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MSRV Ch 91 – Persistence

Fu Yunruo had to return quickly, so she didn’t prolong the conversation and hastily bade farewell to Si Yue. As soon as she entered the door, she saw her son had been waiting with accusing eyes.

“Where have you been, Mom? Why did it take you so long?”

Fu Yunruo hurriedly explained: “It was the community manager. I didn’t pay attention, and we ended up talking for so long.”

“I didn’t see you when I went out!” Wenwen widened his eyes. His mom was actually lying to him! Could it be that the person who came was Si Yue?!

“That’s because we went to another place to talk,” Fu Yunruo almost couldn’t find an excuse. She quickly held Wenwen’s hand and said, “Have you finished your dinner? Mommy is so hungry, she hasn’t eaten!”

Qian Shengnan carried a tray out of the kitchen and explained: “Wenwen refuses to eat. He insisted we must wait for you to come back.” So she took the dishes back to the kitchen to keep them warm.

Fu Yunruo gently touched Wenwen’s belly, feeling distressed that this little watermelon had lost some weight. She couldn’t help being annoyed with Si Yue. Why couldn’t he choose a better time!

“It’s Mom’s fault. Mom shouldn’t have forgotten about the time.”

After being appeased for a few moments, Wenwen’s expression softened, and he said with a stern face, “You cannot do this again next time, or else I’ll get angry.”

“Mom will never make the same mistake again!” Fu Yunruo quickly promised. Then she hurriedly urged her son to eat, lest he got starved and lost more weight.

After dinner, Fu Yunruo accompanied Wenwen to do his homework. Then came the mother-son time. Fu Yunruo really wanted to ask Wenwen why he rejected Si Yue, but after giving it some thought, she decided to let them resolve it on their own.

Anyway, she would always be on Wenwen’s side, no matter what.

Fu Yunruo didn’t say a word, so Wenwen brought up the matter on his own. “Mom, I’m going to tell you something. You must listen well.”

“Okay, Mom’s listening.”

“You must never be affected by Si Yue’s sweet words. He is very cunning.” Wenwen emphasized. He didn’t believe that it was the community manager who had kept his mother occupied during the dinner.

“Okay! Don’t worry, I won’t!” Fu Yunruo nodded. Then she flicked Wenwen’s forehead, “Be polite. You cannot call older people by their names directly.”

“Why should I be polite to him?” Wenwen snorted.

Fu Yunruo elongated his voice: “Wenwen…”

“Okay. It’s Uncle Yue…” Wenwen said reluctantly.

As Fu Yunruo patted his head, Wenwen’s chubby cheeks puffed out in discontent. “Don’t change the subject!”

Wenwen gave several other instructions, which Fu Yunruo complied cooperatively. Seeing her good attitude, he ended the topic with satisfaction.

Early the next morning, Wenwen and Fu Yunruo departed for kindergarten as usual. When they left the house, Si Yue was already on the stand by, ready to send Wenwen to school together.

Wenwen refused to even give him a glance and hurriedly pulled his mother into the car.

But Si Yue personally drove his own car and trailed behind them.

After arriving at the school, Si Yue stayed in the car and watched until Wenwen entered the gate before leaving.

This continued for several days in a row, causing Wenwen to almost explode in anger. Why’s this person so persistent?!

“What’s the deal with that guy?!” Wenwen’s eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Fu Yunruo glanced back and noticed a considerable distance between them and an unfamiliar car in between. She hesitated and said, “Maybe he wants to accompany you to school?”

Although Si Yue had been following them, the distance was far enough that they could totally ignore him, so she didn’t pay him much attention.

Wenwen, on the other hand, was very sensitive. From such a long distance, he could recognize Si Yue’s car and the person himself in the driver’s seat.

Wenwen said in a proud tone, “Do I need him to accompany me?” It’s unnecessary, a waste of time. Hmph! Don’t think that doing this will impress him!

Fu Yunruo refrained from saying anything. She had made up her mind not to express her thought and let the two solve the problem between themselves.

But Wenwen turned to her and asked: “Mom, why aren’t you speaking?”

“Mom listens to Wenwen,” Fu Yunruo replied. Seeing the boy furrowed his brows again, she patted his forehead. “Stop frowning. Frowning at such a young age, it’s easy to age quickly. You’ll become an old man in no time.”

Wenwen touched his own eyebrows. Just as he relaxed, it subconsciously furrowed again. He sighed, “I’m too worried!” Nothing could make him feel at ease!

Seeing the little guy’s serious look, Fu Yunruo suppressed her laughter. “Kids shouldn’t worry too much. Otherwise, they won’t grow taller.”

Height was Wenwen’s personal obsession. He would even secretly measure his height every other week, but there was no sign of him growing taller, which bothered him even more.

So, when he heard his mother’s warning, he immediately put his worry aside. What if thinking too much would really hinder his growth?

Let’s pretend he was seeing nothing. As long as Si Yue didn’t appear in front of them, he would treat him like an air!

The next day, Fu Yunruo woke Wenwen up early in the morning and dressed him in a cool and stylish outfit.

“Mom, where are we going?” Wenwen’s little head tilted, wondering if they were going to the flower garden.

“We’re going to the film set,” Fu Yunruo replied. “The director said there are some scenes that need to be taken.”

Wenwen was suddenly struck by lightning. Going to the set… seeing Si Yue?!

“I’m not going!”

Fu Yunruo’s expression grew serious. “Wenwen, do you want to break the contract?”

Wenwen lowered his head and remained silent. He just didn’t want to see Si Yue…

“We have signed a contract. If you refuse to continue shooting before completing your scenes, it will be considered a breach of contract, and we will have to pay tenfold as compensation. Do you want to become someone who breaks their word, Wenwen?”

Wenwen recalled the high salary he received from this contract. He was so happy back then, but now felt down when calculating the compensation for breaking the contract. He couldn’t afford it…

Aggrieved, he had no choice but to agree. “Okay…”


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