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MWFV Ch.2 Part 2 Upcoming Trouble (II)

When Su Bei came out from the office , she saw Su Xiaobao standing on the opposite corridor, staring nervously at the door.

The remaining heavy mood completely swept away the moment she saw him, and her heart instantly warmed up. No matter what they experienced, all was alright as long they have each other.

Su Bei lightly run towards Su Xiaobao.

“How is it?” asked Su Xiaobao.

To his inquiry, Su Bei shook her head and just answered ‘alright’.

It seems they cannot expect the school side to take justice over yesterday’s incident. But Su Bei guessed that this matter is not over yet.


Afternoon, self-study time. Su Bei just use this time to make up for yesterday’s homework.

As four or five girls without school uniform came in, the quiet classroom was suddenly broken by a shout, “Sister Mei’s group are here!”.

Sister Mei, full name Zhou Hongmei, and her gang of delinquent girls were the people who dragged Su Bei away yesterday.

Zhou Hongmei walked to Su Bei and without a word, kicked on her desk.

This kick even attracted applause from some students around.

“Sister Mei is awesome!”, “All hail our sister Mei!”…. After listening to the praises around, Zhou Hongmei raised her head proudly, and looked at Su Bei again.

“You actually have guts huh. Dare to tattle the teacher!”

[Answer: A-C-E’s angle is equal to 40 degrees. 】

Finished writing the final answer in the homework, Su Bei closed the math workbook and raised her head. She then glanced at the classmates around her, her eyes full of sneer.

Su Xiaobao had just been called by physics teacher from the front door, and immediately after Zhou Hongmei’s gang came in from the back door. What a good coincidence.

Upon meeting Su Bei’s ridiculing glance, the students who previously still applauding Zhou Hongmei subconsciously closed their mouths.

Especially her deskmate, who changed her attitude faster than a ghost. Being stared by Su Bei suddenly made her feel a little guilty.

No, there is no need for herself to feel guilty. Moreover she wasn’t the one who call them over. She was about to inform Sister Zhou via groupchat, but unfortunately someone else has been quicker than her.


“Want to die?” Once again Zhou Hongmei kicked Su Bei’s desk.

“It seems that we didn’t give her enough lessons yesterday. So this bitch still not remember.” Said Zhou Hongmei to a girl standing next to her.

“Huh, then I will help her recall, give me the phone.”

Zhou Hongmei took a mobile phone from the girl, opened a video and threw it in front of Su Bei.

At the same time, she deliberately maximizing the audio.

The sound in the video attracted the surrounding students.

This is the recording of the scene where Su Bei was dragged to the toilet by these people yesterday.

Originally, those students only gathered out of curiosity, but now seeing the video made them feel uncomfortable.

Although they also hate the twins, but Zhou Hongmei abuse seems to be too cruel?

A few who couldn’t stand it, silently withdrew from the crowd.

On the other hand, Su Bei was much more calmer than any one of them.

This scene was once her lingering nightmare, but when she saw it again after four years, Su Bei found that she was calmer than she thought.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Kneel down and admit your mistake now, then this matter will be over. Otherwise, I will post this video online and let more people look at your cheapness.”

Su Bei: “…”

“Sister Mei’s speaking, how can you still pretend to be dumb?”

Seeing Su Bei still wordlessly kept her head down, the girl beside Zhou Hongmei stepped forward to pull Su Bei’s hair.

At this moment, Su Bei suddenly stood up from her seat and stared coldly at the people who surrounding her.

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      1. There had been several times in my country when the bullies actually uploaded the video by themselves. Arrogant and idiot teenagers.

  2. Imagine recording your bullying and using that as a threat? I’d tell them to post it on YouTube for everyone to see. Then I’d forward it to every parent in school and to the town mayor. Maybe edit it, talking about the kids involved, how their parents failed at teaching their kids basic morals and the teacher turns a blind eye to bullying… Destroy the bullies in less than a week.

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  4. Baa Baa Black Sheep

    You know what I’ll do? Freaking steal their phone and when I get called for robbery? Make a scene in a police station. Freaking record the conversation at the police station(for gas lighting and if a bribery occur).

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