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THDP Ch 126 Part 3 – Why is He Here? (III)

“Sorry.” Chu Tianfeng didn’t know about it and suddenly felt a little at a loss, “Is that so? I haven’t heard of it.”

“It’s not your fault.” Li Che quickly waved his hand, “This matter has deliberately been kept hidden. In Canglang Academy, only Master and I know about it. As for the Feng Alliance…” He turned to the Xue siblings: “It should also be the case.”

“Yes.” Xue Chengxuan nodded, “In the Xue clan, only my father and I know about this.” He paused and took over Li Che’s explanation, “Only the leaders of the ten major medical sects and their best disciples have been informed. That’s because we were invited to treat the young master’s injuries. Unfortunately…” He shook his head, “His inner core was severely damaged and on the brink of completely breaking apart. There was nothing we could do about it.”

“I don’t understand.” Chu Tianfeng frowned, “Why didn’t Jingyuetian publicize the matter and seek medical treatment?”

“Before the young master of Jingyuetian exhausted his strength, he was determined to bring the enemies down with him and managed to kill the leader of the invaders. The person he killed was the beloved youngest son of the Lord of the Fifth Great Devil Seat. The Lord issued a bounty to avenge his son but was unaware that it was the Jingyuetian’s young master who had killed him. Therefore, this incident was not publicized as the young master was seriously injured and almost defenseless.”

“I see.” Chu Tianfeng nodded.

“So, I hope you don’t tell others about this matter.” Xue Chengxuan said again. He could trust everyone here, even Ji Wujiong, simply by his attitude towards Meng Qi. Furthermore, looking at his arrogant personality, this person didn’t seem to like to blabber.

“In short,” someone said, “you’re proposing that we headed straight to the Western Realm after leaving the Starfallen Sea? If we can find a way to heal the Jingyuetian’s young master, they will surely be willing to offer protection for Meng Qi, correct?”

“Yes.” Li Che blushed again, “I think if it’s Meng Qiqi, she can give it a try. Besides…” He looked a little awkward, but his tone was firm: “We will help her too.”

“Why make things so complicated?” Ji Wujiong sneered. “If Meng Qi becomes my disciple, I’ll teach her everything I know. And as for the other sword cultivation sects, they’re not even worth mentioning. The Duankong sect is just a bunch of clowns who’ve learned some low-level arrays and act like they’re the hottest stuff on earth.”

“In terms of swordsmanship, the Duankong sect can’t even hold a candle to Xingluo Pavilion. The people of Xingluo Pavilion might be a little stupid and use this Stardust wrongly, but at least they never forget to improve their swords. In comparison, the Duankong sect is foolish beyond saving – ignorant of the great dao and neglecting to maintain their dao heart. They pick up a piece of old trash and treat it as a treasure. Stupid, useless, hopeless!”

Chu Tianfeng and others squinted at Ji Wujiong, realizing that it was quite enjoyable when he used his sharp tongue to attack their opponents instead of themselves. Even Xu Zijun, whose sect had just been lightly insulted, didn’t take it too seriously.

“So instead of making things so complicated and having Meng Qi go save that Jingyuetian’s young master, you might as well think of ways to let her become my disciple. The easy path is right before your eyes, yet you choose to take the winding path. Do you want to compete with the Duankong Sect in foolishness?”

Sikong Xing glared, then threw her head away with a snort.

“Still…” Ji Wujiong didn’t bother with her. He sneered and turned to look at the forest, “It’s hard to say whether Meng Qi would continue sticking on the side of the healers when she returned this time.”

“What do you mean?” Chu Tianfeng’s expression turned grave.

“Do you have any idea what’s inside this forest?” Ji Wujiong smirked, “The ancient great medical cultivators, those legends who reached the Profound Realm and above, are indeed compassionate and benevolent beyond anything. But they are still human, and humans always have some degree of darkness in their hearts, even those praised by history for their ultimate selflessness.”

“What?!” Startled, Xue Chengxuan’s hand suddenly tightened into a fist. “You mean… this place was left by an ancient medical cultivator to…” Cold sweat began to form on his forehead as he felt a chill run down his spine.

“Correct!” Ji Wujiong chuckled and gave Xue Chengxuan a rare appreciative glance. “It’s no wonder you’re the Xue clan’s eldest son. You even know about this! There are several places like this in the Three Realms, such as the Demon Realm’s Return Forest and this one in the Starfallen Sea…all are like this.”

“What are you talking about?” Sikong Xing became anxious, “Is Meng Qiqi in danger?”

Xue Jinwen also had no idea, and she looked puzzledly at her elder brother. This was the first time she saw Xue Chengxuan, who had always been praised by their elders for his calm demeanor even as a young child, show such a shocked look to the extent that his face turned visibly pale.

“Brother, what are you talking about?” she asked.

The jade token in Meng Qi’s palm was already hot from her grip, and its gentle surface felt like Yun Qingyan’s deep and pleasant voice, giving her the courage to continue moving forward. Everything was still silent when she had just entered the forest, with no difference from before. There was no sound in her ears, and the woman’s voice, similar to Lin Yan’s, seemed to have disappeared.

Meng Qi’s pace was unhurried, but each step she took was firm and steady. She tightened her grip on the jade token in her hand, which Sikong Xing and Su Junmo had explained as a detached manifestation of the Demon Monarch’s Order. Yun Qingyan had given it to her without hesitation, but she couldn’t help wondering if he would be okay without it.


“Oh, hello, little girl.” Meng Qi was still lost in thought when the voice from before interrupted her, “Are you here again?”

She was sure that the voice was indeed very similar to Lin Yan’s, but compared to Lin Yan in the Grand Tournament barrier, this voice sounded more innocent, even charming.

—Yes, charming and attractive.

“But I know you will come again. After all, I still have your sweetheart here.” The voice said, giggling happily. It was as sweet as a silver bell, with an indescribable charm: “Do you want to know what your sweetheart said when you left just now?”

“Excuse me, Senior.” Meng Qi spoke up, ignoring the query. She didn’t know whether the other party could hear her voice or not, but she went on, “Are you Senior Lin Yan?”

“Huh?” The voice paused, “You know me?”

“I see.” Meng Qi breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s really you, Senior Lin Yan.” She cupped her hands respectfully and gave a deep bow, “Greetings, Senior Lin Yan. This Junior is Meng Qi.”

“Oh,” Lin Yan’s voice giggled again, “Don’t be so quick to call me senior. Where did you get that five spirits cauldron? What about the medical notes?”

Meng Qi said respectfully: “The five spirit cauldron and the medical handbook are gifts from Senior Lin Yan.”
I don’t believe you.” Lin Yan said, “How could I give them to a mere Golden Core cultivator? Take out the bamboo slips you used to refine the five spirit cauldron and show them to me. I set a prohibition on them, and I’ll be able to tell with just a glance.”

Just as Meng Qi was about to respond, a hand reached out from behind her and grabbed hers tightly. “She’s lying to you. Run!”

Meng Qi was still caught off guard when the soft and slightly cool white sleeve brushed against her wrist. Turning her head, she saw that the man in white had already taken her hand and was leading her forward with quick steps.

“Sovereign Qingyan?!” For a moment, Meng Qi couldn’t believe her eyes. She stared wide-eyed at the white-robed man and murmured, “You… why are you here? The sky-viewing mirror is only one way, and your injuries…”

“Shh!” Yun Qingyan interrupted her with a slight smile. His feet kept moving as he held Meng Qi’s hand firmly in his warm palm. “Just come with me for now.”


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