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DDDV Ch 142 Part 2 – A Familiar Face (II)

“Shall we continue our tour?”

Lu Yaoyao, relieved, responded with more enthusiasm than usual, “Yes, let’s continue!”

The group then turned and left the hall to continue exploring. Knowing that an elder was at home, they subconsciously toned down their noise.

Chao Muxue lingered at the back, occasionally lost in thought, looking somewhat distracted.

Lu Junyang, warmly watching over his junior brothers and sisters playing around, noticed Chao Muxue’s unusual behavior. He deliberately slowed down and matched his pace with her, “Junior Sister, what’s on your mind?”

Chao Muxue turned, showing a soft smile, “It’s nothing. I just suddenly thought, since Yaoyao’s father isn’t part of our sect, he can’t come with us to the mountain, right? Yaoyao is too young to be separated from her family…”

Lu Junyang also thought about it. Yaoyao might seem independent, but she was just a five-year-old child who would naturally depend on her parents…

“Muxue, Brother Junyang, hurry up!” Lu Yaoyao, hopping ahead, suddenly realized two of them were lagging behind and called out to them.

Lu Junyang smiled, “Coming!” He then said to Chao Muxue, “Let’s catch up with the others.”

Chao Muxue nodded.

Lu Yaoyao’s house, while being large and having a nice view, didn’t have many exciting things. But the group managed to create their own fun, turning a big tree they found in the yard into a swing.

Before they knew it, evening approached, and it was time for the young disciples to return to the sect. Lu Yaoyao waved goodbye without any reluctance, “Let’s play again next time!” she said.

Lu Junyang asked Lu Yaoyao, “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to your father?”

“No need.” Lu Yaoyao understood her Daddy well. He wasn’t fond of formalities. Even back in Cangshan, such tasks were usually handled by Father.

Lu Junyang, seeing her lack of sentimentality, couldn’t help but mention, “You won’t be able to see your father often since he can’t come to the mountain.”

Lu Yaoyao was unconcerned, “That’s okay. I’ll visit when I have time.” Daddy being Daddy, who could prevent him from seeing her? Since he had entered the Guiyuan Sect once, there definitely would be second, third, and more visits, and no one in the sect would realize that the Devil Venerable himself had been there. As jealous as he was, there was no way Daddy would allow her to get close to Father every night, and would certainly appear before her soon.

Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes. She was actually more worried that Daddy wouldn’t keep his words and would take her back to the Devil Realm if she went to see him alone! She wasn’t ready to return there yet.

After thinking it over, Lu Yaoyao decided to inform Daddy anyway, so she shouted in her childish voice, “Daddy, we’re heading back to the sect now!”

“Alright, let’s go back!”

Seeing it was getting late, Lu Junyang and the others formally bowed in the direction of the hall they had visited earlier, “Thank you for your hospitality. We are returning to the sect.”

The group returned to the sect, satisfied with their outing. After dispersing, they soon headed back to their respective peaks. Lu Junyang personally went to escort Lu Yaoyao to the entrance of her pavilion at the South Fifth Peak before leaving.

After waving goodbye to Lu Junyang, Lu Yaoyao, bouncing with energy, prepared to return to her room. As she looked up, she saw her third senior brother Ziwan, standing at the doorway with his arms crossed, watching her.

“I saw everything…” Ziwan said accusingly.

Lu Yaoyao blurted out, “Third Senior Brother, let me explain!”

Ziwan looked at Lu Yaoyao as if she were a heartless two-timer and indignantly said, “I won’t listen to your excuses. You went out without taking me or your other senior brothers, but you took Senior Brother Lu!”

“I’m going to tell the others!”

“No, don’t!” Lu Yaoyao grabbed the hem of his robe, earnestly pleading, “There’s a reason for this!”

Lu Yaoyao quickly explained in a soft and sweet voice, “Brother Junyang got us the tokens, so we just invited him to join us. It wasn’t planned in advance. Yaoyao absolutely didn’t forget about her senior brothers!”

She then took out five identical, well-packaged pastries from her small pouch. “Look, I bought these for Master and Senior Brothers. They’re limited-edition pastries from Yuxuan Workshop. I’ve tried them; they’re really delicious!”

Ziwan looked down at his little junior sister, trying hard to flatter him. He let out a snort, pinched her chubby cheeks, and said grudgingly, “At least you have a conscience.”

“…” Lu Yaoyao was adamant. Why’s everyone eyeing her chubby cheeks?! But since she was still on the edge of pacifying her senior brother, she resignedly kept quiet.

Seeing his little junior sister standing still, looking pitiful yet allowing him to bully her, Ziwan withdrew his hand, took the four pastries, and cleared his throat. “I’ll take these to the other senior brothers. As for Master’s share, you should deliver it yourself.” Recently, Master had disliked him a lot, and he didn’t want to appear before Master.

Lu Yaoyao, with only one pastry left in her hands, covered her face with one hand, feeling like her beautiful cheeks had been wronged. They were burning hot. “Third Senior Brother, weren’t you here to look for me?”

“It’s nothing.” Ziwan strolled leisurely. He was just wandering around, happened to come to his little junior sister’s residence, and accidentally saw her with Senior Brother Lu.

Ziwan chuckled and walked away briskly. “Little junior sister, let’s play together some other time!”

Lu Yaoyao waved her hand, watching as the figure disappeared from sight. She tilted her head, relieved that Third Senior Brother wasn’t too difficult to deal with and glad that the other senior brothers weren’t there. She sighed in melancholy. She was supposed to be the child who needed pampering, yet now everyone seemed to expect her to do the coaxing. Life was hard for her!

Lu Yaoyao turned and went back to her study room upstairs, grabbed her partially completed homework, and then went to find her Master. It had taken her so long to copy just one book. Knowing Master would reprimand her for her slow progress, she decided to offer the pastries as a peace offering first. After all, it’s hard to scold someone who’s just given you a treat.

What a smart idea!

Lu Yaoyao cheerfully ran to her Master’s residence, asked the disciple standing guard by the door to announce her arrival, and soon entered.


Seeing his youngest disciple in good spirits, Hall Master Mo replied warmly, “You’re here.”

Lu Yaoyao first offered the pastries. “Master, I went down the mountain with Brother Junyang and others today. These are limited-edition pastries from Yuxuan Workshop, really delicious. I brought them especially for you!”

“You’re very thoughtful.” Hall Master Mo was delighted, his mustache curling up with happiness. His little disciple was considerate, unlike his other troublesome disciples, who never thought of bringing him treats from their trips.

Lu Yaoyao eagerly opened the wax paper, placing the pastries in front of Hall Master Mo. She coaxed him into trying a few pieces, cheering him up. After confirming he was in a good mood, she brought out her homework.

“Master, here’s my recent homework. I’ve completed the assignments you gave, but for the copying part, I’ve only finished one book…” Lu Yaoyao sneakily watched her Master’s expression, gauging whether he would be upset.

Hall Master Mo’s smile faded, but he remained gentle. “Let me see.” He took Lu Yaoyao’s homework, first opening the assignment part. At first glance, he was already seventy percent satisfied with his little disciple’s handwriting.

Ziwen had mentioned that Yaoyao could read and write, but this was the first time he saw her handwriting. Perhaps due to her small hands, the writing was somewhat childishly round and cute but already had character. Hall Master Mo took a closer look and furrowed his brows a bit; the style seemed familiar as if he had seen it somewhere before.


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