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THDP Ch.29 Part 1 – Strange Injuries (I)

Meng Qi stared at Xiao Qi. The little white tiger was lying in her arms with his small fluffy paw on her shoulder. His little head tilted slightly to one side. Meng Qi could see his small semi-circular ears clearly, and they shook slightly upon her gaze.


Meng Qi has never seen Xiao Qi like this, and her heart softened instantly. She rubbed his cute little head, trying to calm herself. Xiao Qi was still injured, it was too dangerous to take him with her.

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head, “It’s too dangerous, I can’t take you.”

“Aoo~” Xiao Qi made a low, soft voice. His little fluffy head rubbed Meng Qi’s shoulder, and this time he was… really acting cute!

Meng Qi: “…”

Who can say no to this, ah?!

“Just take him.” Chu Tianfeng said. He quickly exchanged glances with Qin Xiumo before continued: “You’ll only feel unease if you left him here. I received news from Elder Xun, it isn’t that dangerous there. It is just that the demon cultivators’ sudden attack caught them by surprise. Now they have many injured people. Because they also have to be on guard in case of another attack, they lack people to take care of the injured. So even if you take him…” His eyes stayed on Xiao Qi’s face for a moment: “It won’t be a problem.”

Meng Qi pondered for a moment. Chu Tianfeng indeed made sense, leaving Xiao Qi behind would only make her uneasy. But how to bring him?

Meng Qi hesitated.

“I have a beast house here.” Chu Tianfeng took out a palm-sized object from his storage space and handed it to Meng Qi. It was small, shaped like a cave, and looked heavy. “You can let him stay in this beast house, and then put it in storage space.” He said again: “Like this, he will be alright even if you bring him along.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi put Xiao Qi on the bamboo bed, then took the beast house into her palm. She had heard of this item. There were many cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds who raises spirit beasts. However, it was impossible to put a spirit beast inside a storage space.

Thousands of years ago, a powerful cultivator raised a spirit cat, because he loved the spirit cat too much, he wanted to take it wherever he went but was reluctant to make it tired. So he made a great effort to refine a beast house. After putting the spirit beast into the beast house, he could store it in the storage space. In this way, even when a spirit beast was still in its infancy and wasn’t strong enough, its owner could take it wherever they wanted.

A beast house was not cheap, because only cultivators of Spirit Severing and above could refine it. Moreover, they also had be a refinery cultivator. So the most common beast house cost about one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones. Meng Qi also intended to wait until she earned enough spirit stones to buy the medicinal ingredients she needed. Then, right before she left Qingfeng Valley, she would still grit her teeth and went to Beyond The Heaven to buy a beast house, so she could bring Xiao Qi easily with her.

Meng Qi carefully examined the beast house Chu Tianfeng had given, it should be the most common one. “How much does it cost?” She raised her gaze.

“No need.” Chu Tiangfeng waved his hand. “It’s for you.” It was just a little thing, he wouldn’t ask for payment. He looked at Meng Qi happily, waiting for her reaction.

“Then, no need.” Meng Qi handed back the beast house to Chu Tianfeng. She picked up Xiao Qi again, preparing to hold him all the way for the time being. When she had a chance to rest, she would go to Beyond The Heaven and just buy one. “We should set off now.” She said, walking towards the door with the little white tiger in her arms.

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng stared blankly. First, at Meng Qi’s back figure, who was walking away, then at the beast house in his hand.

“Hahahaha.” Qin Xiumo laughed in amusement, “You still not found out? Meng Qi only wants to talk about money with you!”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

Of course he knew! But how dare Qin Xiumo laugh at him?!

“What are you laughing for? Meng Qi charge you even more money!” Chu Tianfeng sneered, “When she detoxified my poison, she only charged me several sixth-grade spirit stones. Isn’t that simply perfunctory? But you…” He looked at Qin Xiumo up and down, the smile on the other party’s face had completely faded: “So expensive! Obviously, Meng Qi only wants to talk about money with you.”

Qin Xiumo: “You?!”

Chu Tianfeng snorted coldly. He walked towards the direction where Meng Qi had left. He wouldn’t tell Qin Xiumo how he was angry for a long time because Meng Qi actually charged him less. Now that he could use this fact to attack this guy, he felt much more comfortable.

“Meng Qi.” Chu Tianfeng took a stride forward and stuffed the beast house into her hand again. “This thing costs one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones, but you can pay it slowly la-” Before he finished his words, Meng Qi had already taken out one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones and neatly stacked them on his palm.

She took the beast house and carefully took out a bamboo slip from its bottom. It recorded the method of using the beast house and some cautionary points. Although the beast house made it easier and safer to bring spirit beast outside, the most common, low-level beast house like this could only keep a spirit beast inside for seven days at most. If they weren’t released after more than seven days, the spirit beast might die of suffocation and lack of aura. A higher-level house allowed the spirit beast to stay longer, but the price was obviously more expensive.

Meng Qi held the slip on her palm and slowly injected her spiritual aura. After a while, she sensed that the beast house had been bound to her, and now she could see the situation inside.


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The story behind the beast house invention basically tells us that no matter in what world, a pet slave will always be a pet slave. Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo already had no way to win Meng Qi’s affection, since they only had handsome faces instead of cute and fluffiness.

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  1. I pity how cold Meng Qi is to the male leads, but they really deserve it. I keep having to remind myself about how she was treated in her past life

  2. Yay for taking Xiao Qi along. I hope he turns out to be her old master. I don’t feel sorry for the guys, they have memory of what happened last time and they know how they treated her.

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      1. In her defense the fluffy tiger is much more comfortable to cuddle at night and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

  4. A random fish in the sea

    I have no doubt that before this novel ends, all the male leads and handsome men in the 3000 worlds will be coming at her like “Shut up and take my money!”

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