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Translating Web Novel

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.7 Part 1 – Isn’t He….Her Master?! (I)

Little white tiger: “…”

He subconsciously stretched his claws, using his four white plushy little paws to hold Meng Qi’s arm. His claws were not aggressive, she could only felt soft pads hitting her arms.

Meng Qi smiled. She rubbed his belly, then let him go and stood up. The white tiger was small and chubby, clearly a still a little cub. Just a moment ago, she turned him over and exposed his soft, fluffy little white tummy.


The little tiger was probably shocked by her. The fur in its whole body burst out before softened again. His blue eyes intensely stared at her. In the depths of its ocean-like eyes, faintly discernible silver stars formed a Big Dipper constellation.

Meng Qi didn’t only check the tiger’s gender. When she hugged the small white tiger, she activated a spell to explore its internal condition. Very complicated! Besides the injuries caused by a demonic spell, the tiger’s inner body seemed to hold a power completely unknown to Meng Qi before. Mysterious and powerful.

When she tried to probe deeper, as soon as the spell touched the mysterious power, it was completely swallowed until nothing was left. Besides, Meng Qi vaguely felt that the tiger’s internal body seemed to hold some kind of star constellation. Just a moment ago, when her aura penetrated its body, it was like she was entering a vast starry sky. Countless stars shined in the darkness, mystical and strange.

Meng Qi frowned slightly. Even before her rebirth, when her medical skills had already crossed the threshold of the fifth grade, the little tiger’s condition would still be very hard to solve. She glanced at the tiger’s left front paw. This was the only visible injury on its body, which seemed to be caused by an extremely sharp weapon. Even now, blood kept flowed continuously from the wound. Meng Qi doesn’t know anything about demon cultivation. This little white tiger may look weak and cute, but its injuries were so complicated. No wonder it could only lie on the ground and unable to struggle. Weak, pitiful, helpless, and cute.

“Little guy.” Meng Qi hesitated. She had a lot of herbs in her storage bracelet. Meng Qi leaned over and gently took the small white tiger’s front paw so she could look closer: “This…”

She frowned slightly. This wound clearly wasn’t caused by a normal weapon. Otherwise, the wound this small should have long stopped bleeding by itself.

She wants to cure this tiger! She never saw such complicated internal and external damage before. It seemed that there were internal injuries left by demon spell, wounds left by poisoned weapon, damage caused by the realm’s boundary, and also that mysterious power. Even the spiritual aura in this little white tiger’s body was stirred into a mess.

She wants to try! She wants to cure it!

Meng Qi’s fingers could not help but bend slightly. But it was a little male tiger. She didn’t remember Lu Qingran had such a little white tiger by her side, and she also didn’t remember whether Lu Qingran was familiar with another demon cultivator beside that white fox demon. But what if?

Meng Qi hesitated: “Well …” She coughed twice: “Little guy, are you still young?”

“Ao–” The little white tiger shouted weakly. He seemed to act ignorant now. But inside his blue eyes, the Big Dipper still faintly discernible.

“Um…” Meng Qi called him again, “Are you one year old?”

The blue eyes seemed to flash slightly.

“You can understand me?” Meng Qi was not surprised. She has never gone to the Demon Realm, but she still knew that the high-ranked members of celestial demons were very powerful. Probably even could be compared with her unfathomably powerful master.

“Um …” Meng Qi looked at the little white tiger and repeated her question, “Are you one year old?”

The little white tiger softly cried “Ao”, didn’t know whether it was a yes or no.

“You are still young.” Meng Qi took it as a ‘yes’, “If in the future you meet a human older sister, a human cultivator from Three Thousand Worlds, remember to stay away from her. She and the people around her are scary.”

Little white tiger understood her words, but simply gazed at Meng Qi dispiritedly. His blue eyes flashed in indifference. He already knew that the most terrible woman he ever met in his life was the one in front of him.

Just now she even… As soon as he recalled what had just happened, the little white tiger was going to burst out again. He has never been treated like this! Absolutely! Never! Ever!

Feeling satisfied, Meng Qi squatted down. She then reached out to hold the little guy’s left front paw again. Her right hand formed a spell, and the pale green light fell on his wound. Although she used only the simplest rejuvenation spell, it was already in the fourth realm. But even after the light faded, the wound still bleeding.

Meng Qi tried to recall the contents of countless records in her memory. In her previous life, she had entered the threshold of fifth-grade medical skills. Even in this Three Thousand Worlds, she already gained a little fame. She was not from a big sect, instead, she was a former disciple of a small sect like Qingfeng Valley. But each step of her journey on the medical path was extremely steady and pragmatic. Her knowledge was extensive and was on the same level as many medical cultivators trained by large sects.

But now, even Meng Qi couldn’t tell what kind of weapon caused the little white tiger’s external wound. Although it seemed to be toxic, it wasn’t completely caused by poison either, but also influenced by some spell and enchantment. The weapon that wounded him should be very special.

Meng Qi subconsciously frowned and tilted her head slightly. It happened that little white tiger also turned to look at her. He seemed to finally sober up completely from the huge shock he just received. Two clear blue pupils stared directly at Meng Qi’s eyes, showing the Big Dipper constellation. At one moment, the stars’ shadow seemed to flash briefly before dimmed again.

“Be careful!” A voice suddenly shouted from behind. The next moment, the black-robed man appeared next to her. Chu Tianfeng leaned over and pulled up Meng Qi, immediately raised his hand to activate a spell. A flame suddenly rose into the sky, separating Meng Qi and the little white tiger who still couldn’t move.

“Young master Chu?” Meng Qi was dragged away by him. She looked at the young man who appeared so abruptly: “You …”

Chu Tianfeng was blocking Meng Qi with his back. Eyes full of alertness, he kept staring at the little tiger. “It’s a demon clan.” His voice was extremely cold. With deep-rooted chillness, each word was squeezed out from his gnashing teeth.

Chu Tianfeng was keeping his distance, but it was enough to observe Meng Qi’s every action. He dropped his eyes subconsciously and saw Meng Qi’s slender fingers. Just a moment ago… Chu Tianfeng suddenly withdrew his gaze. There was a hint of blush on his cold face.

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The Healer Demands Payment
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