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THDP Ch.19 Part 2 – Auction (II)

Meng Qi quickly returned to her room. The little white tiger was still lying on the side. He cleverly let his injured front paw stretched forward, while his eyes squinted lazily. When Meng Qi opened her eyes, the little guy also looked up at her.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi happily rubbed his head and squeezed his ears. Why did she never have the idea of raising a fluffy spirit animal before?

Really cute.

Very addictive to touch!

“I will get the jackdaw grass soon.” Meng Qi told the little tiger. She jumped out of bed and walked towards the door. “I’m going to the library pavilion. You stayed obediently in the room.”

Elder Yan was not in the library. Without his permission, a disciple couldn’t go to the fourth floor or take out the books there. Meng Qi was disappointed and asked the disciples who guarded the door: “Senior Brother, where is Elder Yan? Can you tell me when he will be back?”

“Junior Sister doesn’t know?” That day in the great hall, the Nascent Soul elder from Fentian Palace personally invited Meng Qi to join their sect. Almost every disciple of Qingfeng Valley witnessed it. So, the disciple responsible for guarding the library’s door and assisting Elder Yan treated Meng Qi very politely: “All our elders are going out with the sect leader and the elder from Fentian Palace. Young Palace Master Chu is also with them. They are going to exterminating devils.”

“Exterminating devils?” Meng Qi froze.

“That’s right.” The disciple nodded. “Elder Xun Yan from Fentian Palace is leading the team. Before leaving, they expected to be away for ten days to half a month.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. She remembered this matter. Although it also happened in her previous life, she was still locked in the dungeon at this time. After being released, someone told her what happened during the period. The reinforcements from Fentian Palace arrived on time. The entire Qingfeng Valley and even the ordinary residents of Qingfeng Town were saved from annihilation.
After the incident, Qingfeng Valley merged into Fentian Palace and became a small branch of the large sect. Of course, because of Lu Qingran, everyone in Fentian Palace was kind to Qingfeng Valley’s disciples. They were even given a place near Fentian Palace’s main peak, with a spiritual aura that was far superior to Qingfeng Valley’s present location.

In this life, Chu Tianfeng was recovered even faster, and Elder Xun Yan personally led the team. It was expected that the fight would only be smoother.

Meng Qi was relieved. “Thank you, Senior Brother.” She saluted the disciple. “I take my leave now.”

Elder Yan was not here, so Meng Qi couldn’t read the books on the fourth floor. She had finished reading all the books on the first to the third floor. Meng Qi directly went down the mountain to Qingfeng Town, planning to send the three Beiming pills to Xue Jinwen as soon as possible.

After finished with her task, Meng Qi returned to her room. Xiao Qi was still lying on the bamboo bed lazily. He only looked up to see Meng Qi when he heard her pushing the door in. Meng Qi didn’t know whether it was because of his injures, but Xiao Qi always looked lazy.

Meng Qi examined the wound on his front paw. It was still bleeding slowly. Inside the wound, silver light flashed ominously.

Meng Qi gently squeezed Xiao Qi’s fluffy paws with distress. “Let’s rest early today,” She quickly reclined on the bed.

Xiao Qi: “???”

He didn’t have time to retreat to the wall. Meng Qi, who had been accustomed herself after just one night, had already picked him up, and imprisoned his small body inside her arms: “Tomorrow there will be an auction, I have to get up early…don’t make trouble!”

The girl’s silky hair scattered on the bamboo bed, mixed with the soft white fur of the little tiger. Her breathing gradually became regular, and her body, as usual, had a faint smell of medicine.

Xiao Qi’s body stiffened for a while, but slowly getting relaxed. Meng Qi was very careful. Even when she hugged him, she carefully avoided the wound.


The little white tiger slowly extended his paw and placed it on Meng Qi’s slender wrist. A cultivator who still hasn’t built her foundation yet. The slightest blow from him would wipe her life easily. So, he wasn’t afraid of her, not at all! It was just that his injury was indeed too severe, so he was too bothered to struggle. Convincing himself, the little white tiger slowly closed his eyes, and his breathing gradually became regular.

The next day, Meng Qi got up early. At the appointed time with Xue Jinwen, she already arrived outside the courtyard at the Profound Auction House’s floating island.

“Let’s go.”

The auction officially started at 9 in the morning. Xue Jinwen led Meng Qi to the auction floor located in the middle of the island and gave a brief explanation on the road: “The rules of Beyond The Heaven’s auction are the same for all three auction houses of Profound, Earth, and Heaven.”

“The item with the lowest rank will be auctioned first, and it goes all the way until the highest rank.” She said: “The main attraction often saved for the last. For a long time, there hasn’t been an auction for a low-rank item such as a second realm pill…” Xue Jinwen couldn’t help laughing: “So your Beiming pill will be today’s first lot.”

Meng Qi nodded: “Thank you, Sister.”

“We’re here.” Xue Jinwen stopped, “Here is the Profound auction house of Beyond The Heaven. Who knows how many treasures from the Three Thousand Worlds has flowed in and out of this place.”
While listening to Xue Jinwen’s words, Meng Qi looked up ahead. Right in front of her eyes, there was a courtyard that didn’t look too imposing. Just looking from the outside, it wasn’t even as big as the courtyard where Xue Jinwen lived in. But the building was old and simple. Surrounded by clouds and mist, it looked like a mystical celestial building.

Probably because of the auction today, soon after Meng Qi and Xue Jinwen arrived, there was a steady stream of cultivators walking towards the courtyard. The place didn’t seem to be that vast, but no matter how many people go in, it still didn’t have the sign to get crowded.

Meng Qi’s eyes swept the cultivators around. Xue Jinwen explained: “To protect the identity of the buyers participating in the auction, the system here is to assign a separated space for each person.” She walked forward and said: “You come with me.”

Meng Qi was startled and was about to follow Xue Jinwen when suddenly a figure passed by her.

The man was tall. He wore a white robe and walked very fast. Meng Qi didn’t see him taking many steps, but his figure instantly brushed past her. She could only see the other person’s tall and straight back. His black hair was bundled on the head by a white jade headdress, and his long sleeves fluttered like an immortal.

Seemingly feeling Meng Qi’s gaze, the white-robed man suddenly looked back slightly, exposing his delicate jaw. Even if the other party was in such a hurry, his face, among the countless beautiful and handsome people in Three Thousand Worlds, still could be said to be a high-ranking one. Very attractive and noble-looking. Many people must be mesmerized by his look alone.

Meng Qi suddenly widened her eyes.

Isn’t he—

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