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TGCF Ch 14 Part 1 – The Zhang Family’s One Man Show (I)

Xia Mian was unaware of the troubles awaiting her in the compound. These days, taxis were hard to find, so she had to carry Xiao Feng on her back and walk home, even in the scorching heat. Based on her previous physique, a two-kilometer walk was nothing, but her current little angel body was somewhat weaker, so she was already sweating profusely halfway through the journey. With the child sound asleep on her shoulder, Xia Mian rested against a tree by the roadside.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ning, whom Huang Xiaojuan had been fondly thinking about, had just paid his phone bill at the post office when his mobile phone rang again.

Ning Shaobai took it out and nonchalantly said, “Cut the crap, skip the flattery.”

The excited caller didn’t mind his rude opening, “Brother, why are you so amazing? The stock market soared so much these past few days, I thought we sold too early. Who would’ve thought it would plummet today? Are we buying back in?”

The curious stares from passersby made Ning Shaobai somewhat impatient, so he found a shady spot under a tree and stood there, “No, I’m not buying for the next few years. Transfer all the money to my account.”

“Ah?” The caller sounded anxious, “It’s only been a year, and the money has already increased sevenfold. If it’s so easy to make money in the stock market, why stop now? Many people are just starting to get in!”

Ning Shaobai scoffed, “If you want to be a clown, continue buying. Just transfer my money back to me.”

“Alright,” the caller responded reluctantly, “I’ll just follow you. I might be dumb, but I have a smart buddy!”

After making the decision, the caller laughed again, “Actually, I hope it crashes even harder. You know? Your stepmom has started playing the stock market too, and she’s not holding back.”

Ning Shaobai remained indifferent, but the other person was used to him and continued jokingly, “And your little brother? He is pretty funny too. When you go abroad, he cannot wait to follow you, and when you come back, he also rushes back in a panic.”

“Seeing you move to a small city, they’ve been quite proud here and already scheming for the inheritance.”

“Your stepmom brags every day that her son is an investment genius, saying the stocks she bought were all on her son’s casual advice. As for her son, he’s busy with more important projects.”

“She even compliments you, saying you’re like your maternal grandfather, devoted to scientific research while being indifferent to fame and wealth, and surely you’ll become a renowned doctor. It’s too hilarious! If she knew your assets were almost surpassing her natal family’s now, she’d probably die of anger.”

“Oh, by the way, you wouldn’t believe how amazed she was when she saw my mobile phone the other day. She praised it so much and immediately wanted one for herself. What a joke. My parents are still using brick phones, and she has the nerve to ask. She even said her son is bullish on the mobile market and wants to invest.” The caller mockingly suggested, “Hey, why not let her buy in? Then she’ll have to suck up to you, the major shareholder. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Ning Shaobai clicked his tongue, “Do I look like an idiot to you?” Giving up a huge advantage for a bit of pride?

“Hey, no need to insult me,” the caller retorted, finally getting back to business, “After moving all your money back to the bank, what is your plan? Do you find an investment project over there?”

Ning Shaobai didn’t reply. He frowned at something in the distance and hurriedly ended the call, “Can’t talk now, something’s come up here.”

Ning Shaobai quickly approached, certain that the child on the back of that frail woman was indeed Xia Mian’s nephew.

He frowned deeply. What happened to that girl? How could she have lost her nephew? And the child was sleeping so soundly; could he have been drugged?

With this thought, he no longer hesitated and swiftly moved forward to scoop the child into his arms.

Xia Mian, who was somewhat drowsy, suddenly jolted awake when the weight on her back disappeared. Her first thought was that she had come across a child trafficker. Panicked, she launched a kick at the assailant, shouting angrily, “Dare to kidnap my baby?! You are looking for death!!”

Ning Shaobai hadn’t expected such a quick reaction. Because he was holding Xiao Feng, he turned his back and took the kick. As the piercing pain hit, a surge of anger rose within him at the audacity of the supposed kidnapper. He raised his leg and attempted a retaliatory kick, which the opponent blocked with her arm.

His opponent didn’t fare much better. She retreated several steps, grimacing in pain but quickly launching another kick.

This time, Ning Shaobai was prepared. He grabbed the incoming ankle and pulled it towards him.

