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THDP Ch 56 Part 3 – Heaven Auction House (III)

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Next to the three food boxes, there were also teapot and teacups. Rather than coming to an auction, it more like she was on an outing with friends to have a picnic in the garden.

Is this part of Heaven Auction House service?

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows, picked a cushion, and sat cross-legged. She casually took a pine nut candy and put it in her mouth. Her eyes drifted outside.

Like the Profound Auction House, the rooms here were also structured on the walls of a valley. People in each room couldn’t see the inner of other rooms. Meng Qi didn’t feel worried. She waited patiently. After a while, a cloud platform rose slowly in the middle of the valley.

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On the cloud platform, the middle-aged cultivator stood with a smile, looking in all directions. “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for taking the time between your busy schedule to participate in today’s auction. On behalf of the owner, I welcome you all.”

Meng Qi continued to bite the candies.

“Our Heaven Auction House usually only provides twelve lots per auction.” The middle-aged man said with a smile: “However, you must have received the news from our owner. For today’s auction, we have an exception and provide the thirteenth lot.”

Meng Qi blinked. She hurriedly took out her nameplate and took a look.

Why didn’t she receive anything?

What is this thirteenth lot?

“You must already have the qualification for our thirteenth lot today. To shorten the time, the auction will start now.” The man said again.

Meng Qi suddenly realized. It seemed that although she was able to enter the Heaven Auction House, she wasn’t qualified to auction the thirteenth lot, so she didn’t receive any news.

No wonder. She had no sect nor backing. Even her Master was unwilling to accept someone with too low cultivation base like herself as a disciple. If people who received the news were people like Fentian Palace Master, she really had no qualification to compete with them.

The auction has begun. Meng Qi adjusted her mood and listened attentively to the introduction of the first lot.

“The first lot is the eight trigrams scenic robe, created hundreds of years ago by the Yun Sect, the world’s best tool refiner. It has the complete trigram of mountain and river scenery on its surface. Unfortunately, one hundred years ago, it fell into the devil cultivators’ hands and was only retrieved by us three years ago. Three elders of the Void Comprehending stage from Yun Sect lent their hands to repair the robe and got rid of the devil aura that tainted it. This is one of the most famous defensive items in the world, and the starting price is five hundred profound-grade spirit stones.”

“Pfft…” Meng Qi almost burst out all the tea she had just sipped in.

Five hundred profound-grade spirit stones?!

Meng Qi was stupefied. She knew the rules of an auction. Generally, the cheapest item was put out as the first lot.

Five hundred profound-grade spirit stones!!

Profound-grade was one grade higher than ninth-grade spirit stone. However, one profound-grade spirit stone’s exchange rate was no longer as simple as one thousand ninth-grade spirit stones.

Profound-grade spirit stone was already a very valuable item by itself. Five hundred of such spirit stones. If an average sect devoted all they had, they could only barely produce that amount.

In other words…

Meng Qi looked at her pitiful few hundred ninth-grade spirit stones in her storage space. She couldn’t even afford one percent of the starting price of the first lot. Was there any hope for the Blazing Feather?

Meng Qi gazed out. The price of the eight trigrams scenic robe had gone up quickly and finally sold for two thousand profound-grade spirit stones. And this was because the people in the auction seemed to have little interest in this lot. After a few bids, the robe was quickly sold.

Meng Qi sat in a daze. She no longer had the mood to eat the refreshments.

Soon, the second and third lot was sold at prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of profound-grade spirit stones. Everyone was obviously a little absent-minded. They all simply shouted the bid once or twice randomly, and the deal was concluded.

“The next lot is an extremely rare treasure…” The middle-aged man said with a smile: “…the Blazing Feather. Everyone knows that it is the feather of the celestial demon phoenix clan. The phoenixes are reborn from nirvana every ninety-nine years, and they grow new feathers in the process. As the royal ranked clan among celestial demons, the phoenix clan was not only rare in number, but their feathers are also very precious. We rarely see one in Three Thousand Worlds.”

Meng Qi: “…” She knew, ah.

She looked around in despair. There must be many people from medical sects coming today. They definitely would compete for the Blazing Feather…


Meng Qi felt that she might be thinking too much. First, she should worry about whether she could afford the starting price.

“The starting price for this Blazing Feather is…” The middle-aged man paused his words.

Although knowing that there was no hope, Meng Qi’s heart still pounded furiously.

“Two hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.” The man finally said with a smile.

Two hundred…eh?!

Meng Qi’s eyes widened.

Ninth-grade spirit stone?! Is it true?!

Just now, all the starting prices were profound-grade. How could the Blazing Feather turned out to be just ninth-grade?!

Meng Qi took a deep breath and looked around. Although she knew she couldn’t see other people, hope rekindled in her heart.

After the man’s voice fell, no bid was heard. If the starting price was two hundred ninth-grade spirit stones, then the minimum price increase should be twenty ninth-grade spirit stones. Meng Qi gritted her teeth and gave her bid cautiously: “Two hundred and twenty ninth-grade spirit stones.” Anyway, she should at least try.

Meng Qi quickly counted the number of spirit stones in her hands. She now only had four hundred ninth-grade spirit stones. If no one directly raised the price astronomically, she could still bid a few more times.

Maybe she still has some hope? After all, not everyone needs the Blazing Feather.

“A fellow Daoist came out with 220 ninth-grade spirit stones.” The middle-aged man looked around with a smile, “Is there any higher price?”

Meng Qi’s heart almost jumped out of her throat. As if waiting for a verdict, she sat uneasily.

The entire auction site suddenly fell into total silence. For the first three lots, there were people who make some bids arbitrarily. However, everyone seemed to have a consensus, and no one was willing to waste time bidding on an item priced at merely two hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.

After Meng Qi made a bid, no one raised the price.

When the time finally up, the middle-aged man announced with a smile: “Congratulations to this fellow Daoist, who successfully win the bid for the Blazing Feather at the price of 220 ninth-grade spirit stones. Please mark your spiritual sense on the item.”

Meng Qi: “???”

She sat in the room blankly. Her heart was still not calming down. Meng Qi couldn’t even believe her ears.

So, does it mean that she…got the Blazing Feather?!


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