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THDP Ch.10 Part 1 – Elder Yan (I)

After walking through the main gate, Meng Qi directly returned to her room. She hugged the little white tiger tightly on the way back, didn’t want to meet another curious person like Lu Qingran.

As an ordinary disciple, her room was not large. It was furnished with a simple bed, table, and a few chairs, all made from bamboo. The little white tiger lazily scanned around with his eyes. Meng Qi had placed him on the only bed in the room. This bamboo bed was covered with a mattress that wasn’t soft or hard. All in all, the room didn’t look like a typical girl’s boudoir.

The little guy stretched his paws and lazily lay on his stomach. He saw Meng Qi take out a little cauldron from her storage bracelet. The bronze-casted little cauldron was engraved with simple patterns. It looked rough and simple, didn’t seem to be a precious artifact.

Meng Qi threw a lot of spirit herbs into the little cauldron. At the last step, she broke apart an ore-like thing and put it in. Then she drew an array formation around the cauldron.

Normal fire from firewood obviously couldn’t be used for refining. High-level medical cultivators usually have to search for a suitable flame. Most of the flames that could be used for refining were spiritual and also very strong. With Meng Qi’s current level, she couldn’t handle those flames.

The flame array she used now was also taught by her Master. That man was an expert in refinery, which was much less popular than medical cultivation in the Three Thousand Worlds. But if one could reach the level of her master, they could transform trash into a divine weapon or draw arrays on every stone and tree branch and turn it into great artifacts with simple refining.

Meng Qi’s time with her Master was too short, so she only learned some superficial knowledge. However, Master was very kind to her. When she first met him, Meng Qi was merely in the Foundation Establishment stage. Yet the other party never disliked or was impatient with her. Instead, he taught her a lot. For example, he taught her how to refine her natal weapon. He also became her research partner. Together, driven by a great curiosity, they studied how to use the medicinal ingredients as the carrier to imbue spells and arrays into pills.

Another one, the flame control array Meng Qi was now using to refine medicine was initially very strong. Among all the flame arrays in Three Thousand Worlds, it was called Lihuo Fire Array and was ranked among the top ten most powerful spiritual flames. If used by an equally powerful master, the flame could blaze into a hundred miles and burn everything on its way.

When Meng Qi’s Master helped to find a fire control array for her, he finally chose this Lihuo Fire Array. Then he spent a whole month, exhausting all his expertise to modify the array. Finally, this Lihuo array, which originally could only be used by cultivators above the Nascent Soul stage, was simplified into an array that could be used even by Meng Qi, who barely just formed her golden core. Of course, as she improved her cultivation level, this array would also grow with her and become more powerful.

The faint flame sparked, pulling Meng Qi’s mind back into reality. Her eyes were fixed on the bright flame. In a short time, a medicinal fragrance already lingered out. This was the power of the Lihuo array, which shortened the refining time in half. Meng Qi was now still in the Qi Condensation stage, but after improving her cultivation level, the array’s rank would also increase. By the time she reached the Great Ascension stage, she might be able to refine medicines in one short breath.


Meng Qi unconsciously wrote this word on the table. She only knew that her Master came from a hidden sect from the Western Realm. She didn’t know his real name, and no one in the Eastern Realm knew him.


Meng Qi’s eyes were firm with determination. She would definitely go to the Western Realm. No matter what the relationship the white-robed man had with her master, she still had to go to the Western Realm personally.

The flames in the array burned out quickly. A small clump of green ointment remained in the little cauldron. Its fragrance assailed the nostrils. Simply smelling it made people relaxed.

Meng Qi took out the ointments, turned around, and walked to the bed. She then leaned over and gently held the front paw of the little white tiger.

“It may hurt a little.” She coaxed softly. Holding the little fluffy paw, Meng Qi gently blew the wound, “Xiao Qi, endure it a bit, okay?”

Little white tiger: “……”

Who is Xiao Qi?!

Meng Qi carefully applied the ointment to his front paw. The medicinal scent was very relaxing, but the moment it touched the wound, the ointment became painfully hot. In an instant, something seemed to penetrate the wound.


The little tiger looked up at Meng Qi. There was a trace of surprise in his blue eyes.

What a talented girl, she even put a rejuvenating spell into the ointment.

His eyes flashed slightly, recalling the little silver knife. Although it looked simple and crude, and the grade was equally low, the array inscribed on the knife was very familiar to him. It was impossible for a small cultivator from Three Thousand World to know that array. Even in the Demon Realm, it was only known to the selected few in the celestial demon royal clans.

This ointment was also significantly more effective than the pill Meng Qi gave him in the canyon. The little white tiger’s front paw previously had been bleeding non-stop. After applying the ointment, although the wound was stinging painfully, the blood apparently stopped flowing.

For a while, Meng Qi held the injured paw before gently lifting it. “It seems to work,” Meng Qi smiled slightly and put another pill into his mouth. Soft fingertips rubbed his lips, and a light medicinal fragrance like the pill’s scent came from her cold fingers.

The little white tiger’s body froze again. He had never been so close to the opposite sex before. Or, to be precise, no woman ever dared to approach him like this.

But… This feeling didn’t seem to be bad.

The little white tiger subconsciously licked his lips. The pill’s scent had long since dissipated. Still, when lying on Meng Qi’s bed, a light medicinal fragrance seemed to exist everywhere. Not thick, but it always surrounded him.

The wound quickly absorbed the small lump of ointment. The original pain was gradually relieved by the burning sensation brought by the ointment. No one spoke in the room. Only Meng Qi’s breath could be heard, deep and calm.

She kept holding the little white tiger’s paw and waited patiently until the ointment was fully absorbed. After half of the incense stick of time, it was finally absorbed. The last trace of medicinal aura enters the wound, gradually exposing it. No blood oozed out from the open wound, but there was a gleam of silver inside.

Meng Qi hadn’t been happy for long before the wound started to bleed again.

What is this?

She was not surprised. If his injuries could be healed so easily, she wouldn’t feel troubled. That silver gleam inside must be the main reason that caused the little white tiger to bleed incessantly.

But what is it?

Meng Qi gently lowered the injured paw and stared at the ceiling. Her mind quickly browsed through all the poisons she ever knew in both her present and previous life, but none matched this little tiger’s condition.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi reached out to rub his head. “I’m going to visit the sect’s library pavilion.”


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6 thoughts on “THDP Ch.10 Part 1 – Elder Yan (I)”

  1. Thank you for the chapter. A lovely translation as always.

    Somehow, I feel that the little tiger might be related to her master. I would be shocked if he actually was her master given that he wasn’t able to heal himself.

  2. I can’t tell if her master was from her previous life cycle or before she joined that sect and she just recreating everything he made for her.

  3. I really hope she meets her master again and establishes a good relationship. I want her to meet her master and help him. They don’t have to be lovers either, I think this master-student relationship should be good for them. She grows to be powerful without the harem help, unlike the OG FL. I wish they’d just get in her way and she’ll throw them out.

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