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THDP Ch. 45 Part 4 – Another Case (IV)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.45 Part 3.

“Huh? Why are you two standing in front of Meng Qiqi’s door? By the way, Meng Qiqi, are you alright? Do you have a headache? I forgot to tell you that Ruyi Inn’s wine is very strong. Before I had the time to warn you, you already finished the cup in one gulp.” Su Junmo kept chattering. He walked towards Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo.

Su Junmo actually had more things to say. But after much pondering, in the end, he still didn’t dare to reveal a single word. He could only talk about other topics: “By the way, Xue Chengxuan seems to be waiting for Chu Tianfeng. I heard this Fentian Palace young master has gone into seclusion after returning to his sect. Today, he should have left seclusion. How about we also give him a visit? Meng Qiqi, if you need something in Fentian City, it should be easier to ask for his help.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Speaking of Fentian City, I suddenly remembered in our Demon Realm…you know that the Demon Realm is divided into nine heavens, right? There is also a city in the third heaven called Fen City(1). That’s right, you guessed it right, it was the territory of that fool Sikong Yan’s red fox clan. A long time ago, our demon race ancestors killed off all immortal devouring vine in the Demon Realms. But the bastards from the red fox clan quietly hid the vine’s last seed inside the Celestial Fire Prison in Fen City. The celestial fire isolated spiritual aura from outside and protected the vine’s whereabout. Despite the heavy search of our ancestors, this wicked thing left undetected.”

(1) Fen City: The same ‘fen’ character (焚, to burn) as in Fentian.

Meng Qi: “…”

She turned around and walked quickly toward the courtyard gate. She had never wanted to get strong this badly before! At least, she had to become stronger than this Su fox, so she could seal his mouth with one move!

Qin Xiumo’s reaction wasn’t much better. He quickly followed Meng Qi with a dark face. But the two of them knew that no matter how fast they walked…

Su Junmo’s figure flashed, and he has followed up in an instant: “There are many legends in the Demon Realm when it comes to the red fox clan. It is said that the red foxes produce many beauties, and the number one beauty in the Demon Realm often comes from the red fox clan. Nine thousand years ago, their clan leader was a charming beauty. She quietly bred the immortal devouring vine…”

“Immortal devouring vine?!” A man’s clear voice interrupted Su Junmo’s endless words.

Xue Chengxuan, dressed in a blue robe like yesterday, stood outside the courtyard where Meng Qi and her groups stayed. He looked at Su Junmo in surprise, then at Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo: “Brother Su, did you just say ‘immortal devouring vine’?”

Su Junmo pondered and nodded slowly: “Yes.”

Meng Qi took a long sigh of relief. She turned to look at Xue Chengxuan, and her favorability towards this young medical cultivator raised once again.

“This one is impolite.” Xue Chengxuan’s eyes could not hide his worry. “This time, this one and two colleagues came to Fentian City because of this vine.” After a pause, he continued: “Recently, in Huajiang Manor in the Western Realm that bordered the Eastern Realm, dozens of cultivators have been injured by the vine. Their injuries aren’t serious. But after half a month, green vines sprouted out from their body. When we went there to check, eight of them had their body sucked up by the vine and became living dead.”

Su Junmo’s eyes glinted: “Huajiang Mansion.”

“Yes.” Xue Chengxuan nodded, “We have never seen such an injury in Three Thousand Worlds. After reading the old records, I found some clues. I wanted to inquire Brother Su about this yesterday, but Brother Su was in a hurry to leave. We came to Fentian City to meet Fentian Palace’s young master. It is said that not a long ago, he had personally seen the people being harmed by the immortal devouring vine.”

Su Junmo quietly glanced at Meng Qi before asking seriously: “Are you sure it is the immortal devouring vine?”

“If the records I read aren’t wrong, it should be so. I used pills to temporarily suppress the vine inside the wounded before coming to Fentian City to find young palace master Chu.”

Su Junmo’s expression turned stern. He glanced at Meng Qi again. Changed to another person, he would have told Xue Chengxuan that Meng Qi could save those people. But this was the woman his Lord cared about, so he didn’t dare.

“Fellow Daoist Xue.” Meng Qi asked, “How far is Huajiang Mansion from here?”

“Huh?” Xue Chengxuan was taken aback. Before he could answer, there was a gust of wind, and a black-clothed young man strode towards them from a distance.

“Brother Xue.” Before Chu Tianfeng reached the group, he took the initiative to greet Xue Chengxuan. Chu Tianfeng had just left the seclusion after his cultivation successfully promoted to the next small realm. Hearing that Xue Chengxuan came to Fentian City to meet him, he hurried over to the inn.

Three Thousand Worlds respected the strong. Although sword cultivators and spell cultivators were stronger in raw power, a person designated as the future leader of Feng Alliance would be treated with courtesy no matter where he went. And Chu Tianfeng was no exception.

Chu Tianfeng came from the direction of Ruyi Inn’s front yard, while Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo were standing just behind their courtyard’s wall. Separated by the gate, Chu Tianfeng didn’t see them. He went straight to Xue Chengxuan, and while walking, said quickly: “I have heard about the problem in Huajiang Manor. If Brother Xue is sure that it is caused by the immortal devouring vine, you don’t have to worry. I know a medical cultivator who can cure the vine’s wound.”

Xue Chengxuan was a little surprised, but he cupped his hands at Chu Tianfeng politely: “Is the medical cultivator Brother Chu said a senior in your sect? Then I will come to visit them personally.”

Chu Tianfeng waved his hand, “It’s not our Fentian Palace’s person.” His eyes were shining, and his voice was a little excited: “Let me cover the expense, including all the spirit stones needed for treatment!”

“How can this be allowed?” Xue Chengxuan said: “Brother Chu, just introducing us to this senior is enough. I will go to ask for their help personally. And of course, the medicinal material and spirit stones needed has to be covered by me…”

“No, no, no!” Chu Tianfeng waved his hand frantically. “I will pay the spirit stones. Let me pay!” The corners of his lips raised: “She was supposed to come to Fentian City. I’ve told the disciples to pay attention to it. As soon as he arrived, then I….”

“Chu Tianfeng.” Qin Xiumo couldn’t stand it anymore. This guy clearly wanted to owe a pile of spirit stones and then not pay it back, so he had a reason to followed Meng Qi around.


He would never allow this to happen.

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng turned around. His eyes instantly brightened, “Meng Qi!” Without even sparing a glance at Qin Xiumo, he strode towards Meng Qi: “You are here! When did you arrive?”

“Oh, right…” Chu Tianfeng remembered, and quickly turned around at Xue Chengxuan: “Let me introduce you. Meng Qi, this is brother Xue Chengxuan, from Western Realm’s Feng Alliance.” After a pause, he continued: “Brother Xue, this is Meng Qi.” Chu Tianfeng didn’t mention Qingfeng Valley’s affairs: “She is the medical cultivator I had just mentioned. She can cure injuries caused by the immortal devouring vine.”

No Only Xue Chengxuan, even Murong Fei and Wen He looked at Meng Qi in surprise.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator?!

Is Chu Tianfeng joking?!

Su Junmo pondered for a moment before saying. “I can also testify. She indeed can save them.”


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