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MWFV Ch.52 Part 1 – Essay (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.47 Part 2.

Hearing the homeroom teacher praising the top three students from the podium, Dong Wenqi’s father couldn’t help sighing in admiration. “Mr. Qin,” He said to Qin Shao, who was sitting next to him, “You really educated your children well. Qin Yu and Qin Yue did excellently in this exam.”

After a moment of silence, Dong Yaohua felt a bit awkward, only to realize that Mr. Qin didn’t respond because he was busy looking at his children’s test papers intently.

Qin Shao was reading Su Bei’s Chinese exam’s essay.


[My father is so excellent. In my opinion, he is very gentle and patient…He is also very powerful. He knows a lot of things, and it seems that there is nothing he can’t do. Taking care of us may be the only thing he is not good at, but he is constantly learning…]

Su Bei’s essay was just like herself: it was beautiful and warm.

After a slight pause, Mr. Qin continued reading.

[Coming to my father and become his daughter is probably the one thing I will never regret.]

The teacher who graded the essay didn’t know about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s past, so she simply thought that Su Bei was just using a metaphor: every child is a little angel who comes to their parents.

But Mr. Qin understood, and a smile emerged from his eyes: he also thankful for having them.

[When I was a child, I once imagined that my father is a superhero that can fly into the sky…] This was Su Bei’s imagination from a long time ago. When she and Su Xiaobao were bullied, she always hoped that an omnipotent hero would come to chase off those bullies.

[But now, I only hope that he always be healthy and safe, and can accompany our growth…]

“I will.” Mr. Qin whispered to himself.

At the same time, the homeroom teacher has also been paying attention to Mr. Qin’s side. The moment she saw Mr. Qin smiled, the homeroom teacher widened her eyes slightly. She felt her face blushed and her heartbeat quickened.

Mr. Qin, who was rumored to have a perpetual stern face and was feared by everyone, is actually smiling?

At this moment, she finally seemed to understand the sentence ‘my father is so gentle’ in Su Bei’s essay… But this ‘gentleness’ must be depended on Su Bei——The teacher secretly thought.

At the same time, she subconsciously remembered when the Chinese teacher came to her with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s test papers in hand, asking suspiciously: “Su Bei and Su Xiaobao in your class are really twins? Are you sure they have the same father?”

The homeroom teacher: …

Right now, Mr. Qin has moved to read Su Xiaobao’s Chinese exam paper.

[To be honest, my father and I are actually not very familiar…]

The first line successfully made Mr. Qin’s face darkened. He suddenly had a strong hunch that the stinky boy’s essay was going to anger him to death.

[He is so stern, very boring, always have a cold face, and likes to use his one-sided principles to lecture us… I often wonder why he cannot get along with me?]

Su Xiaobao’s essay was almost like a listing of his father’s top ten ‘shortcomings,’ but for each one, he properly provided daily life examples as evidence.

[Although he has many shortcomings, as a whole, he is still a qualified father. I hope we can get along peacefully in the future.]

The teacher’s comment was: “Using ironic style to describe the father’s shortcomings first and adding praises later. The examples are vivid and interesting, fully reflect the warmth, daily conflict, and funny moments of the father-son relationship.

Mr. Qin snorted coldly: “Stinky boy.”

He was quite sure Su Xiaobao wrote this essay very literally——absolutely had nothing to do with what the teacher thought to be so-called ‘ironic style.’

At the same time outside the classroom, Su Be suddenly received a message from big brother Xu.

[4v]: Baby Q is so awesome, your homeroom teacher is complimenting you now.

Su Bei was stunned.

[Q]: Do you know who I am?


[Q]: Are you attending the parent meeting for Xu Yangyang?!

[4v]: Did you suspect that I simply said it out of the whim?

Su Bei: Brother Xu Shiwei, it’s not that I suspect you. It simply that your usual style of speech is too unreliable.

