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MWFV Ch.37 Part 2 – Banquet (II)

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Lin Shaochi had just finished dealing with some minor issues in the company and was walking back to participate in his grandfather’s birthday banquet. When he passed the corridor, he noticed someone was sitting in the garden. It was a teenage girl with a pretty and delicate face, wearing a white dress and sitting on a wicker chair.

Lin Shaochi’s first impression of Su Bei was indeed ‘a girl addicted to internet’, just like many children who couldn’t let go of their phones. But he quickly noticed a glass of champagne at the girl’s hand, then saw her lifting up the glass very calmly and drinking all the content in just one gulp.

Lin Shaochi frowned, his eyes slightly darkened.

——This girl doesn’t look old enough. At most, only fourteen or fifteen years old. But she actually a veteran drinker?

Families with good reputation were very strict in their children’s education. They would never let their daughters to casually drink outside. He didn’t remember having invited some unscrupulous family for tonight’s banquet, so where did this girl come from? Was she a celebrity who deliberately dressed up as a young girl to mix inside? Lin Shaochi guessed unhappily.

Lin Shaochi saw the girl stumbled up from the wicker chair, and then staggered towards his direction. But before reaching the corridor, she changed direction again, and circling the square garden three times.

Su Bei was originally chatting with [vvvv]. They were discussing about taking some time to do simulated match tomorrow. But suddenly, her head felt dizzy and she forgot what to say. Su Bei shook his head instinctively, but it made her even more dizzy. She barely had enough soberness to write a message to [vvvv]: “I seem to drink something wrong.”

Her limbs gradually softened a little. Su Bei felt that she couldn’t hold the phone anymore and put it back into her bag.

Su Bei silently guessed: She probably drank alcohol accidentally.

Su Bei rubbed her head again, then stood up by holding into the wicker chair’s armrest. Her feet were limp and unstable, as if stepping on a trampoline. Glancing at the brightly lit building, Su Bei walked over there—she had to go back quickly to Su Xiaobao and Mr. Qin’s side.

Su Bei remembered that when she came, the garden was not far from the banquet hall, but now she seemed to be lost. Su Bei flipped out the phone from her bag. She wanted to call Su Xiaobao, but her fingers were soaked in sweat and she couldn’t unlock the fingerprint lock.

“1, 2, 3…” Su Bei stared at the unlocking numeric keys on her phone display, seeing seven or eight layered images overlapping. Her fingers prodded the screen several times, but she didn’t succeed even once.

The girl lowered her head to look at her mobile phone with a dazed and anxious face. Her action made people want to laugh, but at the same time, also couldn’t help but want to help her.

Lin Shaochi indeed did so. The young man walked towards Su Bei. Seeing the girl’s flushed and dumbfounded face, he raised his eyebrows: If she didn’t pretend, she must be really drunk.

Lin Shaochi was a little surprised. When he first saw the girl drinking, she looked very natural and experienced. That’s why he suspected that she must drink often, and had a good tolerance of alcohol. But he didn’t expect that a single glass of champagne would make her drunk like this.

When Su Bei was panicked, a voice suddenly came from nearby: “Do you need help?”

Su Bei raised her head. Through her dazed eyes, she saw a young man in a suit. She thought the other party was a waiter at the banquet and nodded: “Can you take me to Qin Shao?”

Qin Shao, the Qin Group’s Chairman?

Lin Shaochi was stunned. He carefully looked at the girl: When he received Qin family’s reply, it was said that Mr. Qin was going attend with his two children. Was she Mr. Qin’s daughter?

After asking a waiter, young master Lin led Su Bei into the banquet hall from the private passage nearby. Seeing Su Bei walking crookedly, Lin Shaochi subconsciously wanted to help. Thinking that it was inappropriate for him to directly help Su Bei, he asked, “Should I find a waitress to help you walk?”

Su Bei’s brain was filled with ‘buzz’, and she couldn’t hear what Lin Shaochi was saying. She instinctively shook her head, and kept supporting herself on the wall, moving forward slowly.

After throwing his son on the ‘battlefield’ to be surrounded by a bunch of businessmen, Mr. Qin was leasurely sitting inside old master Lin’s private reception room, having a light conversation with the host.

Old master Lin: “I didn’t expect that Mr. Qin will give me face by attending today’s birthday banquet.”

Qin Shao: “Old master is too exaggerating. You were able to grow Lin Group to be so big in the past, and I truly admire you.”

Old master Lin smiled, shook his head, and said with some emotion: “I’m at this age, my bone already old, and everything that happen to the Lin Group is a thing of the past. After Shitang and his wife gone, our family greatly declined. The current Lin Group cannot afford to be admired by you.”

Speaking of this, the old man also quite touched: From all the people who attended his birthday banquet today, probably only half really came to give himself and Lin Group a face. The rest, most probably came only after knowing in advance that the chairman of Qin Group was also going to attend.

Qin Shao did not comment, but said objectively: “Lin family also have an excellent young chairman.”

Old master Lin’s eyes flashed with relief when hearing Qin Shao’s words.

“Shaochi is not bad, but still a little too young.” Old master Lin looked at Qin Shao and said: “I should thank Mr. Qin for giving him the opportunity.”

Qin Shao shook his head: “I am a businessman, I invested money into Lin Group’s project only because I saw an opportunity to make a profit, nothing else.”

Actually, he still had another reason to invest in ‘The Dream Park’ project.

Lin Shaochi finally managed to bring Su Bei into his grandfather’s reception room.

The moment Su Bei saw Qin Shao, her eyes lit up.

“Qin Shao! Qin Shao!”

Su Bei excitedly rushed towards Qin Shao, but the way she wobbled while running made other people nervous. Fortunately, before Su Bei could fell or tripped over something, Qin Shao had caught her firmly.

“Qin Shao!”

Qin Shao: …

“Why you aren’t calling ‘Dad’?”

Su Bei shook her head-she was so dizzy now, and most of her consciousness seemed to be floating in the sky. However, after seeing Qin Shao, Su Bei knew that she was safe, and the panic in her heart instantly dissipated.

Both of Su Bei’s hands clasped tightly on Qin Shao’s arm, unwilling to let go. Seeing the girl’s stickiness and dependence at this moment, Mr. Qin was surprised. But at the same time, he also felt as if his heart was being struck by a feather: it was itchy, and brought some indescribable satisfaction.

However, there were other people in this room, so Su Bei’s action was a bit ridiculous. Qin Shao took Su Bei away from his arm, and was going to help her stand properly. But he finally found that something was wrong. At this moment, Su Bei’s face was flushed. Her eyes were teary, somewhat reddish, and with a dazed gaze.

Mr. Qin’s face suddenly became cold. He looked at young master Lin, who brought Su Bei over, with a dark gaze: “What happened?”


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  1. If she was obviously 14-15 why did the waitress give her alcohol, I can’t wait to hear her explain and multiple people to be mad at that mistake, luckily though nothing had happened.

    1. i mean ive had people also offer me alcohol when i was younger than SB, its not that uncommon. its probably also a mix of the situation and status of the people involved. waitress is just doing their job and tbh it primarily falls to the parents to monitor their children in this situation, not individuals who arent being payed to baysit. hope the novel isnt too unkind to the waitress for this

      1. No, sorry the waitress is at fault. The girl is obviously underage and giving out alcohol to minors is a no go. If she was passing by with a tray and Su Bei grabbed one herself I wouldn’t blame her but she actively offered champagne to a child.

  2. This author really doesn’t seem to have ever gotten drunk. This is not how people react after drinking one glass of champagne.

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