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MWFV Ch.52 Part 2 – Essay (II)

[4v]: Have you talk to Mr. Qin about the finals?

The second round of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ has mostly passed. The last nine matches would be over in three days. After that, there would be a blank period for preparation, followed by the finals.

[Q]: Not yet…

She hasn’t figured out how to tell Mr. Qin about this.

Inside the classroom, the parent meeting was about to end. The teacher finally put on the closing speech: “On this month’s exam, our class’s performance is excellent. I would also like to thank all the parents for their support of the children’s study.”

“Also, Weiming Middle School’s sports event will be held next week, and the school is also looking forward to the parents to attend the opening ceremony…”

That evening, Mr. Qin took the photos of Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s school transcripts and uploaded them into his WeChat moments, with a short note: ‘My children’s monthly exam scores.’ In just a few minutes, Mr. Qin received more than 40 likes and 30 comments.

Not many people could add Mr. Qin’s WeChat. Before today, his friend list contained only a dozen or so important business partners. As for the others, they were only added today. After today’s parent meeting, the homeroom teacher invited Mr. Qin into the parents’ contact group of class 8-7. Afterward, a wave of [friend requests] ushered Mr. Qin’s account.

[Du Yiming’s mother wanted to add you as a friend.]

[Zhou Tao’s father wanted to add you as a friend.]


[From ‘Parent Contact Group of Class 8-7’]

Originally, these parents were simply trying their luck, and no one dared to think that Mr. Qin would accept their friend’s requests.

However, Mr. Qin actually accepted!

That afternoon, some parents tried to propose their projects to Mr. Qin via WeChat, but got blocked immediately. After that, no one dared to talk about business again. Afterward, the moments post Mr. Qin sent that evening became the ‘stage’ for all parents.

[Li Na’s Mother]: Qin Yu and Qin Yue’s scores are so excellent!

[Wang Jialu’s Parents]: I really wish our family’s Jialu can learn more from Qin Yu and Qin Yue.

[Chen Yuelin’s parents]: Their scores are too enviable.


Mr. Qin actually replied to all 30 plus comments.

[Dong Wenqi’s Father]: I have to thank Su Bei. This time, my daughter Dong Wenqi’s grades have also improved a lot.

[Qin Shao]: No need for thanks. It is good for children to help each other.

[Lin Xiaoran’s Mother]: Father Qin, how do you arrange private lessons for your family’s Qin Yue and Qin Yu? Can you recommend some good tutors?

[Qin Shao]: My children don’t need private lessons.

[Guo Tianqi’s Parents]: My child Guo Tianqi’s grades always bad. How does Mr. Qin usually educates your children? Is there perhaps some tips?

Mr. Qin: …

His children’s IQ followed him, so they naturally smart. However, Mr. Qin still replied to the comment concisely: Just let them study well.

Chen De wasn’t on those parents’ friend list and thus couldn’t read their messages. When he suddenly saw over 30 replies in Mr. Qin’s WeChat moments, the assistant was so scared that he almost threw his phone out.

Mr. Qin seldom made any WeChat posts. Even on those rare occasions, he mostly only forwarding some important announcements from Qin Group and never replied to anyone. If the post wasn’t about Xiaobao and Xiaobei, Chen De would have suspected that Mr. Qin’s account has been hacked.

As a dutiful assistant, Chen De carefully read Mr. Qin’s replies from the beginning to end. If he had to comment: Mr. Qin’s replies are concise and to the point, but there is visible pride in his word choice. Moreover, he is clearly enjoying it.

On Saturday, Su Bei finally attended the opening ceremony for ‘NST Subsidiary.’ However, she did not participate as [Q]. This NST project was a dual collaboration, with Lin Group holding 49% of the shares and Qin Group 51%. So, Mr. Qin gave Lin Shaochi some face and personally attended the subsidiary’s opening ceremony, with Su Bei was tailing behind as his little companion.

Qin Group had a lot of industries, so these kinds of activities were common for Mr. Qin. Initially, he didn’t intend to bring his children over. However, at breakfast in the morning, Su Bei saw that Mr. Qin had changed into a suit and was obviously about to go out. She immediately remembered Lin Shaochi’s messages that the opening ceremony for the subsidiary would be held today.

Su Bei: “Dad, are you going to the company today?”

Qin Shao: “No, it’s for the opening ceremony of NST subsidiary. I’ll be back in the afternoon.”

Su Bei: “Can you take me along, Dad?”

“This is just a normal business event.” Qin Shao was worried that Su Bei might get bored.

“But staying at home is so boring.” Su Bei’s eyes shone brightly, with an eager look that made Mr. Qin unable to refuse.

And thus, in addition to Chen De, two children tagged along behind Mr. Qin today.

Besides the standard program, the highlight of today’s opening ceremony was the product display. On a stage exhibition, Lin Group introduced the ‘NST Project’ to the attendees in a video format. In addition, there was also an innovative simulation segment for demonstration.

Laymen looked at the exterior, while experts observed the inner working. For those who didn’t understand, it was just a simple display, but in Su Bei’s eyes, these are the results of her hard work together with the people in the NST’s technology department. Seeing her abstract vision being realized little by little until it turned into today’s perfect presentation, Su Bei was more excited than anyone else.

Mr. Qin lowered his head and saw Su Bei looking intently at the central venue’s simulation display. Her eyes were so bright like a sea of stars. Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Do you like this kind of thing?”

Qin Shao’s voice pulled Su Bei back to reality. With a wide smile, she nodded: “Yes.”

“This project has a very high prospect. In the future, it will definitely make a lot of money.”

Hearing Su Bei’s words, Mr. Qin chuckled twice. He didn’t really care about Su Bei’s ‘make a lot of money’ and only remembered her excited face.

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Author’s Note:

[Small Theater]
Su Bei: My father is very gentle.
Su Xiaobao: My father is very stern.
Su Bei: My father knows everything.
Su Xiaobao: My father has many shortcomings.

Teacher: Are you sure you have the same father?

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