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THDP Ch.13 Part 2 – Beyond The Heaven (II)

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist.” Meng Qi withdrew her eyes and saluted the man again.

“Fellow Daoist is too polite.”

While talking, the two had arrived at the city gate. Standing here, Meng Qi could really perceive the vastness of the city.

“Besides that.” The male cultivator said: “There are countless mysteries in this Beyond The Heaven. It is said that this place has the largest and most blessed grotto-heavens in the whole Three Thousand Worlds. Yet they still haven’t been fully explored. If you can pass the test, Fellow Daoist can participate in the expedition team, hunting the treasures in the secret realm with several other people.”

The man shook his head, a little ashamed: “However, enough power is needed to participate. At least one has to be in the Spirit Severing stage, so they can use their detached spirit to enter the secret realm. I just broke through from the Golden Core stage and entering the Nascent Soul. I’m still far from qualified.”

Then Meng Qi was even further away! She once heard that Beyond The Heaven had an excellent opportunity for the Spirit Severing cultivators and above. The opportunity seemed to refer to those secret realms.

However, all of those things combined, the owner of Beyond The Heaven was really too powerful. They made this place the largest free trading venue for the cultivators. They could also build such a huge city and even seven floating islands. Beyond The Heaven’s owner shouldn’t be a single person, but a very powerful sect.

Meng Qi looked at the neat main road inside. She always knew that the Three Thousand Worlds was vast and filled with wonders. Even before her rebirth, she only ever saw the smallest corner of the world. Now, standing in front of her was such a mysterious and powerful giant.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder it was called ‘Beyond The Heaven.’ This place was truly another world, beyond the Three Thousand Worlds.

“If Fellow Daoist has no other questions, I’ll say goodbye first.” The man said to Meng Qi.

“Yes.” Meng Qi returned the salute. “Many thanks for Fellow Daoist’s guidance.”

There were several staff stationed at the city gate. Following the male cultivator’s advice, Meng Qi stepped forward and asked for a city map. This large city hosted countless shops, and its name was ‘Beyond The Heaven City.’ The city was divided into nine areas, including weapons, artifacts, robes, various refining ingredients, spirit beasts, spells… of course, there was also an area that specialized in selling medicine, poisons, and refined pills.

In addition, the central section was the place for free trading. If a visitor didn’t know how to classify their own ware, or maybe didn’t even know what it was, they could trade directly with other people in the free market.

If one wanted to go to the three major auction houses of Heaven, Earth, and Profound, they could directly contact the city’s management staff, who would guide them to meet the auction staff. A specialist would then appraise the item’s value and decide whether to accept the auction and which auction house to submit it.

Meng Qi also followed the man’s other advice and requested a nameplate. This plate was usually useless, but things purchased inside Beyond The Heaven couldn’t directly be taken outside by the buyers. By having a nameplate, she could use it to pick up her purchases at the special relay stations set up in the major cities. The spirit stones were also paid at the pickup. Beyond The Heaven guaranteed their users’ secret, and also provided fast and safe delivery.

Meng Qi thought about it and wrote the words ‘Xiao Qi’ on the nameplate. She now had five sixth-grade spirit stones and already the richest disciple in Qingfeng Valley. However, she still didn’t know the price market of this place.

Meng Qi checked the map and decided to go to the area that sold medicinal ingredients. The city was huge, but there were countless teleportation arrays in every corner. Meng Qi greeted one of the staff and stepped into one of the arrays. In an instant, she was teleported into the eastern district.

Before she even took a step, medicinal fragrance already filled her nostrils. This was Meng Qi’s favorite scent, and her mood improved a lot. This area was basically selling all kinds of medicinal ingredients, poisons, and refined pills. Meng Qi recalled the content of the bamboo slip given by Elder Yan and randomly stepped into one of the shops.

“Hello.” There were no other guests in the shop, only a sturdy man behind the counter. “What does Fellow Daoist need?” The man greeted with a smile.

“Do you have jackdaw grass?” Meng Qi asked. According to the bamboo slip, it was jackdaw grass that made a wound bleeding incessantly, leaving silver marks on it. However, Meng Qi didn’t dare to just rely on the book’s description to conclude that the little white tiger was poisoned by jackdaw grass. She planned to buy a strand and brought it back to confirm personally.

“We do.” The shopkeeper asked: “How many do you need?”

“What is the price?” Meng Qi asked again.

“Twenty sixth-grade spirit stones,” the shopkeeper answered.

Meng Qi: “?????”

According to the bamboo slip, the jackdaw grass was a sixth-grade herb. Meng Qi already guessed that it wouldn’t be cheap. But she didn’t expect that the richest disciple in Qingfeng Valley couldn’t even afford a single strand. And it was just the price of one ingredient. If Meng Qi really wanted to cure Xiao Qi, she was afraid that even several hundred sixth-grade spirit stones wouldn’t be enough.

She didn’t feel that it was too expensive, nor did she plan to not buy it. It was just at that moment, Meng Qi truly regretted that she only charged Chu Tianfeng ten times the price.


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From rich to rags, poor Meng Qi lol.

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