This action nearly sent Xia Mian sprawling. Her delicate body, not yet accustomed to such movement, caused her to gasp in pain, “Stop there, trafficker! Give back the child!”

Finally awakened by the commotion, Xiao Feng realized he was in the arms of a stranger and anxiously looked around, “Auntie!”

Ning Shaobai paused, staring at Xia Mian’s face for two seconds, “Monkey King?”

Xia Mian also ceased struggling, recognizing the person before her, “Monk Tang?” She immediately became annoyed, “What are you doing?! Are you out of your mind?”

Ning Shaobai sized her up, his gaze landing on her fair and delicate legs before realizing their awkward posture and quickly stepping back, releasing her.

But his last action caught Xia Mian off guard. With a loud “snap,” her unfinished split resulted in a perfect split, causing her immense pain that made her unable to speak, safe for a certain word that came through her clenched teeth: “Fuck…”

Ning Shaobai could almost hear every bulging vein on her forehead cursing at him.

Instinctively tapping his index finger, he set the struggling Xiao Feng down and silently offered his hand to help.

“Auntie,” Xiao Feng ran to Xia Mian, tears welling up in his eyes as he tightly held her aunt’s arm, “Does it hurt, Auntie?” As he spoke, tears began to fall.

The child’s silent tears made the scene even more heart-wrenching. Xia Mian, bearing the pain, smiled and said, “Auntie doesn’t hurt; Grandpa Tang is just playing with us.”

Ning Shaobai: “…”

His grandma told him just yesterday that this girl, who might seem unreliable, was actually very sweet-talking, calling even those in their forties ‘brother’ or ‘sister.’

“Really?” Xiao Feng looked at Xia Mian’s face, extremely worried.

“Really.” Xia Mian hugged the child, using Ning Shaobai’s support to stand up. The soreness on the inside of her thigh made her legs give out, almost causing her to fall, but Ning Shaobai quickly stabilized her by the shoulders.

Xia Mian gritted her teeth and looked up, “Thank you, Grandpa Tang!”

Ning Shaobai sighed. It was rare for him to explain himself, “I truly didn’t recognize you. I thought Xiao Feng had been taken by child traffickers.”

So he was fooled by her angelic transformation? Well, she could forgive him then.

“Alright, I see you have no ill intentions,” Xia Mian, holding Xiao Feng, slightly lifted her chin, “Look, this is my true style! What I was before was just my youthful ignorance, thinking city folks were more trendy, so I changed my look temporarily, but I’m going to be my true self from now on!”

Ning Shaobai looked at her proud demeanor, thinking this girl was indeed a bit dim-witted. With her current refreshing student haircut and the feminine dress, she appeared at first glance to be a pure and lovely young girl. But when combined with that nearly bone-crushing kick she had just delivered… Ning Shaobai rubbed his waist and asked sarcastically, “May I ask what your style is now?”

Xia Mian looked at him in surprise, then said after a moment, “I believe you truly didn’t recognize me just now.”

Talk about being completely oblivious.

Ning Shaobai nodded and said in a serious tone, “Yes. Unfortunately, I don’t have divine eyes to see through the Monkey King’s seventy-two transformations.”

Xia Mian: …

You’re the Monkey King; your whole family is the Monkey King!

As expected, she and this Monk Tang were totally incompatible!

Without another word, Xia Mian turned around and walked away with Xiao Feng in arms.

Ning Shaobai sighed helplessly. He sped up to catch up and took the bag from her hands, thinking he could help her carry it back.

Xia Mian simply rolled her eyes and offered no comment. She then comforted the slightly scared Xiao Feng, “Auntie is really okay, Grandpa Tang is our neighbor, not a bad person.”

Xiao Feng paused, then nodded, stealing glances at Ning Shaobai.

Seeing the tuft of hair sticking up on the boy’s head, Ning Shaobai couldn’t resist touching it. This action reminded Xiao Feng of how his aunt had recently done something similar, which significantly eased his tension.

Xia Mian breathed a sigh of relief. Although Xiao Feng was a future genius, he was currently just a little kid without even a kindergarten education, so he was still quite easy to placate.

As they entered the compound’s gate, Xia Mian cheerfully said to Xiao Feng, “We’re almost home!”


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