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MWFV Ch.66 Part 2 – Do You Want a Mother? (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.66 Part 1.

On the way back, Mr. Qin sat in the front passenger seat instead of with his children in the back as usual. His eyes drooped, seemingly was thinking about something.


Su Bei moved forward and leaned over the back of Mr. Qin’s seat.

Qin Shao: “Mm?”

“Is something making you unhappy?” Su Bei asked in a low voice. Although she didn’t know what was in Mr. Qin’s mind right now, she could feel that his mood wasn’t good.

The girl’s soft voice brought over a little caution and concern.

“Nothing,” Mr. Qin replied.

“We will reach an intersection soon. Sit down properly.”

“Okay.” Su Bei sat back obediently.

There was indeed a problem that bothered Mr. Qin right now. But this could only be solved by himself. Deep down, Mr. Qin didn’t want Xiaobei and Xiaobao to know.

Su Bei was in her first menstrual period. After arriving home and having dinner, she went to bed early.

Later, Mr. Qin came to her room. Su Bei has been asleep, and the room was still lit with warm light. Mr. Qin sighed softly and walked in quietly to turn off the lamp. Standing by Su Bei’s bed, his eyes softened as he watched the girl’s peaceful sleeping face. At the same time, he was slightly lost in thought.

——Su Bei’s facial features were indeed more similar to Su Mei. So, how about other aspects?

Mr. Qin raised his hand and gently pushed away some strands of hair scattered on Su Bei’s cheek. The sleeping girl seemed to sense it. She stretched out her hand and hugged Mr. Qin’s arm, as if holding a plush doll beside her bed. Probably feeling itchy because of the strand of hair just now, Su Bei buried her head on Mr. Qin’s arm and rubbed her face lightly. Seeing her daughter’s dependence made Mr. Qin happy, and his heart softened.

Qin Shao watched Su Bei’s sleeping face for a while. Just after he used his other hand to properly cover Su Bei’s body in her quilt, she woke up. Still half-asleep, Su Bei slightly opened her eyes in a daze. She seemed to vaguely see Mr. Qin sitting by her bed.


Su Bei has long no longer wary of Qin Shao. So when she saw him in her room, she just subconsciously stunned, but wasn’t frightened.


Su Bei shook her head and tried hard to open her eyes. After confirming that the person was indeed Qin Shao, she asked: “Dad, is something bothering you?”

Faced with his daughter’s question and eyes full of concern, Mr. Qin was stunned.

“Xiaobei, do you want a mother?” After hesitating for a while, Mr. Qin finally asked the question that has bothered him for a long time. These two days, Mr. Qin has read some information on the internet about teenage girls’ physical and psychological growth. He also got knowledge about some other things: the importance of a mother’s role in children’s growth.

Mr. Qin didn’t intend to hand over the children’s custody to Su Mei or even to share it. However, the children had grown up, and they had the right to know about their biological mother.

Su Bei: “!!!”

Mr. Qin’s words shocked Su Bei so much that her sleepiness was instantly gone. The word ‘mother’ was too unfamiliar to her, and she couldn’t make head or tail of Mr. Qin’s sudden question.

Just now, Mr. Qin asked whether she wanted a mother?

Su Bei looked at Mr. Qin with an inexplicable face.

——What does Mr. Qin’s mean? Does he want to give her and Su Xiaobao a stepmother? Or does he has a relationship with a woman and is about to get married, so he wants to ask for their opinions?

No matter what the reason, for a moment, Su Bei couldn’t accept it.

In the novel, Qin Shao was a villain destined to be cannon fodder, and his romantic life has never been mentioned. But undoubtedly, if it was not for Song Yancheng’s trap years ago, and had it not for her to come with Su Xiaobao to find him, Mr. Qin would still be a handsome and excellent golden bachelor.

It stood to reason that even if Mr. Qin has a girlfriend and even if he wanted to marry a woman, it was all justified. But for some unknown reasons, when Su Bei thought that her father was going to marry a woman home to become her and Su Xiaobao’s stepmother, Su Bei felt a little uncomfortable.

She felt a bit wronged, a bit gloomy, and a bit sour.

“Dad, is it because of this that you looked unhappy these past two days?” Because he didn’t know how to announce the news to them? Su Bei tried hard to suppress her unwillingness and asked Qin Shao in a low voice.

Qin Shao didn’t expect his daughter to be so sensitive. He nodded, “It’s one of the reasons.”

Su Bei: “…”

She doesn’t want it, definitely not! And she also doesn’t want to call another woman’s ‘mother,’ at most, she will only call her ‘aunt.’

Su Bei suddenly turned her body over. To prevent Mr. Qin from seeing her unsightly expression at this moment, Su Bei buried her entire head in the quilt.

Qin Shao was taken aback by Su Bei’s sudden move.

Su Bei’s gloomy voice came from inside the quilt: “Let me think about it.”


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Author’s note

The author has something to say:

Mr. Qin: The children have already grown up. Since I’ve found their biological mother, they have the right to know.

Su Bei: What? Dad wants to find us a stepmother?!

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