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THDP Ch 124 Part 3 – Colluding With the Devil Realm (III)

“I understand.” Meng Qi nodded. She cupped her hands and bowed to Xue Jinwen. “Thank you, sister Xue.”

“Don’t do this.” Xue Jinwen quickly reached out to support Meng Qi. “In fact, with my older brother and Fellow Daoist Su looking for you, you will know this matter sooner or later. And now it has spread throughout the Three Thousand Worlds; everyone in Beyond The Heaven also talks about it. Meng Qiqi…” She hesitated a bit, “If it weren’t for the danger in the Starfallen Sea, I would advise you to stay here until the situation calms down. No matter how arrogant they are, those people do not dare to enter the Starfallen Sea to make trouble.”

“Um.” Meng Qi nodded, “Well, let’s leave this forest first.” As she spoke, she looked past Xue Jinwen to the pink-clad figure who remained kneeling with her back on them. While it was true that the rumors about her had already spread throughout the Three Thousand Worlds, and there was little point in hiding it, for Xue Jinwen to speak without reservation showed that she had a certain level of trust in this person.

After some thought, Meng Qi said, “This forest is a bit strange. It can absorb spiritual aura, and while we found a way to enter, only three people can travel together at a time, so I came in alone.” She then turned to the other woman and asked, “She is…”

“Meng Qiqi.” Xue Jinwen said softly, “That’s Lu Qingran.”

Meng Qi: “???”

Lu Qingran?!

The name put Meng Qi into a daze as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages. But then again, it wasn’t. During the time in Apricot Forest, Meng Qi had also seen this former senior sister of hers, who was with Ji Wujiong at the time. Later, in chaos, she was pulled into the Grand Tournament barrier by Ji Wujiong, and she had never seen Lu Qingran again.

When Xue Jinwen spoke her name, the woman in pink finally showed some movements. She seemed to stiffen for a moment, then slowly rose up from her position. “Junior Sister Meng Qi.” Lu Qingran turned around and greeted me. Despite experiencing various changes since the Qingfeng Valley, Lu Qingran still looked beautiful. Her skin was as fair as ever, looking as if it would break apart with a single harsh touch. Three exquisite pearl hairpins were slantedly inserted into her hair bun with shiny little pearls hanging down, making her ebony hair even more striking. Two finger-sized round pearls dangled from her small earlobes, emitting a soft light that was obviously not ordinary.

“Qingfeng Valley is already a thing of the past.” Meng Qi returned the greetings and said politely: “I don’t dare to call you Senior Sister. Fellow Daoist Lu, long time no see.”

Lu Qingran’s face turned red. She opened her mouth, quickly glanced at Meng Qi, and nervously said, “Fe…Fellow Daoist Meng Qi…” As if calling Meng Qi ‘Fellow Daoist’ made her very uncomfortable, Lu Qingran’s face turned even redder, and she paused awkwardly before muttering, “I…I know that person… that Ji Wujiong is not a good person. He must have coerced you. I also told the elders of the alliance about this. Back then, he… he…”

Lu Qingran’s face turned even redder. She turned her head quickly, not daring to meet Meng Qi’s clear eyes. She took a deep breath to steady herself before continuing, “The elders don’t believe me because…because…” Her voice dropped as she went on, “So many people saw it that day. You could have left on your own, but you chose to stay and risk your life with him. That’s why… they don’t believe my explanation. Junior Sis—… I mean, Fellow Daoist Meng Qi, please believe me. I really have explained it and tried to persuade my Master. That Ji Wujiong is truly frightening and strong. Ordinary cultivators had no way to resist when falling into his hands.”

“Fellow Daoist Lu Qingran’s medical talent has been appreciated, and she is now a member of the Murong clan.” Xue Jinwen explained.

“Um.” Meng Qi nodded, “Congratulations, Fellow Daoist Lu.”

“No… Master just pities me for having nowhere to go and suffering a lot.” Lu Qingran blushed again.

Meng Qi frowned. Wanting to avoid further involvement with Lu Qingran, she looked past her to the man lying unconscious on the ground, “Who is he?” She asked Xue Jinwen

“I don’t know either.” Xue Jinwen shook her head.

