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MWFV Ch.53 Part 2 – Ahaha! (II)

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At the same time, at the chairman’s office of the Qin Group.

Lin family’s young chairman was discussing the ‘NST Company’ with Mr. Qin.

“The result of this exhibition is good.” Mr. Qin gave Lin Shaochi a positive evaluation on the opening ceremony and product exhibition.

Lin Shaochi smiled, “It’s all thank for your support, Mr. Qin.”

Without Qin Group’s support, no matter how good this project was, Lin Group would definitely unable to do it so smoothly like now.

In this regard, Mr. Qin expressed no comment.

“Did you study network security?” Mr. Qin suddenly asked.

For a moment, Lin Shaochi was taken aback before answering truthfully: “In fact, I only understand a bit. In terms of professional details, I am not proficient.”

Qin Shao: “Who was responsible for this product demonstration?”

Lin Shaochi: “I found an expert from a hacker competition called ‘Red Master Hacker Challenge.’ She is very proficient in this area and has a farsighted vision. This time, it was thanks to this expert that the entire project can take shape so quickly.”

“However,” after a pause, Lin Shaochi continued: “She is not a full-time employee of Lin Group and only provide technical consultation for NST project…” Seeing Mr. Qin’s doubtful look, Lin Shaochi smiled and said sincerely: “I’m also working hard to invite her into NST company, but unfortunately, so far my effort is still not successful.”

“If Mr. Qin is interested, I can recommend this expert to you.”

Seeing Mr. Qin nodded, Lin Shaochi gave [Q] ‘s contact information to Chen De who was standing nearby. This was the phone number Lin Group specially prepared for [Q] and only used for communication between two sides.

After Lin Shaochi left, Chen De took [Q] ‘s contact information and asked Qin Shao: “Sir, are you planning to find this [Q] to improve our company’s security?”

Chen De also attended the exhibition at the NST opening ceremony. Although network security was out of his expertise and couldn’t understand the detail, he still knew that the technology would benefit their company.

Chen De: “Should I contact this person?”

Qin Shao: “No, give me the number, I will contact them personally.”

Chen De only guessed half of his boss’ plan. Mr. Qin indeed wanted to find [Q] to improve Qin Group’s network security, but he also did it for Su Bei. Remembering the strong enthusiasm his daughter showed when seeing the product demonstration at the exhibition last weekend, Mr. Qin intended to find a professional teacher for her.

That night, Su Bei was lying on the bed, talking with Lin Shaochi on the chat app. Lin Shaochi sent her some photos from the opening ceremony and product demonstration of ‘NST Company.’

[Lin Shaochi]: You should have been there.

There was a trace of regret in his words.

Su Bei: …

Actually, she did go. Among the photos sent by Lin Shaochi, some captured her tailing behind Mr. Qin like a small companion.

[Lin Shaochi]: The exhibition that day has been very successful.

[Lin Shaochi]: And the market response is also great. Presently, more than 20 companies have conveyed their intent to cooperate with us.

[Q]: This is good.

[Q]: The technical part itself is working smoothly. After the test period ended, we can officially start the service.

[Q]: During the current test period, if necessary, you can also offer limited service to some companies. Use this chance to promote the product as a free trial.

[Lin Shaochi]: Won’t this make your side overwhelmed?

[Q]: No problem. Just limit the number of up to ten companies. Also, I’ll try to shorten the test period and complete it within three months.

After the test period over, they would finally start making money!

[Lin Shaochi]: No need to hurry. Just follow the original plan, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

[Lin Shaochi]: If you need anything, just tell me.

Lin Shaochi still wanted to say more when suddenly his phone alarm rang. Looking at the clock on display, it was 9:30 pm. Lin Shaochi raised his eyebrows slightly and mused in silent: Already half past nine? So soon.

Lin Shaochi sent another message: Are you going to be busy now?

After several chat seasons, Lin Shaochi found a pattern: [Q] seemed to be busy with something at night. Every time they talked until 9:30 pm, she would disappear for a moment before sending a message: “I need to go now. Let’s continue tomorrow.”

Being reminded by Lin Shaochi, Su Bei also glanced at the clock.

——She actually wasn’t going to be busy with anything, but had to go to bed. Because soon, Mr. Qin would come over to check whether she has been sleeping obediently or not

[Q]: Mm.

[Lin Shaochi]: Alright. Let’s stop now.

[Lin Shaochi]: Also, rest early and don’t sleep too late.

Su Bei:…

Why did she feel that Lin Shaochi has become more talkative than before?

Lin Shaochi himself realized this: His attitude towards [Q] seemed to change subtly. When did this change begin?

——It seemed to have started when he knew that [Q] was a female.

Lin Shaochi knew [Q] ‘s gender from the people of the NST technical department. Because they were developing the project together, the technical team inevitably had to make several discussions via voice call with Su Bei. The moment they heard a soft voice answering the call, all team members were shocked——the revered great master was actually a woman! Afterward, the technical team members further broke out in a hot discussion: since the voice on the phone was so young, [Q] might still be a young girl.

[Lin Shaochi]: Good night.

[Q]: Yeah, good night.

For a while, Lin Shaochi held the phone in a trance. At first, he regarded [Q] as a colleague standing side by side, and later, a friend with whom he could talk freely. Now, Lin Shaochi felt like it had changed slightly, yet he couldn’t tell what kind of change.

After ending the chat with Lin Shaochi, Su Bei put away her mobile phone, and in a very experience movement, tucked herself under the bedcover. Half of Su Bei’s face was exposed from the bed, looking at the door motionlessly with her eyes wide open. She was waiting for Mr. Qin to come for his ‘night patrol.’

However, even after waiting for a long time, Mr. Qin didn’t come today.

Su Bei didn’t know how long she has been waiting. When sleepiness started dazed her, the mobile phone suddenly rang. The display showed [2nd Card] and a string of unfamiliar numbers. This was the phone card prepared by Lin Group for Su Bei, and the one who called at this time must be either telemarketer or someone from the technical department.

Although a little sleepy, Su Bei still pressed the answer button.



After a while, Su Bei didn’t hear any sound from the caller’s side. She took off the phone from her ear and looked at the screen in confusion. After confirming that it was still in the ‘calling’ mode, she once again spoke: “Hello? Can you hear me?”


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