Su Bei was standing just outside the classroom. She peeped inside through the crack of the door and tried to look at a particular direction in a secretive manner. On Xu Yangyang’s seat, Su Bei saw a young man in a light-colored suit, playing with his mobile phone with a smile on the corner of his lips.

Su Bei finally saw big brother Xu in person. His facial features were seventy to eighty percent similar to Xu Yangyang, but Xu Shiwei looked much more mature and steady than his brother. His overall appearance gave people the impression of a sunny, handsome, and fresh young man.

[Q]: I feel that my three views are collapsing. (1)

[4v]: Why, ah? Is it because you finally find out that I am more handsome than you thought?


His appearance indeed contributed some points, but what shocked her the most was how big brother Xu looked so prim and proper, totally unlike his personality on the internet!

[4v]: Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.

[4v]: But baby Q, I think I’m finished.

[Q]: What’s wrong?

[4v]: Your father seems to know me.

Not only knew, but it was very likely that Mr. Qin has already recognized him. When his online accounts were blocked before, Xu Shiwei guessed that it might be father Q’s doing. Since the other party could block his accounts, Xu Shiwei didn’t doubt that his identity could also be found easily.

Su Bei smiled.

[Q]: Who told you to speak that way?

Su Bei: Deserve it.

[4v]: How did I know…

He thought [Q] was an otaku boy with god-level ability. If he knew that Su Bei was actually a minor girl, he wouldn’t talk to her like that. And now… since he had long been used to it, he couldn’t change it so quickly.

Sitting on his younger brother’s seat, Xu Shiwei seemed to feel some chill from behind. He was in constant fear, worrying about whether Mr. Qin would suddenly come to finish him off.


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(1) Three views: Refers to views on the world, life, and values. Having one’s ‘three views collapsing’ meant that someone had to accept a shocking reality that challenging their preconceived ideas or beliefs.


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11 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.52 Part 1 – Essay (I)”

  1. daddy qin literally spoils his daughter and likes her. the relationship with Xiabao I hope it gets better with time, the boy never had a male figure around and daddy qin is not a bad example . Now I look forward to when Su Bei will tell that she is hacker Q for Dad. and director Lin? He appears little but I already miss him.

    1. But once XiaoBao called Qin Shao “dad”… he truly meant it. In all honesty, he is closer to Qin Shao right now than XiaoBei. When drunk or taken by surprise emotionally, XiaoBei still called Qin Shao “Qin Shao”.. a more distant calling. For me XiaoBei still hasn’t fully see him as father like XiaoBao, more like a protector against male lead family. I actually hoped XiaoBei will be more sincere to Qin Shao soon rather than XiaoBao which I find more intimate with his dad.

  2. Noooo!!! I’m at the finish line already? (At least for the updates, but still… 😭)

    Thank you Snowy Angel, anonymous sponsors, and the aerial translator team for the chapters!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  3. So happy for all the updates! Thank you sponsors & translators <3 Really excited to see Su Bei growing with Mr. Qin and Xiaobao. So cute T_T

    1. i hope we get some more female characters, so far we have one aside from the fl who is my adopted daughter, but i kinda hope the fl can have some adult women in her life? not romantic interests for dad but just like older women she can talk to?

  4. The best weekend surprise what huge update! Xiaobao and Daddy Qin will have a slightly competitive relationship for a few more years since Xiaobao is in that middle school chunni stage. Su Bei is mentally already 20 yrs, old enough to have foresight and avoid pettiness like Song Yiyi

  5. Ah, there was one more sponsored chapter. Also, “…Taking care of us may be the only thing he is not good at, but he is constantly learning…] lol, he deserves Su Xiaobao’s essay lol!

  6. Lmao, I have mixed emotions about Big Brother Xu. On one hand, I do not approve of that speach mannerism he used, even if it was a mistake on his side. On the other hand, again, he does seem to be a generally good fellow still, minus how often he curses and such.

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