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MWFV Ch.4 Part 2 – Finding Dad (II)

Knowing that they had 4000 yuan, Su Bei lowered her head and calculated the possibility to use these money for them to go to B city. Her movement fell into Su Xiaobao’s eyes, making him extremely worry.

“Don’t worry, the money is enough for us to use for a long time, and I can also go— “

“You are not allowed to work with the cargo, nor are you allowed to take job elsewhere!” Su Bei interrupted Su Xiaobao’s words.

In her dream last night, Su Xiaobao broke his leg while unloading cargo. Although he was sent to the hospital in time and the owner of the logistics park also paid compensation, but in the end Su Xiaobao was left with permanent leg injury.

“It’s not as difficult as you think. These bruises will be better in a few days, and anyway I have nothing to do after school.”

“Su Xiaobao, what did you promise me the day before yesterday!”

“What did I promise you?”

“You said I am your older sister and that in the future I’ll be the one in charge of our house. Now, I won’t allow you to be a child laborer anymore. “

Su Xiaobao:” … “

Why did he feel that this girl’s temperament became sharper?

“Okay, I listen to you. If you say I can’t go, then I won’t.” Su Xiaobao said helplessly.

It seems that later he has to change the time he go there. Apparently in that logistics park, shipments still arriving even late at night. Three yuan per item, just not too stable.

If she cannot guess what is Su Xiaobao currently thinking, then the 14 years she spent living together with him has gone futile.

“You go and pack our luggage, right now. We will leave.”

“Packing? Where are we going?” Her words made Su Xiaobao confused.

“Go to find dad.”


“Do you have fever?”

Dad, a word that has never appeared in his fourteen years of life, sounds even stranger than the word mom.

“I’m completely sober. We will go to find our dad, he has obligation to raise us.”
Su Bei took off his hand from her forehead.

Su Bei serious face almost made Su Xiaobao believe her words.

“Do you know who is our-” His tongue hesitated at the word ‘dad’, so he simply gave up. “Do you know who that person is? Do you know where he is?”

“We are not going to look for a random cat or dog.” Su Xiaobao muttered.

They don’t even know if that man is fat or slender, dead or alive. Where should they go to find him?

“I know, he is in B city.”

As the male lead deadly rival, the storyline main villain, the novel narration about their biological father was no less than the male lead. With the information she got from the novel, it wouldn’t be difficult to find their villain dad.

What’s more, that man was also a big figure in B city.


Since the day when Su Bei win in arguments against Zhou Hongmei’s gang in the classroom, her classmates subtly change their attitudes toward Su Bei.

However Su Bei didn’t care about this matter. For the whole week, she has been busy with her plan to find her father. She packed up her and Su Xiaobao’s luggage and bought two tickets to B city. On top of that, she also had to watch over Su Xiaobao, in case the boy took opportunity to do odd jobs again.

Just at the time when she had no time to take care of school matters, something happened. The video of Su Bei being pulled forcefully into school toilet by Zhou Hongmei and her gang was being posted online.

The video was uploaded into Hongxing county 3rd middle school online forum. The uploader used a ghost account, so at the time their identity still unknown. Alongside the video, the uploader also posted an article with the title ‘She stole other people boyfriend and seduced the school grass. Take a look at the face of this green tea bitch!’

In that post, the writer very vividly described how the student being abused in the video seduced other boys in the class, and how she also tried to hook up the school grass. They also broke out that the student was very unrestrained in her private life, frequently went out to dubious places like bars and night club, that she sold out her body for money, and so on.

As soon as this post was uploaded, a lot of people saw it.

[I thought it was another clickbait. Didn’t expect the content to be so exciting. Looking at the background in this video, it was really taken at our school. 】

【When I first watched the video, I felt that the girl who was beaten was very pitiful. I also wanted to condemn those bullies. But after reading the post, the truth made me vomit. 】

【I saw it that day, it seemed that Zhou Hongmei did it. 】

【I just want to say, they did well! 】

【I know the girl being beaten, she is from class II, her name seems to be Su Bei. 】

【A female student with backstory. 】

【I just want to know whether those things are true. 】

【I have a friend who is also in the class II. According to her, Su Bei was very unpopular in class, and her private life is indeed not very restrained. Most of the things in the post are true.】

[Emm, guys, although I never speak with this Su Bei, but I feel she is very pitiful.]

[How disgusting, still in junior high school but already this promiscuous. Vomit]

[This kind of person actually went to hook Xu Lang. Excuse me, I also want to vomit. 】

【How can this matter involve young master Xu. He won’t like this kind of girl. Take away our young master Xu, don’t speak nonsense. 】


In just one night, the post quickly spread out. Even Su Bei, who has no mobile phone and therefore has no access to school forum, knew about it. In no time, the school faculty also got notified.

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  4. Wanna smack! I thought maybe it could be someone helping by posting vidence, but the post makes me want to vomit, though that makes me uncomfortable actually, those liers! If I had to vomit, it would be on the poster and such, what children! Though, I have seen, no heard, of something like this in my school. I didn’t watch or get the news until later since I didn’t have the app it started and happened on. Then we learned underage nudes were illegal, they brought police in to tell us that. Only when you are underage though, when young.

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