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THDP Ch.15 Part 2 – Fair Price (II)

Xiang Linmo: “…”

“Wait, wait, wait. I will pay. Ten sixth-grade spirit stones!” He quickly stopped Meng Qi and handed his nameplate to the manager at the door.

This girl is very pretty, but her heart is so cruel!

“What should I do now?” Meng Qi turned to ask the manager.

“First, please let Mr. Xiang imprint his spiritual sense on the five pills he bought. Then Fellow Daoist can go to the Beyond The Heaven’s relay station in your city and deliver the items to the staff working there. After verifying Mr. Xiang’s spiritual imprint, they will give you the spirit stones he owed.”

Meng Qi nodded. This procedure was quite interesting. Since they only relied on the imprinted spiritual sense to confirm the item, the staff of Beyond The Heaven wouldn’t be able to know what exactly was being sold and bought.

“So noisy? What are you doing?”

Just when Meng Qi was silently praising the fun and safe procedure Beyond The Heaven created to deliver purchased items, a woman’s lazy voice suddenly came from the door. Meng Qi turned her head to see a beautiful and elegant female cultivator standing with a smile.

The woman looked slightly older than Meng Qi. She wore a blue-green robe, loosely tied by a lean belt. Her waist was slim with a small back, and her figure was quite slender.

This female cultivator was also very beautiful. In fact, looking at the facial features alone, she was nowhere as stunning as Lu Qingran. But when she laughed, her face was so bright. Coupled with a kind of languidness that couldn’t be ignored on her face, the woman looked so elegant and charming. It was an unspeakable charm that Meng Qi had never seen before.

“Wh-why are you here?!” Xiang Linmo seemed to be a little afraid of this female cultivator. He jumped up and took a big step back. “I’m working now, don’t disturb me.”

The woman chuckled. A trace of a smile flashed inside her clear and limpid eyes. Her gaze looking at Xiang Linmo was as if seeing a younger brother. Although she was actually looked much younger than the man.

“This little sister…” Her charming eyes fell on Meng Qi. “Is she a newcomer? So cute!”

“I’m here to sell refined medicine.” Meng Qi answered honestly. Although it was her first time seeing this female cultivator and still didn’t know the other party’s identity, Meng Qi felt an inexplicable fondness. Probably because the woman was very beautiful, yet her beauty was completely different from Lu Qingran. Seeing this woman’s face made Meng Qi happy.

“Oh?” The woman’s eyes flashed. “What kind of pill? Can you let this older sister look at it?”

“Of course.” Meng Qi replied and passed the Qingfeng pill to her.

“Xue Jinwen!” Before the female cultivator took the pill, Xiang Linmo angrily shouted: “I already bought that!”

“Has you finished imprinting it?” Xue Jinwen’s slender fingers were carelessly swirling her hair. “If not, other people still had the chance to make a higher offer, right?” She smiled at Xiang Linmo before turning to Meng Qi: “You have worked here for so long. Do you still not understand the rules of this auction hous—eh?! first realm Qingfeng pill?”

Even this female cultivator named ‘Xue Jinwen’ widened her eyes in surprise. She stared at Meng Qi in confusion, then turned her eyes to the blue pill: “It seems…huh?”

Xue Jinwen sighed, “What a smart girl!” She pointed her finger: “Little sister, how much does he offer you? Older sister will double the price.”

“Xue Jinwen!” Xiang Linmo exploded, “Don’t go too far!”

“Whoever bid the highest get the lot.” Xue Jinwen chuckled and put away the pill. “Are you going to violate this rule?”

“Hah!” Xiang Linmo coldly snorted. But he quickly said: “This Qingfeng pill, I pay two sixth-grade spirit stones per pill, you still want to double it?”

“Oh?” Xue Jinwen raised her eyebrows, “Why not?”

“You?!” Xiang Linmo was choked. He fell silent for a moment before finally said: “Then I will give you fifteen sixth-grade spirit stones! Buy… buy three!” Anyway, he didn’t intend to buy it for consumption. If he used the pills carefully, buying two less should not be a problem…otherwise, this woman Xue Jinwen would take it away!

“No,” Meng Qi replied with a dull voice. Two sixth-grade spirit stones already a high enough price. She took out five pills from her storage bracelet and handed them to Xiang Linmo: “The price still the same, a total of ten sixth-grade spirit stones .”

Xiang Linmo was stunned. Previously, he thought that this girl was a ruthless profiteer who only wanted to squeeze as much money as possible. If he had to compete with Xue Jinwen, a woman who never cared about spirit stones, his pocket would bleed heavily. But to give up, Xiang Linmo wasn’t reconciled! But he didn’t expect the little girl to not take advantage of the price increase?!

Xiang Linmo dazedly imprinted his spiritual sense on the five pills handed over by Meng Qi. When returning them back, he couldn’t help but look up at the other party thoughtfully. Such an exquisite face, with an elegant countenance. Her nose was tall and well-crafted. She had a pair of beautiful eyes that shone like a bright, cold star, showing her clear and calm emotion.

What an eccentric girl!

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Changing two terms: ‘true ruler’ (as in white tiger’s true ruler’) is changed into ‘sovereign’, and the term ‘heavenly demon’ is changed into ‘celestial demon’. The previous chapters have been edited with these new terms.

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  1. I am ready for her to turn around and pull out 5 more pills, and sell them for 20 sixth grade spirit stones

    1. This! I’m actually waiting for her to make connections with the lady and offer better pills in the future hahaha

  2. I love that she did not go back on her word, I’d still be rooting for her if she had cos it’s her product but I just love that she didn’t

  3. Meng Qi was very pretty, but when Lu Qingran in same area with MC, MC beauty being cover up by some mysterious power and Made her more plain than Lu Qingran. 🤔

  4. The pattern continues of people being stunned by Meng Qi’s prices, then being charmed by her (then probably being disappointed again, but becoming so charmed they don’t mind- ngl if she was my healer I wouldn’t mind either). Also I love that people keep thinking she’s a vicious businesswoman, but she’s actually just the “how much does a banana cost?” meme but the poor version.

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