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MWFV Ch.64 Part 2 – 1/16 Finals (II)

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At night, Uncle Fu brought a cup of tea on Mr. Qin’s order.

“Sir, it’s already late. Do you still have to deal with work?” Uncle Fu asked concernedly.

Qin Shao: “Just checking out something.”

Qin Shao didn’t say what it was, but when Uncle Fu put down the teacup, he accidentally saw the display on Mr. Qin’s computer.

Uncle Fu was taken aback: Sir is looking at information about girls’ physiology?

However, the old housekeeper quickly guessed Mr. Qin’s intention: “Sir, is it for Xiaobei?”

Qin Shao nodded.

“This house is full of men, and there is no woman around. Indeed, it must be hard for Xiaobei. We cannot properly take care of her.” Uncle Fu sighed with emotion. He wondered whether he should suggest Mr. Qin to employ a long-term, live-in nanny for the children.

Unbeknown to Uncle Fu, his words actually turned Qin Shao’s mind into a completely different direction. Qin Shao thought that even if he could provide the two children with superior living and growing environment, there were things that mother could give, but impossible for father to substitute. Especially for girls.

Upon this thought, Mr. Qin’s face instantly darkened, and he felt very uncomfortable.

This was Su Bei’s first menstrual period, and since she also had just drunk a big cup of iced milk tea, she was very uncomfortable. Su Bei curled on the bed. Her whole body felt cold, and the pain in her abdomen made her unable to sleep, even if she was sleepy.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Are you sleeping?” It was Mr. Qin.

“Not yet.”

Mr. Qin opened the door. He was holding a cup and another package in his hand. When coming in, Qin Shao saw Su Bei curling up in the corner of the bed, covered in the quilt, and only showing half of her head.

“Drink this.”

“Huh? What?” Is it medicine?

Looking at the reddish-brown liquid inside the cup, Su Bei secretly made a guess. She was hesitant to tell Qin Shao that she wasn’t sick. Su Bei took the cup, a warm temperature spread to her cold palms, making her more comfortable.

When Su Bei lifted the cup, she smelled a sweet scent of sugar. Taking a sip, she didn’t found any bitter medicinal taste, only sweetness.

This is…

“Brown sugar?” Su Bei’s eyes brightened. She looked up at Mr. Qin.

Qin Shao nodded: “Drink before it cooled.”

“Okay, Dad.”

A cup of hot brown sugar water warmed Su Bei’s body and alleviated her discomfort.

“Feeling better?” Qin Shao asked.

“Yeah.” Su Bei nodded. She handed the cup to Qin Shao and shrank back into her quilt, showing only half of her head. Su Bei didn’t dare to look straightly at Qin Shao, so she lowered her gaze and whispered: “Thank you, Dad.”

“You can also use this.” Mr. Qin handed over the package in his hand to Su Bei, then left the room.

Su Bei opened the package, which was a packet of instant warmers. For Su Bei’s current condition, these were precisely a ‘life-saving item’!

Qin Shao went downstairs to brew another pot of tea before continued to read a few documents. Later, he went to take a look at Su Bei’s door, confirming that she has been asleep.

Although the first day’s pain was horrible, Su Bei was completely recovered the next day. Today was the first day of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ finals stage. Although her team’s match was scheduled in the afternoon, Su Bei still got up early to prepare.

This time, a total of 32 teams and more than 120 contestants entered the finals. The first round was the 1/16 final, where 32 teams were paired through random draws for a battle match.

The draw’s result came out yesterday. Su Bei and her team’s opponent was a four players team. Although they had no particularly powerful master, their team was very well-balanced and had a high cooperativity level.

Xu Shiwei made a detailed analysis of their first opponent and passed it to Su Bei.

[vvvv]: This team isn’t difficult to deal with. You only have to understand their usual tactics. It shouldn’t be a problem for you,

[vvvv]: Don’t worry, we will win.

[Q]: Yeah.

[vvvv]: By the way, you should bring an empty suitcase to the venue.

[Q]: Why?

[vvvv]: Xu Yangyang has prepared a bunch of gifts for you, hahaha.

Su Bei heard a strong gloat from Xu Shiwei’s tone. Nevertheless, she was also looking forward to seeing Xu Yangyang’s expression when they finally meet this afternoon.

In the afternoon, Mr. Qin brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, who tagged along as an invited audience, to the venue for the finals. Knowing that Mr. Qin was coming, the organizer has especially arranged someone to receive Mr. Qin.

Liu Peng was the person in charge of the finals, and was also the one who came to receive Mr. Qin today. When he finally saw Mr. Qin, Liu Peng was completely in awe.

——The final stage was an offline live event, so the organizer had to review all the finalists’ registration info beforehand. So imagine their surprise when finding Mr. Qin’s name among the finalist! And he was not any average contestant, but the most powerful god [Q]!

So the question was: how did Qin Group’s chairman do it? A big boss who dominated the business world actually had such a master-level hidden skill!

Liu Peng said: This world is too crazy.

And he really wanted to ask: Mr. Qin, did you come to watch the final as our golden patron, or to participate as the great god [Q]?

“Mr. Qin, this is the lounge. The match will start later, at 2 p.m. The area for the contestants is over there. If necessary, you can test the equipment first.”

Qin Shao noticed Liu Peng’s misunderstanding. After glanced lightly at the man, he explained: “It’s my daughter who participates in this competition. She only used my information as her guardian to sign up.”

Liu Peng: “!!!”

If he remembered correctly, the announcement released by Qin Group stated that Mr. Qin’s heirs and children were just fourteen years old. Liu Peng looked in surprise at the young girl who had been following beside Mr. Qin since they arrived.

——The craziest thing didn’t exist, only the crazier.

The girl was very beautiful, and she looked so cute and lovable. Liu Peng was unable to identify her with god Q, who was so ferocious and merciless at the matches.

“Excuse me, can I test the equipment first?” Su Bei asked Liu Peng.

“Y-yes. Come he—oh no, this way, please.”

Su Bei went to the competition area. After seeing her doing various tests and configurations so skilfully, the people there finally believed that she was the real [Q].

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the equipment, Su Bei was about to leave when Su Yangyang’s excited voice came from the entrance hallway.

“They said my god Q has arrived! Is it true?”

“Gosh, ​​I’m so excited, where is my god Q?”


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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    the most looked forward to scene of the finals has arrived .i really wanna see him with hands full of gifts and a gaping face looking at su bei.

    1. Actually, brown sugar water and a hot water bottle works wonders on my first day. If I add ginger and honey to it I can usually stave away the pain for about 4 hours, then I make some more and repeat until the curse ends.

  2. The Chinese remedy is hot tea of ginger and brown sugar… Which is also the remedy for indigestion, cold, stuffy nose ect. Let me share the period pains remedy of my country: dark beer or just beer 🍻 🤣 absolutely works …also strong coffee, but you might get diarrhea in any case you’ll purge everything out and feel better

  3. I kinda understand Dad Qin’s dillema. I as well want them keep a family of three and forget about Su Mei. However we cannot deny that a female figure is also important for Xiaobei’s growth.
    In my opinion, Su Mei is also a victim here and isn’t necessarily a villain. She’s probably a schemed cannon fodder. We may see her as a bitch but that was how she was portrayed in the novel Xiaobei originally read. However, the novel itself is bias to the ML and FL thus painting everything in their favor; we cannot trust it.
    One thing is unforgivable though and that is the abandonment of the twins.

    I’m not sure if the author will give a justification for the abandonment or simply leave it as that. We’ll see.

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