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THDP Ch.41 Part 3 – Farewell and Departure (III)

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Qin Xiumo stared at Meng Qi.

She is truly…

Qin Xiumo suddenly raised the corner of his lips. A trace of softness flashed through his eyes. “Let’s go.” He said, “I owed you a lot of spirit stones. I should start working earlier and pay off earlier, else I cannot be at ease.”

Meng Qi shrugged. She quickly made a calculation, then put the brocade bag into her storage space: “Although the number is high, they all are low-grade herbs. Very common and cheap.”

“No problem.” Qin Xiumo shrugged indifferently. “Even a little bit count. Just keep it.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi didn’t refuse. These herbs were useless to Qin Xiumo anyway.

“You really won’t go with us?” Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo.

He regrets!

He really regrets it!

Why is his skin not thick enough, so he can pretend to be poor and not pay the debt?!

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head, “Young palace master Chu, take care.” She cupped her hands towards Chu Tianfeng and walked away side by side with Qin Xiumo.

“I’m going to the library pavilion.” Elder Yan Mingfeng should have returned. Meng Qi must say a proper farewell before departing.

Part of Qingfeng Valley’s disciples had left the sect and gone down the mountain. Some people wanted to follow Fentian Palace to Fentian City and now was assembling.

All the way to the library pavilion, Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo didn’t even meet a single disciple. The sect that once lively was now very desolate.

Outside the library pavilion was equally deserted. Standing outside the door, Meng Qi respectfully stated: “Disciple Meng Qi, come to bid farewell to Elder Yan.”

“Come in.” A mellow and gentle voice came from inside.

Meng Qi gestured to Qin Xiumo to wait outside, then opened the door and walked in.

Yan Mingfeng sat cross-legged on a chair on the library’s first floor. Still in his usual simple blue robe, he looked the same as before. As if nothing unusual has happened to the sect in these short days.

“Elder Yan.” Meng Qi bowed respectfully. “This disciple is about to leave Qingfeng Valley.”

“I see.” Yan Mingfeng nodded, “It’s good.” After a paused, he asked suddenly: “Meng Qi, if they had no spirit stones, didn’t regret their actions and still hostilely suspect you, treating you as traitor….will you still save them or let them die?”

Meng Qi was startled.

Without waiting for her answer, Yan Mingfeng asked again: “If Lu Qingran was also injured, would you save her?”

Yan Mingfeng’s originally half-closed eyes opened, and a sharp gaze swept upon Meng Qi. Without giving her a chance to think, he raised his voice slightly and urged: “Answer me.”

“If this disciple can save them, this disciple will.” Meng Qi said.

A smile flashed through the elder’s eyes. “Can you tell me the cure for immortal devouring vine?”

“Of course.” Meng Qi took out a bamboo slip from her storage space, held it with both hands, and respectfully gave the bamboo slip to Elder Yan. “This disciple took a risk, using the roughest and crudest method to cure the immortal devouring vine.”

She did not lie. When meeting Su Junmo in her previous life, Meng Qi was still in the Foundation Establishment stage. The number of spells and techniques she could use wasn’t much different than now. Among medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds, she was simply an ant.

In fact, whether it is Su Junmo, Chu Tianfeng, or Qin Xiumo, Meng Qi cured them without using any particularly high-grade medicine or spell. In her previous life, even before meeting her master, Meng Qi had faintly noticed that, in fact, there was no distinction between higher and lower grades. Every kind of injuries, poisons, and illness has something similar to each other. Sometimes, when one looked at a particularly severe injury or poison, they would find out that it was actually treatable using the most basic technique.

After Meng Qi restarted her life, this belief was firmed. That’s why she deliberately trained all the low-grade spells she knew until the highest realms possible.

“As long as the patient can be saved, there is no such thing as a rough technique or not.” Yan Mingfeng took the bamboo slip from Meng Qi and waved his hand. Three bamboo slips flew out of his storage bag and slowly fell into Meng Qi’s hands. Yan Mingfeng explained: “This is the record of everything I hear, see, think and gain during my travels in Eastern Realm these years. I’m using it to exchange for your method of curing the immortal devouring vine.” He looked at Meng Qi again and said: “I will also depart soon. If we have a fate, we may meet again.”

“Go.” Afterward, Yan Mingfeng closed his eyes again, resuming his meditation. His body was full of aura. His cultivation obviously raised one realm during his last seclusion.

Meng Qi respectfully saluted for the last time. Holding the three bamboo slips, she turned around and left the library pavilion. She lowered her head to look at the still-warm bamboo slips in her palms, sending spiritual aura into them.

The bamboo slips’ contents immediately flew into her mind. Elder Yan Mingfeng traveled all year round and saved countless lives. The knowledge he gained during his journeys was naturally extensive, even far better than Meng Qi before her rebirth. Elder Yan said that the three bamboo slips were used to exchange Meng Qi’s method of curing the immortal devouring vine. However, Meng Qi only needed to read a few lines to know how valuable these bamboo slips were. Anyone who wanted to walk far in the medical path would be willing to pay a great price in exchange for this knowledge.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but look back at the library pavilion. The door of the building has been closed again. With Qingfeng Valley’s precarious situation, no disciples were in the mood to come here.

“Let’s go.” Qin Xiumo, who was waiting outside, said in a low voice: “Fentian Palace’s people have just left.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She carefully put the bamboo slips away. “Let’s go.”

Meng Qi turned around and started walking. This time she didn’t took out the paper crane and walked slowly down the mountain road. Qin Xiumo silently followed behind. When they finally saw Qingfeng Town from a distance, he asked: “Where are we going?”

“I’m going to……”

“Meng Qiqi, wait!!”

Before Meng Qi finished her sentence, Su Junmo’s voice suddenly came from behind. Qin Xiumo frowned. Meng Qi also turned back speechlessly. Su Junmo, whose figure hadn’t been seen for several days, was dashing towards them: “Where are you going?” He quickly added: “I will pay spirit stones, please bring me along!”


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With this, we conclude the first arc : Qingfeng Valley. Next is the beginning of the second arc: Xingluo Pavilion. Enjoy!

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