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THDP Ch.6 Part 3 – Little White Tiger (III)

Chu Tianfeng didn’t have to go far. Not long after he left the cold pond area, he saw Meng Qi’s slim and tender figure. Her blue robe went along the mountain path, sometimes hidden by the mist. Her steps were light, and he could see that she was in a good mood. Chu Tianfeng had regained his cultivation level. If he, a Golden Core cultivator, wanted to secretly follow Meng Qi, the other party could not even detect his presence.

Meng Qi quickly left Qingfeng Valley. According to her memory, this area would be burned into ash in the near future. Many flowers, trees, and herbs would be destroyed. But in the mountains not far from Qingfeng Valley, there was a kind of spirit herb that only grew in this area. The spirit herb was only in second grade but had many applications. Meng Qi planned to take some before the chaos happen.

She quickly entered the mountain. Meng Qi has only been here once before, so she wasn’t particularly familiar with the path. However, this place was near Qingfeng Valley and still quite far away from Devil and Demon Realms’ boundary, so it was still relatively safe.

Meng Qi quickly followed the path in her memory. Chu Tianfeng followed her from afar. When he saw her blue figure walking forward without any hesitation, he started to feel some doubt.

Did Meng Qi also remember? Or not? That he has…

“Huh?” Meng Qi suddenly stopped.

Chu Tianfeng quickly hid.

At this time, Meng Qi was at the junction of two mountains. Between the two mountains, there was a small mountain crack. A patch of forest hide the crack, and only trees shadows could be seen from outside.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. She was a medical cultivator, and her sense of smell was far superior to ordinary people. There was a scent of blood in the air, and it didn’t seem to be human blood. The scent was quite heavy, with a faint of demonic aura.

Meng Qi hesitated. That mountain crack was her destination this time. The second-grade spiritual herb she wanted grows inside it.
Should she go in? She had never acted recklessly and would never put herself in danger just for a few herbs. Since the Demon Realm has not yet invaded and this place wasn’t far from Qingfeng Valley, it should be relatively safe now.

She slowed her steps. Readying a spell with her right hand, Meng Qi cautiously walked towards the crack. If there was really a danger, even if she wanted to escape now, afraid it was already too late.

After considering the situation, Meng Qi took out a bamboo slip from the storage bracelet. This was a single-use spell. Once activated, it would instantly teleport her to any place within one hundred miles radius. This was a life-saving treasure given to her by Elder Yan.

Meng Qi lightened her steps and walked slowly through the small patch of forest. The crack was just behind this patch. Once Meng Qi walked out of the forest, she could see the situation inside. The spirit grass she wanted lushly grew on the side of the cliff. Under the cliff was overgrown with grasses, and a small white shadow lay on it.


Meng Qi was stunned. The white shadow heard her footsteps and seemed to want to stand up. But it was so badly hurt that after a slight move, it fell down weakly.

“Ao—” The little thing strenuously moved its head to look at Meng Qi’s direction and made a threate-…er, soft and cute roar.

Meng Qi was caught off guard. She immediately saw its pair of blue eyes.

“Aoao—” When the little thing saw Meng Qi, it cried even louder. But the voice was so weak. Obviously, it was injured or starved.
Although Meng Qi could hear the little thing’s fierce cry, she didn’t get deterred. All her focus was on the little thing—the fluffy, soft, white fur. Two small semi-circular ears on its head were slightly shaking at every movement.

So…so cute!

Is it … a white tiger cub?

The little guy has a pair of small round ears. Two clear blue eyes, brighter and shinier than any gems. Its whole body was soft and white, with several black stripes. A ‘王’ (king) character embedded on its forehead. Obviously, it was a little white tiger, and still a young cub. Meng Qi subconsciously stepped towards the little guy.

“Aoao—” The little white tiger saw her approaching and screamed even louder. It also raised its small paws, waving fiercely.

Meng Qi was not afraid of the little thing. She had arrived at the little white tiger and carefully examined her surrounding. It didn’t seem to be an ordinary white tiger species usually found on Three Thousand Worlds. The little tiger’s eyes were too beautiful, with a Big Dipper constellation hidden in his blue eyes. It was obviously a wounded tiger demon cub.

Meng Qi hesitated. Although she has never been stepped into the Demon Realm, she knew that the powerful demons there, called by other demon cultivators as celestial demons, all had animal form. She remembered that one of Lu Qingran’s suitor was a nobleman from a celestial demon clan. His animal form was a white fox.

Meng Qi didn’t have a good relationship with him, but the white fox clan was part of Demon Realm’s nobility. The young white fox was also very powerful. If his cultivation level was graded according to human cultivation in Three Thousand Worlds, he was already a Nascent Soul stage, a whole stage higher than Chu Tianfeng’s Golden Core. Although the little guy in front of her looked very young, who knew whether in the future it would have any relationship with Lu Qingran.

“Aoaoao—” The little white tiger still crying fiercely. The Big Dipper constellation in its eyes flashing, as if to summon the stars in the sky. But the little tiger was injured. After its blue eyes flashed twice, they soon dimmed. Even its cry gradually losing the strength and became more delicate.


Meng Qi’s heart was struck by this little cub.


She took a glance at the little tiger’s injury. Its wounds were very heavy. Moreover, this little guy must have been injured by the power of the boundary separating the Demon Realm with Three Thousand Worlds.

She wants to save it!

Meng Qi’s fingers moved slightly. Just like how spell cultivators and sword cultivators were thrilled when they saw powerful spells or sword techniques, as a medical cultivator obsessed with medical skill, Meng Qi never was able to hold her excitement whenever she encountered any incurable diseases, strange poisons, or mysterious injuries.


After hesitating for a moment, Meng Qi squatted down. Then she reached out her hand towards the little white tiger.

“Aoaoao—” The little white tiger wanted to run, but it was held by its neck.

“Let me see.” She grabbed the little white tiger and turned it over, exposing the little guy’s soft, fluffy belly. Meng Qi reached out her hand, and under the horrified bright blue eyes, her slender and cool fingers went down …

“Ao—” The little white tiger instantly burst out. Even its tail pricked up.

Meng Qi was very disappointed: “So you are a little male tiger.”

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Let me just say that Meng Qi would pay for this action lol.

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