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THDP Ch 126 Part 2 – Why is He Here? (II)

“Wait…” Chu Tianfeng wanted to stop her, but Ji Wujiong turned to look at him and said in a calm tone, “You can’t take her place.” As he watched Meng Qi’s figure disappear into the forest, a faint smile appeared on his lips, “There are some things she should understand by herself.”

“What the hell is this forest?!” Chu Tianfeng glared fiercely at Ji Wujiong. This guy definitely didn’t tell the whole truth! He must know more, or the things he said before should be half true and half false, and there must be something crucial he didn’t mention.

Instead of answering Chu Tianfeng’s question, Ji Wujiong turned around and looked at Xue Chengxuan and the others.

Xue Chengxuan, Xue Jinwen, and Li Che — the three remaining medical cultivators here all came from prestigious medical sects that had been around for thousands of years. Especially the Xue siblings, who should know quite a bit about ancient secrets. The siblings were taken aback by Ji Wujiong’s sudden gaze, and they looked at each other, both a little confused.

“How did you get here?” Xue Chengxuan asked his sister.

Xue Jinwen roughly told him what happened after they entered Starfallen Sea.

“What did you say?!” Chu Tianfeng frowned, “How could they have such thoughts? Have they forgotten what happened in the Apricot Forest?”

“Quite the opposite,” Xue Jinwen chuckled lightly, her tone was sarcastic, “precisely because they haven’t forgotten that after the excitement from that day subsided, they began to remember what Meng Qiqi has obtained from the Grand Tournament barrier. The alliance elders have basically confirmed that Lin Yan’s legacy is now in the hands of Meng Qiqi. Lin Yan was once a legendary profound-rank medical cultivator in the ancient golden age. Her legacy was enough to make any medical sect unbeatable and even rival the sword cultivators and spell cultivators.”

Xue Jinwen’s words caused a sudden silence among the people present. It had been tens of thousands of years since the last ancient power passed through the tribulation and ascended. Since then, no one in the Three Realms has been able to reach the pinnacle of the Great Ascension stage and take the next step. Over time, many cultivators had forgotten that there was another realm beyond the Great Ascension. Nowadays, when people think of the greatest ambition, it is about standing on domination over the Three Realms.

The Medical Society Alliance had invested ten thousand years in the Grand Tournament, and now someone had finally obtained the legacy of an ancient powerhouse.

What did it mean?

Perhaps, the glory of tens of thousands of years ago would be revived.

Or even… from the legacy, mankind could finally rediscover the method to reach the ascension.

Everyone here belonged to a major sect, including Su Junmo, Sikong Xing, and Sikong Zhan, who all came from the rank of nobility in the demon realm. Su Junmo, in particular, had a wealth of knowledge and knew more secrets than most. With just a few words from Xue Jinwen, everyone quickly grasped the gravity of the situation. They all turned to look at the forest where Meng Qi’s silhouette had vanished, leaving behind an eerie silence.

“What should we do next?” Chu Tianfeng was the first to speak.

“Duankong, Medical Society Alliance, Feng Alliance…” Su Junmo frowned slightly, “With the Demon Monarch’s Order about to appear, even the Demon Realm is also in chaos. Otherwise, we can temporarily take Meng Qiqi to the Demon Realm.”

“What do you think?” Chu Tianfeng shifted his gaze to Qin Xiumo. The situation had evidently become more complicated than in their previous lives. With just the two of them, even if they managed to get the Fentian Palace’s support, they could not handle even the Duankong Sect alone.

Ji Wujiong sneered, “If Meng Qi agreed to become my disciple, she wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. The Ji family takes care of their own.”

“Humph!” Sikong Xing interrupted before he could finish, “Stop bragging! You’re the one who’s running away and being hunted down, and yet you claim you can protect Meng Qiqi!”

Ji Wujiong’s face instantly darkened as he gave her a cold glare. “Watch your mouth, little fox. Meng Qi isn’t here to protect you now. You have just broken through, and your cultivation hasn’t stabilized yet. Just a snap of my finger is enough to make you fall back to the Nascent Soul stage.”

“Hmph.” Sikong Xing snorted again, proudly lifting her dainty chin. “Come on then! If you really dare to touch me, Meng Qiqi will never become your disciple!”

Ji Wujiong let out a sneer, and Sikong Zhan took a step forward. Just now, Sikong Xing had shielded him, and now it was his turn to protect Sikong Xing.

“Enough.” Qin Xiumo stopped them, “Let’s talk about business first.”

Qin Xiumo’s words were effective. Ji Wujiong waved his hand, showing he was too lazy to argue with them. Sikong Xing also turned her head, no longer paying attention to him.

The rest quickly gathered around, and they began questioning the two newcomers about the situation in the forest.

“I just recalled something.” Li Che suddenly spoke up.

“Eh?” All eyes immediately turned to him.

Li Che was already a somewhat shy young man to begin with. Suddenly under attention, he blushed slightly and spoke with nervousness, “T-the three largest sects in the Western Realm are Duankong City, Feng Alliance, and then Jingyuetian…”

“What do you mean, Li Che? What’s going on with Jingyuetian?” Chu Tianfeng asked. His Fentian Palace was located near the border with the Western Realm. As the Young Palace Master, he often heard Jingyuetian’s name mentioned by his father. It was the leading spell sect in the Western Realm. To be precise, Jingyuetian could even be said to be the number one spell sect in Three Thousand World.

Among the sword sects, each of the four realms had its own top sect, and no one could really overcome the other. But when it came to the spell sect, Jingyuetian was unanimously acknowledged as the number one, including by Fentian Palace.

“Regarding Jingyuetian…” Li Che took a deep breath and continued: “The only son of their sect master is a genius. He formed his Golden Core at eleven, reached Nascent Soul stage at thirteen, became a Spirit Severing cultivator at seventeen, and reached the peak of the Spirit Severing stage at twenty-two, only one step away from entering the Void Comprehending stage.”

“I know this!” Chu Tianfeng’s eyes lit up. As a fellow spell sect, he, of course, had heard of this legendary genius. But he didn’t understand why Li Che suddenly brought this matter up, “But after that, this genius stopped progressing, and his cultivation began to decline. At the age of twenty-four, his cultivation base regressed into the Qi Condensation stage, and he became a waste that was not even as good as ordinary disciples.”

“Right.” Li Che nodded. He glanced at Chu Tianfeng and continued, “But this young master of Jingyuetian is never a waste. Back then, in order to prevent an invasion from the Devil Realm, he guarded a crack in the boundary barrier alone for three days and three nights. By the time the reinforcements arrived, he was already at his last strength and barely conscious. His golden core, eroded by the devil’s aura and the boundary’s power, almost crumbled into pieces. That’s why his cultivation base regressed into the Qi Condensation stage.”

“Sorry.” Chu Tianfeng didn’t know about it and suddenly felt a little at a loss, “Is that so? I haven’t heard of it.”


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