade spirit stones. But from his experience, a price of 300 fifth-grade spirit stones was already the limit. After all, it was a first-grade, first realm pill.

“Fe-fellow Daoist…” Xiang Linmo hurriedly said. “Look, this is a first realm Qingfeng pill. Cloud Immortal Pavilion sells it for one hundred first-grade spirit stones per pill.”

“I know.” Meng Qi nodded, “But they don’t sell my Qingfeng pill.”

“That being said, two sixth-grade spirit stones are too…”

Meng Qi said quietly: “This kind of Qingfeng pill is only available to me. Exclusive item.”

“That’s right, but…”

“So, I can make my own price.” She continued: “You can choose to buy it or not.” After that, she put away the pills in her hands.


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11 thoughts on “THDP Ch.15 Part 1 – Fair Price (I)”

  1. Aye! That’s the spirit! Since it’s only available from you, charge as much as you want. No need to play kind.

  2. purpleberrydoc

    So hilarious! All this men will spit out blood when they find out the reason she is “extorting” money from them.

  3. Spicy Salmon Roll

    Hahahaha I love how she calculates the price! Should be (materials + labor) x probability of being og FL’s lackeys 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Meng Qi: Don’t worry, I’ll heal you. Huh? You’re fated to meet Lu Qingran? x10, you’re close to her? x25 – x75, oh, you’re the ML? x1,000

    A random passerby? You can get it for free.

  5. One day I hope there’s a scene where she has to explain her pricing and Lu Qingran becomes the cultivation world equivalent of that guy who jacked up the price of diabetes meds.

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