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MSRV Ch 90 Part 4 – DNA Test (IV)

Fu Yunruo glanced at the documents in her hands. After pondering for a moment, she send: “The test report is out.” As one of the parties involved, she thought it was necessary to inform Si Yue of the results.

There was silence on the other end, with no further response, but Fu Yunruo didn’t pay much attention to it.

Since Wenwen had been refusing to come out, she resorted to a final tactic.

“Hick… Wenwen, do you hate Mom now? Mom’s so sad…”

Fu Yunruo had barely been crying for less than forty seconds when the door was opened with a loud bang. “Mom, don’t cry! I don’t hate you—…”

Fu Yunruo quickly hugged her anxious son.

When Wenwen took a closer look and saw no tears in Fu Yunruo’s face, his eyes widened. He had been cheated!

Still hugging Wenwen’s soft body, Fu Yunruo threatened, “If you dare lock yourself in again, Mom will cry for real.”

“…” Too cunning!

With Wenwen in her arms, Fu Yunruo returned to the first floor. Wenwen held Fu Yunruo’s neck and stayed still. He had a self-awareness of his own weight. If he moved around, his mother might fail to hold him steadily and the two of them could fall from the stairs.

After reaching the living room, Fu Yunruo deposited the chubby boy on the sofa and tapped his little nose. “Stay here, okay?”

Wenwen refused to speak, showing his temper.

Qian Shengnan was already preparing dinner in the kitchen. After putting Wenwen down, Fu Yunruo went into the kitchen to help.

Tonight’s menu was relatively simple and was done quickly. Fu Yunruo picked up Wenwen, who was doing his homework on the sofa, and called him for dinner.

Just as she scooped up the rice, the doorbell rang.

Fu Yunruo put down the bowl. “I’ll look.”

Wenwen looked over vigilantly. His expression clearly wrote: Is it Si Yue? Don’t open!

Fu Yunruo calmed her little firecracker. “It’s not him. He is shooting a night scene tonight.”

As she walked towards the door, Fu Yunruo glanced at the monitor screen in the hallway that gave her a clear view of the person standing outside.

It was Si Yue.

“…” Fu Yunruo fell silent for a moment, but she still stepped outside after casting a swift glance at her son. Regardless, she had to send the person away first. Otherwise, if Wenwen were to find out, he would probably lose his appetite in anger.

“Aren’t you filming right now?” After opening the door, she promptly asked.

“The report is out.” Si Yue said. Upon hearing this news, he had no mood for filming and hurriedly rushed back.

“Does Wenwen believe me now?”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t resist asking: “Why don’t you ask what the result is?”

Si Yue replied with certainty, “It’s positive. I know it must be.”

“…” Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back, “But what if it’s not?”


Fu Yunruo: “…”

“Ruoruo, I want to tell you something.”

Fu Yunruo glanced back at the door, hesitated. She was afraid that Wenwen might come out at any moment.

“It won’t take long, just a few minutes.” There was a hint of a plea in Si Yue’s tone.

“Alright.” This wasn’t an ideal place for a conversation and Fu Yunruo was also concerned about Wenwen catching sight of Si Yue, so she opted to go to Si Yue’s backyard, choosing distance over convenience.

“What is it?” After they arrived, Fu Yunruo felt conflicted with herself. Every time she said she wanted to keep her distance from Si Yue, they still maintained contact in the end.

Suddenly, a realization struck her. With Wenwen serving as a bridge between them, perhaps, she could never truly draw a clear boundary from him…

“I’m sorry…” Si Yue directly apologized.

“When I initially approached both of you, my intention was to become friends, to become close to you. I hoped that in the future, when you learned about the truth, you wouldn’t reject me so easily because we would no longer be strangers by then.”

“At first, I simply wanted to fulfill my responsibility as a father and hoped that eventually, you would accept my existence.”

“Indeed, after knowing that Wenwen is my child, I approached you with a purpose. This is my fault. I was wrong, and I owe you an apology.”

“It’s the first time for me to fall in love. I have no experience… Yuan Xin is right. Feelings can’t be calculated. Whether it’s towards you or Wenwen, I have behaved improperly.”

“From now on, I will work hard to be a good father, and… a good husband.”

Fu Yunruo’s expression was complicated.

She wasn’t stupid. She could discern if someone’s feelings were genuine. It was because she knew that Si Yue genuinely loved and cared for Wenwen that she turned a blind eye to the inconsistencies. When she saw her son reciprocating those feelings, she chose to overlook the details.

In the depths of her heart, there was also a selfish intention. Wenwen had no father, so she wished for more people to love and care for him — to make up for the absence of a father.

If only she had thought a little more, she would have seen Si Yue’s intentions much earlier.

If she wanted to blame, she could only blame herself. Why didn’t she take a closer look at the time? With Si Yue’s totally distinctive face, there was no way she could fail to recognize him later.

…let alone allowing these farces to happen.

It was true that Si Yue had his faults, but she couldn’t escape the blame, too.

“I also want to apologize for what happened that night,” Si Yue said again. “Although I was drugged that day, I still had some sense of reason at the beginning,” he explained. Of course, it might also be because his body didn’t reject Fu Yunruo, so he let his desires take over. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lost control.

But regardless, he was at fault…

Upon hearing this, Fu Yunruo suddenly became anxious, “Does this have any impact on Wenwen’s health?”

Both parents had traces of drugs in their bodies. Could it affect the child?

From the very beginning, she was afraid of any potential impact on her child’s health. She experienced anxiety and fear during every prenatal examination and check-up after birth, dreading the possibility of the doctor revealing any health issues with her child.

She had researched extensively and learned that when a mother takes medications indiscriminately during pregnancy, it can lead to the birth of a deformed child or affect the child’s intelligence. However, after thorough examinations, Wenwen was found to be perfectly healthy, which eased her worries.

And now, the other gene contributor said that he too was also drugged at that time…

Fu Yunruo suddenly suspected that Wenwen’s short stature compared to his peers was caused by this influence.

Oh my goodness! Could Wenwen have dwarfism?

Fu Yunruo was on the verge of crying.

Si Yue: “…” Upon hearing Fu Yunruo’s concern, his mouth twitched. “Our son takes after me. He’s fine.”

Tears were already welling up in Fu Yunruo’s eyes. “Were you also this short and stout when you were a child?”

“…Yes, I was very short.”

“When I was fourteen or fifteen, my height suddenly shot up.” During the period of the most rapid growth, it felt like he could even hear his bones creaking when sleeping at night. Thankfully, there was a team of specialized nutritionists back at home. With enough nutrition, the discomfort of the growth spur was minimal.
Fu Yunruo finally felt reassured as she observed Si Yue’s towering height of almost 1.9 meters. It seemed she had been worried for no reason. The original story also portrayed Wenwen as a tall and handsome guy, so how could he possibly have dwarfism? Moreover, the doctor’s examination confirmed his good health.

Well, her Wenwen must be a late bloomer.

“If you’re still worried, we can do a medical check-up later.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. Yes, definitely!

“Apart from this, don’t you have anything more to say?”

Fu Yunruo blinked. What else?

Si Yue rubbed his forehead and sighed. Well, he shouldn’t have his hopes up.


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