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THDP Ch.43 Part 3 – Drunk (III)

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Qin Xiumo dared not to stay here any longer. Probably it was the effect of her drunkenness, but the light medicinal fragrance that always accompanied Meng Qi’s body now was all over the room, mixed with the mellow yet intoxicating flowery scent from the wine. Qin Xiumo hurriedly strode out. Once the door has closed, he took a deep breath, but couldn’t completely dissipate the dry feeling in his body.

He didn’t look back, and raised his hand casually. The door was closed, completely separating him from Meng Qi. The black-robed youth stomped his feet and folded his arms on his chest, stood under the eaves just right outside Meng Qi’s room. His mind started to wander. Xue Chengxuan might be a good person. People raised as an heir of such a prestigious place like Feng Alliance would never show such enthusiasm to a Foundation Establishment cultivator for no reason.

Qin Xiumo slowly exhaled. His eyes instantly regained its usual iciness and sharpness.


Meng Qi sat on the bed for a while. She was indeed a little drunk, but just a cup of wine wouldn’t make her completely drunk. She also had just wiped her face and hands with cold water, which helped her sobered a little.

She shook her head and took the beast house out of the storage space. Xiao Qi jumped out, his nose fluttered, and suddenly turned his head at Meng Qi.

Did she drink alcohol?

Meng Qi already sat cross-legged on the bed, holding Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip in her palm. In the past, whenever she prepared to enter Beyond The Heaven, Meng Qi had never been so careless. But today, alcohol dulled her mind. Without even arranging a protective array, she infused her spiritual aura into the jade slip.

A faint light flashed. When Meng Qi opened her eyes, she already stood outside the gate of Beyond The Heaven City.

She exhaled. The scent of alcohol seemed to follow her even here. Meng Qi shook her head and walked forward. She wanted to find bamboo slips with some information about Medical Cultivator Conference. She also wanted to buy a container for the jade cicada vine.

The Jade cicada vine was very special. The plant only grew on a cliff with particular conditions, was hard to pick, and also needed to be stored with a special container. Only a box made of a kind of cold jade unique to the Northern Realm could ensure that the jade cicada vine wouldn’t lose its effect after taken away from the cliff.

Meng Qi’s steps were somewhat shaky. She already regretted it. She should have refused the toast. After all, Xue Chengxuan didn’t force her to drink. However, Meng Qi’s mood at that time was very good. Except for her master, she rarely found a person who could understand her ideas instantly. And so, she was taken away by the atmosphere.

But now she regretted it. Really regretted.

Meng Qi paused her steps and stood unmoved for a while. She shook her head again. In her current state, she knew that it would be hard to find what she needed. Meng Qi looked around, then walked towards the nearest teleportation array. She had been here several times and has grown familiar with the road. She walked straight into the array.

A light flashed. Stepping out the teleportation array, she arrived at the Profound Auction House’s floating island.

Upon arriving, Meng Qi noticed seven or eight cultivators scattered around, seemingly waiting for someone. They were the people who were waiting to catch the mysterious Beiming Pill seller. After the auction that day, they were ordered to stand by in turn, squatting on the floating island for weeks. Seeing someone coming, everyone’s sharp gaze immediately turned to Meng Qi.

But in fact, they were already at a loss. The order from their sects was to find the cultivator who refined the Beiming Pill. But who exactly the cultivator was, whether they were male or female, or their age…no one knew. Beside that, they also watched Xue Jinwen movement. Someone had gone to great lengths to find out that she was the appraisal who sent the Beiming Pill for auction.

Meng Qi glanced at those people, feeling a bit strange. She had visited this island several times. Except on the day of the last auction, she had never seen so many people here. But she didn’t care too much. Even if something has happened, she wasn’t in the position to know.

Meng Qi went straight to Xue Jinwen’s courtyard. But she was surprised to see that there were even more people here. She hesitated a little, but still pushed the gate and went inside.

As usual, the courtyard was full of flowers and trees that were pleasant to the eye. The door to the main hall was open, and Xue Jinwen, dressed in red, was inside. The beautiful woman was lazily reading a bamboo slip in her hand, propping one hand on her forehead.

“Sister Xue.” Meng Qi politely knocked on the door three times.

“Huh? Xiao.. it’s you!” Xue Jinwen raised her head to look at Meng Qi, a surprise flashed in her beautiful eyes. Xue Jinwen smiled, put down the bamboo slip in her hand, and walked outside.

Xue Jinwen waved her hand to close the entrance gate to the courtyard. This way, even if the cultivators outside had the ability to shake heaven and earth, as long as they couldn’t defeat the owner of Beyond The Heaven, no one could break in. Anything in the courtyard would be blocked from outside’s gazes.


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