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MWFV Ch.36 Part 1 – I’m Her Dad (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.34 part 1.

[vvvv] usually never disturbed his beloved comrade at these late hours. However, he was in the middle of writing a super awesome security code when a bug appeared. After using many methods, he failed to fix the bug and had no choice but to ask for [Q] ‘s help.

Before [vvvv] had a chance to really voice call Su Bei, his own phone rang. Seeing the caller ID: [My Trenchmate Baby Q], his eyes lit up: Oh, his brother Q is too good, he took the initiative to call him first.

[vvvv] excitedly answered the call, and before he had time to utter a single ‘hello’, a voice came from the other side.

Qin Shao: “Who are you?”

Holding the phone, [vvvv] was taken aback, very surprised.

[vvvv]: Nani?

How is it different from what he expected?

In [vvvv] ‘s mind, he always thought that [Q] was a die-hard otaku boy with social anxiety, but never expected that the voice from the phone would be like this: low, steady and magnetic. Although he didn’t want to admit, the other party’s voice was indeed much more attractive than his voice. But it was a bit cold—even across the phone, [vvvv] could feel his back gradually freezing: How scary, I’m afraid.

“I’m v, ah.” Did [Q] not save his number?

“Ah, right. I messaged you tonight, is because I need you so much. I can’t do it without you.”

“Hello? Hello? Darling, are you listening?”

“Are you angry? Honey, don’t be, ah. Can you say something? Darling? Baby? Big bro? Daddy?…”

[vvvv] ‘s voice kept clamoring endlessly from the receiver.

But on this side, Mr. Qin held the phone with a face so black that it was almost dripping ink. If there was another person here, they could easily read the word ‘anger’ from his face. Moreover, if it was someone who knew Mr. Qin well or had been working with him before, they must also know that his current state was the stillness before a deadly storm.

Looking at Su Bei’s sleeping face, Mr. Qin said with a dark tone to the man on the other end of the phone, “I am her father.”

[vvvv]: !!!

Brother 4v was surprised. Before he had time to say “Hello, uncle”, Mr. Qin had continued: “I don’t care for what reason or purpose you approached my daughter. If I ever found on her phone any call or message from you again, I don’t mind making you regret to ever be born in this world.”

Mr. Qin’s words were not threat nor warning, they were ultimatum.

After finishing talking, he hung up the call and turned off Su Bei’s mobile phone.

On the other side, at Xu family’s villa, in the middle of the night, [vvvv] was so scared by the call that he couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, Su Bei woke up on her own big bed in her bedroom. She opened her eyes, still a little bit dazed. She tried to recall: last night, she was so hungry that she ran down to get some food and was caught by Qin Shao. Later, they had some midnight supper together, and then, she seemed to fall asleep.

Right, ah! She forgot Su Xiaobao!

On their way from the villa to the school, Su Bei kept glancing at Su Xiaobao with a ‘little pitiful’ look. She grabbed his arm and said, “I’m sorry, did you wait until late yesterday?”

Su Xiaobao: “Not too late. I fall asleep waiting.”

There was a small episode that Su Xiaobao omitted: He waited for Su Bei yesterday and got worried because she didn’t come back. When he went downstairs to check, he met Qin Shao, who ordered him to go back to sleep with a stern face. The man’s expression was so dark as if he was going to kill someone.

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao got out of the car and walked into the school, chatting about yesterday’s events. Suddenly, a small and cute girl with glasses ran to Su Xiaobao.

“You-young master Su, please accept this,” the girl bowed her head and handing something out with flushed cheeks. She did not forget to add a sentence: “You must read it, please.”

After that, the girl ran away and disappeared into the crowd, leaving a bunch of passerby watching.

“A girl confessed to young master Su again.”

“But young master Su seemed to never give any reply, hehe.”

“Even when he looks awkward, young master Su still so handsome!”

Some girls would occasionally come to confess to Xiaobao, so Su Bei didn’t find it strange anymore.

What did he get this time? Su Bei looked at the thing stuffed into Su Xiaobao’s hand and thought: It doesn’t look like a gift, nor is it a breakfast or snack. Is it a love letter?

After they arrived in the classroom, Su Xiaobao didn’t want to pay attention to this anymore, but Su Bei was curious.

Su Bei: “That girl said that you have to read it, then just read.”

Seeing Su Bei’s curious face, Su Xiaobao helplessly tore off the enclosed envelope. Inside was a thick stack of paper with densely packed words.

“What did she write?” Su Bei leaned over. Before Su Xiaobao had a chance to crumple the papers in his hand, she already saw the contents.

A fanfic with Su Xiaobao as the protagonist? And also illustrated with a cute drawing!

Su Bei burst out into laughter: “So this is it, haha, that girl is too talented!”

Looking at a certain someone who was laughing loudly without any burden, Su Xiaobao was speechless. His face instantly darkened: I don’t know at all! What filled these girls’ brains, they actually write this kind of story!

Su Xiaobao coldly glanced at the corner of the classroom, at Xie Minxuan’s direction, and successfully made himself shuddered in chill and disgust.

Xie Minxuan, the other protagonist of the story, apparently also received the same ‘confession letter’.

As a result, in the afternoon P.E. class, the two people who initially had planned to team up and play a match against another class, very ‘tacitly’ refused to play together.

Xie Minxuan: “Go far away from me.”

Su Xiaobao: “Do you think I want to see you? Ask you to temporarily not appear in front of me.”


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A fujoshi wrote Su Xiaobao x Xie Minxuan BL doujin! 🤣🤣🤣(not that I can blame her, their interaction is surely a good ‘inspiration’). And she even so brave to let the models read it……

This is all for this week’s sponsored chapters. Enjoy!

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  1. Ahahahahahahhha! This chapter is GOLD! 4V getting told off, and the two boys getting a doujin involving them XXXX ahahahahahaha!

    1. “…die-hard otaku boy with social anxiety…” Is that why he is so nice ppffft lol.
      “His face instantly darkened: I don’t know at all! What filled these girls’ brains, they actually write this kind of story!” I agree ! What does to through their minds. Though their, the boys, reaction is great, ‘Don’t touch me.’ Which one is Xu’s again, we know who he is now age and family size but we know Xu is not Xie’s family, was he introduced family wise before? Ah what family, which person are you!

  2. Oh, a fellow fujoshi shipping Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan ! But I prefer it being XM x SX, I feel like Young Master Su would make a lovely neko :3

    Thanks for the chapter ♡

    1. Well…. the author didn’t make it clear who is the top and who is the bottom, lol. But I can imagine a bunch of fujoshi hotly debating who is topping whom.

  3. BAHAHAHAH A BL FANFIC I CAN’T… Imagine being the receiving end of that? I feel so bad for Xiaobao. In a way I would be kinda honored though. Like haha, lil old me????
    Thanks for the chapters!


  5. This is random thought, considering how the situation of xiaobei & xiaobao’s between reality (aka xiaobei’s dream) vs the book that xiaobei read are different, i.e. how in dream xiaobao was only going to ask song girl about the piano for xiaobei but in the book it was written as xiaobao tried to rape song girl, what r the chances that the twin’s mother was innocent women who was trapped by the OFL(Song girl’s mother)?

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