“He’s injured, and it’s not light,” Lu Qingran quickly said, “His spiritual sea has been shaken, and cracks have already appeared on it. If he is not treated in time, it will probably be very dangerous. Ju-…Fellow Daoist Meng, can you save him?”

Lu Qingran was already a Golden Core, although her cultivation base was a few minor realms lower than Meng Qi. But their medical cultivation level was not comparable. Currently, Lu Qingran was one entire level lower than Meng Qi, just barely at the third rank.

Meng Qi merely gave Lu Qingran a slight glance as she walked toward the injured man. The man lay quietly on the ground. His face was pale, his lips were chapped, and there were traces of dark coagulated blood on the corner of his mouth. She didn’t recognize him. With just one look, Meng Qi confirmed that she had never seen this face until she died in her previous life.

The man was dressed in a crimson robe, looking quite young and handsome. Even in his unconscious state, one could see his heroical look from his slanting, sword-like sharp eyebrows. He also wore unusual attire, unlike what most cultivators wore. His shoulder area was wrapped in black scale-like shoulder guards, which also covered his upper arms, and a black belt made of the same material was fastened around his waist.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and glanced at the worried-stricken Lu Qingran.

Was he another of Lu Qingran’s suitors?

As Meng Qi pondered, she knelt and pressed her finger on the man’s wrist. “Eh?” A flash of spiritual light emanated from her fingertip, entering the person’s body. “Demon cultivator?”

“He…he is indeed a demon cultivator.” Lu Qingran said, her cheeks flushed again.

“Oh.” Meng Qi responded lightly. From the initial diagnosis, this person’s spiritual sea was indeed shaken. Not only was the spiritual sea ridden with dangerous cracks, but even the meridians throughout his body had been neatly cut. It was evident that the person who inflicted these injuries was much more powerful than the crimson-robed man, leaving him with no ability to fight back. Nevertheless, the attacker had obviously shown some mercy, or his spiritual sea would have been shattered, his meridian severed, and he would have long breathed his last.

This unfamiliar demon cultivator should have already been in the Void Comprehending stage, but whoever his attacker was, they were powerful enough to completely overwhelm him, leaving him with such heavy injuries. Who could they be?

“How is it?” Seeing Meng Qi retracting her hand, Lu Qingran asked quickly.

Meng Qixiu frowned: “He’s a Void Comprehending cultivator. He can be saved, but..”

It shouldn’t be hard to save his life, but she was afraid she had no way to mend his spiritual sea at this moment. Fortunately, there was a large piece of Starlight in Ji Wujiong’s hand. Once they left the forest, she could think of a way to ask him to help save this person.

Meng Qi hadn’t finished speaking, but Lu Qingran interrupted anxiously, “But…even if he is a demonic cultivator, we can’t just leave him to die! Junior Sis—…Fellow Daoist Meng! Please, can you save him? If he’s left alone here with his severe injuries, he’ll definitely die.”

Meng Qi’s gaze flickered, and she looked up at Lu Qingran. She had almost forgotten about some things, but Lu Qingran’s anxious and worried expression suddenly reminded her of those memories.


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  1. is that what’s her face? Dear lord she’s back at it again… Luckily our guy sent him a lot of stones to pay for his treatment XD

  2. The problematic Lu Qingran is back again. The problem with her is that she’s too easily affected by her emotions and lets them control her actions and speech, but still manages to implicate others as a result. For instance, take her “defense” of Meng Qi to the Medical Society, where she openly claims that Meng Qi was “coerced” by Ji Wujiong to save him when she clearly stated during the Grand Tournament that to not save someone in need of help goes against her medical Dao path. Lu Qingran could have simply brought up this point, but her choice of words made it seem like the truth and made people doubt Meng Qi’s reasons.

    Another instance is when Meng Qi was still in the analysis about saving Sikong Zhan, where before she can even continue her sentence, Lu Qingran assumes Meng Qi won’t save him and begs her to save him; her words alone give the impression that Meng Qi wasn’t going to save him after finding out he was a demon cultivator. I seriously hope Meng Qi honestly tell Lu Qingran to not be so easily influenced by her emotions and to not assume something about someone without first clearly hearing them out.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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