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MWFV Ch.15 Part 1 – How Are The Kids? (I)

The person Chen De sent to investigate Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s registration status had come back, and at the same time, brought surprising information. But Chen De was hesitant to report this to his boss right away. In the last two days, Mr. Qin was very busy because the problems in the Tianlan subsidiary had reached its juncture. It wouldn’t be good if he disturbed Mr. Qin now.


After two days, Chen De received a call from Qin Shao.


“How is the situation over there?” Qin Shao’s calm and cold voice came from the phone.

“The headquarter is operating normally. There are a few documents that I sent to you this afternoon, please take a look when you have time.”

“Sir, are the matters in S city going smoothly?” Chen De asked.

“Not bad.” Qin Shao’s tone seemed to be mixed with a sneer.

——Song Yancheng’s plan was really good: first, use the incident of pharmaceutical mistake in Tianlan to greatly damage its reputation in the market, then take the real research result from Tianlan’s own R&D division to establish a new pharmaceutical company and seize the opportunity.

If Song Yancheng succeeded, maybe he could really replace Tianlan Pharmaceutical’s position and occupied the entire market in southern China. It’s a pity that the man never thought that after Qin Shao arrived in S city, he didn’t waste time being entangled with this ‘pharmaceutical mistake’. Instead, he held a press conference, announcing that the Qin group would take full responsibility for the entire incident.

What Song Yancheng didn’t expect even more was that Qin Shao directly made public the formula for the special drug that the Tianlan R&D division spent two years to develop. Overnight, the formula Song Yancheng painstakingly managed to get became a piece of waste paper. Moreover, when the Song Group established a new pharmaceutical company in S city, since they intended to completely suppress Tianlan Pharmaceuticals, the initial investment wasn’t small. Such a loss, instantly turned them into the biggest joke in the industry.

Even more painful was that only in ten days, Tianlan Pharmaceuticals had developed another special drug based on the previous formula, with even a higher effect. This exactly followed Mr. Qin’s previous statement: To give Chairman Song a lesson.


Hearing that the problem in the Tianlan subsidiary was solved perfectly, Chen De also showed a happy face.

“So, sir, will you be back soon?”

“Some follow-up matters still need to be dealt with.” Mr. Qin’s eyes were extremely cold. After solving the problems, it was time to settle the accounts with the perpetrator. He then pondered a bit before added, “But it won’t be long. After ten days, I will return to B city.”

Chen De was delighted at this news: “Alright sir, I will make arrangements here.”

Chen De was thinking, tomorrow he should go earlier to Jingyuan villa and told the twins this good news, so that they didn’t have to ask him every day about Mr. Qin, longingly waiting for their father’s return.

Chen De misunderstood: In fact, the two children didn’t really look forward to seeing Qin Shao. However, Su Bei was worried because the novel’s plot and thus asking Chen De, “Is dad alright in S city” has become her daily habit.

“Anything else?” Mr. Qin asked suddenly.

Chen De: Nothing, ah. He was waiting if his boss had any other instructions so he could hang up the phone.

“There is nothing wrong with the company, please rest assured, sir.” Chen De answered.

Qin Shao: “Other places?”

Chen De: “Those families are also being peaceful during this time, and show no movement.”

Qin Shao: “…”

Should he change his assistant?

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  1. Squishy Mochi

    Lmao he wants to hear about the kids, but his assistant is only mentioning the company 😵🤣

      1. Are you saying that if he did act like that he would be like a kuudere or are you talking about his current behavior would be labeled, tsundere?

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