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THDP Ch.36 Part 1 – Accusations (I)

Meng Qi actually should have been resting. After all, she was still a Qi Condensation cultivator. Although technically she could persist for several days straight without sleeping or resting, it would still take a toll on her body.

“Thank you, junior sister.” Lu Qingran saluted again. She wore the blue robe uniform of Qingfeng Valley’s disciples, and when bowing her head, a strand of raven-dark hair fell off, supported by a white jade pin on her hair bun.

Lu Qingran was very beautiful. When the mountain wind brushed upon her, a few more strands of hair brushed her fair cheeks. Slender waist, willowy back, and bright eyes. Indeed a stunning, fairy-like beauty.

“In the past few days, I searched through all the books I could get, and only found a brief passage mentioning something similar to the immortal devouring vine. That name isn’t even written in the book, and the symptoms and characteristics of the injury also aren’t mentioned.” Lu Qingran’s voice was pleasant to hear, with clear articulation and suitable volume. Everyone present could hear her clearly. “So, even my master and other elders didn’t realize that several senior brothers and sisters were injured by the immortal devouring vine.” Lu Qingran looked at Meng Qi and opened her lips slightly: “And thus, I don’t know how, by just a single glance, junior sister Meng was able to make a diagnosis that senior sister Lan Zhuxuan and the others were injured by it.”

“This is the first.”

Lu Qingran paused before went on: “Immortal devouring vine is a weapon from the Demon Realm. When junior sister Meng first entered Qingfeng Valley, you said that you grew up in Qingfeng Town and has never traveled outside before. But junior sister not only could recognize the vine’s injury at one glance but also know how to treat it. I…” She looked at Yan Mingfeng, “…have asked Elder Yan. Indeed, Qingfeng Valley Library Pavilion never has any record regarding immortal devouring vine.”

“This is my second question.”

“When junior sister Meng was going to treat the people injured by the vines, you happened to need five elements blue crane native to this area. Moreover, before junior sister left, demon cultivators came and attacked us almost every day and night before then ran away without any trace. However, after junior sister left to find the five elements blue crane, they never attacked us again. Those demon cultivators are exactly the ones who hurt our fellow disciples with the immortal devouring vines. It was too coincidental.”

“This is my third question.”

Lu Qingran spoke with a clear and logical exposition. Her tone also wasn’t aggressive. In the end, she saluted Meng Qi again: “Junior sister has worked hard, and I should let you rest first. But…” She turned her gaze to the sect leader: “My Master is kind. I have been greatly cared for by her, and she has a grace of teaching on me. She treated all disciples of Qingfeng Valley equally, and has never done injustice or favored a single disciple.”

Lu Qingran paused. Suddenly, she looked at Xun Yan with bright eyes: “Elder Xun defended junior sister Meng, and this junior did not dare to accuse him. But this junior could not accept the accusation he made to Master.”

Lu Qingran’s back was straight, and she looked at Xun Yan neither humbly nor arrogantly. Even though the other party was a powerful figure in the Nascent Soul stage that could crush her in one flick, she still didn’t afraid and kept maintaining her strong and unrepressed gaze.

“Wow…” Su Junmo stood beside Meng Qi. After holding back for a long time, he finally couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer and muttered in a low voice: “That girl is very strong, ah! She isn’t interrogating you, Meng Qiqi, but pointing at this…” He squinted at Xun Yan: “Almost a Spirit Severing cultivator. Really courageous. But she is very filial, and her words seem reasonable.”

Su Junmo spoke fast and in a low voice. Except for Meng Qi and her group, others only saw his lips move quickly, but couldn’t catch his words.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo once again glanced at Su Junmo. At this time, all other gazes were wholly focused on Lu Qingran and Meng Qi. They looked at Lu Qingran and then at Meng Qi. Lu Qingran’s questions were indeed seemed to be logical.

Meng Qi…how would she explain?

“Junior sister Meng.” Lu Qingran took a deep breath, “This senior sister isn’t suspecting or trying to make things difficult for you. It’s just all of our fellow disciples in Qingfeng Valley, especially the injured senior brothers and sisters, are full of doubts. Because of junior sister, they almost make a commotion and angered Elder Xun Yan.” She looked at Meng Qi: “Junior sister, can you answer these questions and solve the doubts in our hearts?”

Meng Qi’s eyelids drooped slightly, and she did not answer immediately. Except for Su Junmo, none of the people present spoke.

Xun Yan couldn’t help but cough slightly. Just now, he was too angry and lashed out impulsively. Unexpectedly, his action brought such trouble to Meng Qi. “Ahem…” Xun Yan took a step forward and broke the awkward silence. “This matter was caused by me. Since it is a misunderstanding, then I…”

Xun Yan has an amiable personality. Otherwise, the palace master of his sect wouldn’t send him to help Chu Tianfeng. He stood up for Meng Qi, but didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

“Elder Xun.” Meng Qi calmly interrupted, “Senior sister Lu Qingran is asking me, so I should be the one to answer.” She smiled gratefully at Xun Yan.


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8 thoughts on “THDP Ch.36 Part 1 – Accusations (I)”

  1. wow i believe she is curious but she could have done it any other way. is the hurt pride of being the most talented and seeing someone better appear? how xiao qi will respond ? the truth that she reincarnated after living that life is absurd. it is more plausible that she has plot with the demons.

  2. DRIVE HER TO THE GROUND, XIAO QI! I know she won’t because she can’t directly go against the FL. Everything is reasonable that’s why Im struggling to also say anything else.

  3. if CTF & QXM remember they past live than they muat be recognize SJM as this green tea bitch’s suitor too, right?

  4. Ahhh.. The ladies i hate the most… White lotus.. If I’m the one who reincarnated ill lose all my hair because of this im~always~a~victim~but~im~righteous~woman act.

  5. Lu Qingran hasn’t done anything but crying and blaming others.
    How can she be regarded as the sect’s most precious and talented disciple?
    If she found strange how the protagonist knew how to cure poisons related to the devil clan (or whathever it was), she could have spoken after Meng Qi cured everyone. It would have been more logical to discuss this matter privately with the sect leader rather than asking while other lifes were on the line. If her implication were true, speaking up in that moment would have only sentenced to death the injuried ones.

  6. wow…This Lu’s curiousity really is admirable to the point of being shameless.. Can’t she think that it is her that made her master be admonished of being idiot. Also, beech you got the audacity to question MEng Qi? being a sect leader disciple boost her shamelessness and idiocy …

  7. LQR, you just arrived at the same time as MQ. What do you mean that demons were attacking you every day until she came? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also, your sect leader is nice to YOU, but is generally ineffective and seems to not recognize that MQ is far more talented and hardworking than you. There is a time and place to question, this isn’t it.

  8. yan mingfeng and xun yan. meng qi is collecting grandparents. i’ve no doubt that villagers of qingfeng town also love meng qi. yes! author, give meng qi more grandparents!

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