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MWFV Ch.34 Part 1 – Protecting His Children (I)

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Su Bei wasn’t surprised to see another email from Lin Group. After all, she had hacked into their website and left an emoji package on the homepage. What unexpected was the email this time actually an employment offer, complete with the explanation about position and salary. Compared with the olive branches from other companies, this email was simply too straightforward: frank and generous.

Su Bei’s eyes glanced over the string of ‘0’ in the offered salary. For a moment, she seemed to hear her heart being enticed. It was not that she didn’t want to accept, but unfortunately, her situation didn’t allow it.

Su Bei pondered for a moment, and wrote a reply to the Lin Group, rejecting the offer. Not long after it was sent, she received another email: [Lin Group is now in the middle of preparation for a new network security project. At this stage, a leader who can provide technical guidance is very much needed. We sincerely invite you to join our team…]

It was completely different from the official template phrases in other emails. Su Bei could slowly perceive the sincerity and honesty from the words displayed on the screen. A document was also attached to the email. Su Bei downloaded the file, clicked on it, and found that it was a project plan.

She was surprised: Not only because the other party sent such an important document directly to someone they never met, but also by the content of the document.

——The world that Su Bei transmigrated before has been developed seven or eight years further than her current world. Lin Group’s ‘new network security project’ was still in its infancy now, but has become a big focus in that world and was widely used in many aspects of life. Lin Group, she predicted, would be the first one who bites this juicy meat.

Putting her surprise away, Su Bei carefully started to read the documents sent by Lin Group. Some parts were still imperfect and immature. For now, Su Bei still couldn’t completely solve all of them. However, she pointed out several significant problems in the project. Writing down the solution based on the knowledge she learned in another world, then added her own understanding and suggestions.

Su Bei re-read the content she just wrote, then sent it to the Lin Group. After that, she shut down the computer. It was impossible for her to be employed, but it wouldn’t be a problem to provide some tips. If this security technology really took off in the future, she would be an unknown hero. Su Bei happily thought that before going to bed. However, she had no idea how much tremor did her email caused at the Lin Group’s Security Technology Department.

The young Chairman Lin’s assistant and several key members of the technology department were suddenly called to a company meeting at night. The meeting’s content was to upgrade the technology and improve the plan according to the suggestions mentioned in Q’s email.

The next day, when Su Bei and Su Xiaobao arrived at the school, they immediately noticed something wrong.

Why were so many people staring at them?

If this was because of the ‘attraction effect’ brought by Su Bei’s performance yesterday, it seemed to be too much. And not only to Su Bei, more girls than usual also seemed to whisper about the ‘handsome young master Su.’

Even until they reached their classroom, this strange atmosphere still has not been dispersed and even infected Su Bei’s deskmate.

“What happened?” During the first self-study period, Su Bei asked Dong Wenqi.

“You do not even know what is happening now?” Dong Wenqi was surprised. “Don’t you know that you and Su Xiaobao’s background is now the hottest topic all over the school campus and forum?”

Things had started with a candid photo: A man in a suit and leather shoes was standing in front of a car with ‘77777’ plate number. There was also Su Bei, pulling Su Xiaobao and waving her hand as if to say goodbye to the man.

This photo was first shared inside a small group but later circulated wider and wider until finally, someone directly posted it on the school forum.

In the beginning, the topic among the girls was simply: This uncle and young master Su looked similar, was he the twins’ father? He was so handsome. Father Su was actually as handsome as young master Su…

Until later, someone suddenly broke the identity of Father Su: [Fuck! If my eyes are still good, the man in the photo is probably the chairman of the Qin Group!]

This one sentence immediately stirred up many waves.

“Su Bei, is it true? Is your dad really the chairman of Qin Group?” Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei’s hand.

Su Bei nodded.

“Oh my god, it’s true!”

Su Bei: “…”

Seeing the genuine surprise on her deskmate’s face, Su Bei’s mouth twitched slightly: Was she exaggerating? It didn’t seem so.

Su Bei thought: In that novel, until Qin Shao was defeated by the male lead, Qin Group had always been one of the highest existence in the circle. In this regard, even old families like the Xie family and the Ye family were far behind.

And Mr. Qin was the ultimate legend.

“You said that it is now spreading in the forum?” Su Bei asked. Because of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ she recently didn’t have time to check the school forum.

“Yeah, it has been lively since last night.”

Su Bei’s face tightened: “What exactly are they talking about?”

After Mr. Qin accepted them, her and Su Xiaobao’s identities would be exposed sooner or later. Still, Su Bei felt a little afraid facing public opinion. In their previous school, no one wanted to play with Su Xiaobao because of the rumors about their family situation. If not because that, his personality should be more cheerful.

What about this time…

If Dong Wenqi ever knew Su Bei’s thought at this moment, Dshe would definitely pat her head and threw a sentence: you are overthinking.

“Wait a moment…Half are begging to be your sister-in-law, and another half are clamoring to be Su Xiaobao’s brother-in-law. By the way, there are also a group of people who say hehe…that they want to be your stepmother.”

Su Bei: “Ha?”

“Anyway, you can see it yourself.” Dong Wenqi handed the phone to Su Bei.

As soon as she opened the forum, Su Bei saw the candid photo. It was taken when she pulled Su Xiaobao to go back to school. In the photo, her face was full of joy and high spirits. Su Xiaobao also raised his mouth slightly, obviously in a good mood.

And Mr. Qin was actually smiling!

When they were at the school gate yesterday, Mr. Qin kept his face straight, and Su Bei did not dare to look directly at him. Who would guess that after she turned her back, Mr. Qin would make such an expression on his face? The man was smiling while seeing them off. There was a hint of pride on his face, with a little headache and helplessness, like an ordinary father looking at his children. Su Bei’s finger lightly touched the phone display. A smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She took her own mobile phone and saved the photo.

When scrolling down the forum, Su Bei saw the incredible comments Dong Wenqi said. Of course, there were also some serious discussions about the twins’ background:

[Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are actually from the Qin family! Fuck, how shocking.]

[These two people are too low-key.]

[So envious.]

[Envy +1]

[So young master Su is actually young master Qin?]



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    If she was just a good person that didn’t care about money it’d be one thing, but she’s clearly stressed about being destitute later on so wtf???????

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