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THDP Ch 58 Part 1 – Token (I)

THDP sponsored chapters (2/4) by MajorQuincy, José Gomes, Svahn, Mickychi, and anonymous sponsor at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 57 Part 3.

Linghu Xie waited patiently. Except for the 300 eighth-grade spirit stone just now, there was no higher bid.

Meng Qi sat down leisurely. She lazily propped her cheek with one hand, biting into candies, and poured herself a cup of tea from time to time. Even the tea here was so delicious. Beyond The Heaven must be using special tea leaves containing spiritual aura. Meng Qi felt a gentle warmth spread from her stomach to her limbs with every sip, making her feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Except for Meng Qi, all the cultivators who participated in today’s auction were almost crazy with anxiety. Did they misunderstand the owner’s message before? The ‘I don’t like phoenixes’ in that message wasn’t referring to the Blazing Feather, but this mysterious spell?

So, was this spell actually related to phoenixes? Or did it have something to do with the grotto-heaven that was about to open at the seventh mountain? Therefore, the owner warned the bidder and only allowed them to choose either one.

If this was the case, then the question was——

How to choose?

Which one to choose?

Because the main attraction of today’s auction was the token to enter Beyond The Heaven’s mountain, almost all the top ten sects of the four realms in Three Thousand Worlds sent their representative here. Some sent the elders who had a high authority in the sect, but the majority, like Fentian Palace, had their sect leader personally come.

Even if they were cultivators, everyone was hesitant to make a prompt decision. According to the past, Beyond The Heaven’s grotto-heavens had great outputs. Those who ventured there, although met with extreme danger, would receive equally rewarding results. Rare treasures, artifacts, and magic weapons from the distant past, even records about the spell or cultivation techniques left behind by great predecessors…the possibility was endless.

Like the grotto-heaven that had 24 tokens of entry, for each cultivator who participated, the lowest value of the items they got in the grotto-heaven was more than the most expensive lot usually sold at Heaven Auction House. Of course, the gain of large sects was even richer.

It was said that there was a time when a certain sect got a magic tool by chance, which actually contained the cultivation method of their sect’s great predecessor, who passed away thousands of years ago. That particular sect was in decline, mainly because most of its knowledge and legacy were cut off by a catastrophe. After the finding, the broken legacy was finally resumed, and the sect’s strength was advanced by leaps and bounds. Coupled with a few consecutive genius disciples they nurtured, the sect surely would return to its peak in a few hundred years.

Since then, every time a grotto-heaven appeared in Beyond The Heaven, any major sects would always compete for the entry token.

They have never objected to the owner’s restrictions on token bidding because it was always very fair. The condition of each restriction was to maximize the profits of the participants. But this time, the owner didn’t specify the restriction clearly and put them into a dilemma.

The leaders and elders of the large sects who came today were a bit upset. Did they really misunderstand before?

The owner said that they didn’t like phoenixes, so no one bid for the Blazing Feather.

And now, there was this mysterious spell…

Cannot be helped. They should just give up.

Anyway, the item wasn’t guaranteed to be valuable either. There was no need to give up the token for this gamble.

So, the Heaven Auction House was quiet once again. In the meantime, Meng Qi drank another cup of tea and was now biting into a pink-colored pastry with a plum blossom smell.

Linghu Xie looked around the audience and smiled: “Congratulations to the fellow Daoist who won the seventh lot with the price of three hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. Please follow the agreement and make the soul oath. Of course, if you really managed to crack the seal, the seller will give you one spell in exchange.”

Meng Qi: “???”

The hand holding the teacup was shaken. Before she could react, the window on the wall was reopened, and another black wooden slip fell on the tea table. This time, the wooden slip was covered with a soft layer of blue light.

Meng Qi blinked in disbelief. Did she actually win another auction? Was it supposed to be this easy?

Moreover, according to the man named Linghu, if she could crack the seal on the jade slip, she would get to learn another spell. All of it…just for three hundred eighth-grade spirit stones?!

No matter how she calculated, it was too profitable!!

In Three Thousand Worlds, records about spells or techniques had never been cheap. Even the most common first-grade spells were usually sold at the price range of fifth to sixth-grade spirit stones.

Meng Qi buckled her right middle finger and thumb together, pressed it on her heart, and made a soul oath according to the instruction. The blue light on the black wooden slip gradually faded. With an indescribable feeling, Meng Qi reached out and picked up the slip.

She put a mark of her spiritual sense on the wooden slip. On this auction, she spent a total of 220 ninth-grade and 300 eighth-grade spirit stones on buying a Blazing Feather and a jade slip containing an unknown spell from Starfallen Sea. Counting together, hers must be the cheapest and also the most cost-effective haul today?

But why did no one else make a bid? It was just a few hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, even she could afford it.

Meng Qi got a hold of the black wooden slip and examined it repeatedly in joy. Although she felt a bit peculiar, she didn’t put too much thought. Maybe the item those big powerhouses wanted was too precious, so they were too lazy to waste time dwelling on these cheap things.


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  1. Meng Qi at the start: A single sixth grade spirit stone is enough for the life earnings of a single person in my sect…

    Meng Qi now: Only a few hundred eight grade spirit stones for the chance to learn a new spell? Cheap!

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