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MWFV Ch.44 Part 1 – Monthly Exam (I)

In the self-study room inside the school’s library, Su Bei and her study group members were sitting in the same position as yesterday, with one addition of Dong Wenqi.

“Our self-study lineup is very luxurious.” Looking at Xie Minxuan, Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei’s arm and whispered. Five school prodigies and two school grass, it was truly a perfect harmony of beauty and brain! She should boost up her study as to not wasting this lineup.

Dong Wenqi pondered for a moment, then pulled Su Bei again and mysteriously said, “Su Bei, I have a good thing.”

“What?” Su Bei asked.

“Hehe, this.” Dong Wenqi took out a stack of test papers from her schoolbag.

“I managed to get this. I can guarantee that this problem set is very useful, and will let us safely pass the exam this month.”

Having said that, Dong Wenqi handed one set of extra copy to Su Xiaobao: “Young master Su, do you also want to use this? I have printed extras.”

Su Xiaobao glanced at the test paper in Dong Wenqi’s hand: “No need.” It was too simple. Doing these kinds of questions would bring him no sense of accomplishment.

“Male god Xie, how about you?” Like offering a treasure, Dong Wenqi handed the test paper to Xie Minxuan.

Xie Minxuan glanced at the test paper indifferently, and said: “First question: A, second question: C, third question…”

“No, no, no, I’m wrong. Male god Xie, please stop, I still want to try answering this.” If Xie Minxuan told her all the answer, what was the difference with spoiling a movie? Dong Wenqi silently withdrew. She shouldn’t bother them the school prodigies.

“Su Bei, let’s do it by ourselves. If we have difficulty, we can ask male god Xie and the others.”

“Okay.” Su Bei started to read the problem set on Dong Wenqi’s test paper: the questions were relatively basic but still concise and comprehensive. For Su Bei, whose junior high school’s foundation was widely overshadowed by high school-level knowledge, this problem set was just the right level.

Su Bei started to do the questions. After 20 minutes, she finished one sheet. Dong Wenqi, who had just filled some blanks next to her, was dumbfounded: “Are you done?”

Dong Wenqi took the test paper filled by Su Bei’s answers and read it twice. Her insufficient knowledge told her that Su Bei must have written the answers blindly. But she had a strong hunch: Su Bei seemed to answered them correctly. After taking out the answer key and comparing them, Dong Wenqi stared at Su Bei with an unbelievable expression: “How did you do it?!”

So fast, and all were correct! She hadn’t yet to touch the test paper, so there was no way for Su Bei to see the answer in advance.

Seeing her deskmate’s shocked expression, Su Bei wiped her non-existent sweat, and said: “Why in the hell do you think that I am a flunker? Actually, my grades should be pretty good.”

Dong Wenqi: “…”

Xu Yangyang and the boys also heard the conversation.

Xu Yangyang: “So Su Bei actually isn’t a flunker?”

Du Yiming: “Obviously not.”

Liu Kai: “Hey, the rumors are so misleading. Who on earth said that Su Bei’s grade is bad?”

Xu Yangyang: “I know. There are people in the forum who keep saying that Su Bei’s grade is bad, and cannot be compared with Song Xinyi.”

Chen Zian: “After this monthly exam, some people will get a good face slap.”

Xu Yangyang nodded, “I think so, too. This exam, Su Bei’s result should not be bad.”

Xie Minxuan, who had not spoken until now, suddenly raised his head lazily and took a look at Xu Yangyang, “Much better than you.”

Xu Yangyang and the boys: “!”

Although Xu Yangyang’s grade wasn’t as good as the several ‘male gods’, he still regularly placed relatively high in the ‘top 100 list’. But brother Xuan actually said that Su Bei is better than Xu Yangyang!

“Brother Xuan, is it true that Su Bei is so good? How did you know?”

Xie Minxuan: “Last time I was called by the form supervisor for a make-up exam, Su Bei and her brother were also there that day.”

Xu Yangyang: “You mean that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao actually took the monthly test with you last month. How high is her score?”

Xie Minxuan glanced at Xu Yangyang, and after a few seconds, said: “Almost full marks.”

The boys: “F*ck!”

Dong Wenqi: Who am I? Where am I?

Liu Kai: “Then brother Xuan, how about your score?”

Xie Minxuan: “…” Move to the next question.

After recovered from her shock, Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei excitedly: “Oh my God, Su Bei, you are so amazing! You hide too deep, ah.”

Xu Yangyang and the boys who were sitting nearby rolled their eyes silently: why don’t you admit that you are blind. Whatever, they are still a couple of good deskmates.

Dong Wenqi: “I’m going to the forum now to tell everyone the truth! If someone dares to say that you are a flunker, I will tear them up!”

Xu Yangyang: “Haha, let me help.”

“Wait, wait!”

When Dong Wenqi and the others were going to take out their mobile phones, they were stopped by Liu Kai: “What’s the point of doing it now. There are so many brain-dead people in the forum, they won’t believe us. It’s better to wait until the exam results come out and directly slap their face. That’s much cooler!”

Xu Yangyang: “Haha, you make sense!”

Dong Wenqi: “Right, right!”

Chen Zian: “Let’s do it!”

Xie Minxuan: “Not bad.”

Su Xiaobao: “Good.”


After the self-study was over, the group left the school.

Mr. Qin’s car was already waiting at the entrance.

“They are here.” Looking at the children coming out from the school gate, Chen De called to Mr. Qin, who was closing his eyes in the back seat and resting.

“Those children are all Xiaobao and Xiaobei’s classmates. They seem to get along pretty well.” Seeing the children talking and laughing with each other on the way, Chen De suddenly felt the scene to be very lovely.

Unfortunately, Mr. Qin’s opinion was the exact opposite.

“That kid is the one from the Xie family?” Mr. Qin opened his eyes and looked at Xie Minxuan who was walking next to Su Xiaobao.

At this moment, Su Bei and Dong Wenqi walked side by side, with Su Xiaobao on Su Bei’s other side, and finally Xie Minxuan after that. Xie Minxuan was talking with Su Xiaobao, but his eyes occasionally fell on Su Bei.

What the hell was ‘lovely’, this scene was a big thorn in Mr. Qin’s eyes. Had it not been for a Su Xiaobao buffering in the middle, Mr. Qin had already get off the car and directly brought his daughter back.

Chen De: “Yes, Sir. That is Xie family’s second young master, Xie Mingxuan.”

Mr. Qin snorted coldly and threw out two words: “Just so-so.”


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