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THDP Ch 89 Part 4 – Those Who Shouldn’t be Saved (IV)

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“As for this Young Daoist…” The woman’s tone became slightly cold, “He isn’t a member of our younger generations. I can bear letting him taking the first two tests. However, this third test exposed his deep killing nature. This sea of devil aura, a place that is full of killing and massacre, is the manifestation of his heart.”

“But senior.” Meng Qi quickly intercepted: “Although Ji Wujiong is arrogant and unruly, but he…”

Meng Qi suddenly paused. She wasn’t sure whether she should defend Ji Wujiong or not. She knew this guy only for a very short time. From this short time, including their first encounter, his attack of Li Che and Xue Lingfeng, and later in the Apricot Forest, she knew that Ji Wujiong was not someone who killed innocent people.

But how about before?

Meng Qi didn’t know what kind of person Ji Wujiong was before.

“Young Daoist.” When the woman spoke to Meng Qi, her voice was very gentle, which reminded Meng Qi of the spring breeze. “You don’t need to worry too much. You have passed three tests and can leave by yourself. He isn’t a medical cultivator, and from the beginning, has no qualification to enter this place. Keeping him here is also to eliminate a source of disaster from the world.”

“Senior.” Meng Qi was startled. She looked at Ji Wujiong lying on the other cliff, very still and quiet as if he would never wake up again. Did she really have the heart to abandon him and leave him alone?

“He was backlashed by his own killing intent and was seriously injured.” The woman slowly said: “This sea of ​​devil aura is transformed from his inner heart. This man is arrogant in his loneliness and rejects others. The devil aura separates you and him, and it’s not my doing that you are unable to approach him.”

“Young Daoist.” The woman said again: “You don’t need to care about such a person. You may go alone. A boundless scenery, priceless opportunities, and the great Dao of medical cultivation…all are waiting for you in front.”

“But…” Meng Qi bit her lower lip and frowned slightly. She looked at Ji Wujiong again. The young man was lying quietly on the ground, severely injured and unconscious.

The scenes of the events from the past few days flashed in Meng Qi’s mind. Even though Ji Wujiong was arrogant, sarcastic, and somewhat dangerous, he didn’t leave Meng Qi behind when they were in danger. Facing the powerful sect leader of Tengshe Sect, he didn’t back down and always stood in front, protecting her behind his back.

It was true that his tongue was barbed, and it was also true that he looked down on everybody. But whether it was Li Che, Xue Lingfeng, Qin Xiumo, Xue Jinwen, or others, he didn’t kill any of them.

“Young Daoist.” The woman seemed to see her hesitation, “Even if you are a medical cultivator who must have a benevolent heart, some people in this world are simply not worthy of your kindness.”

Right after the woman’s voice fell, a gleaming gate suddenly appeared on Meng Qi’s side of the cliff. Through the gate, Meng Qi could see the outside world. Beyond the gate was the Apricot Forest, the holy land of medical cultivators. At this moment, the place was still full of bustling people, and Meng Qi could see the figures of her friends: Sikong Xing, Su Junmo, and even Pei Mufeng. There was Xue Jinwen too. She had regained her consciousness and was now standing opposite Su Junmo; her face was full of worry.

“Passing through this door will end your test. You and I are predestined, and you have obtained the Five Spirits Cauldron. Therefore, I will teach you the Five Spirits spell. With these two, you can get twice the result with half the effort when refining medicines. Your friends and those who are truly worthy of your care are waiting for you over there. Young Daoist, you shall go.”

The woman’s soft voice seemed to contain an alluring temptation. Meng Qi raised her foot subconsciously and took a step towards the gate.

“Young Daoist.” There seemed to be a faint smile in the woman’s voice, “You need to remember…” Before the voice could finish, Meng Qi stopped abruptly. Her eyes widened as she suddenly clenched her hands and bit her lower lip, as if hesitating.

“Young Daoist.” The woman seemed to be stunned, “What happens?”

“Senior.” Meng Qi suddenly raised her eyes and looked up into the dark sky. Although she was asking the voice, it seemed that she was talking to herself: “Senior…how to decide who should be saved and who should not be saved?”

Meng Qi didn’t need an answer, as she immediately strode towards the other cliff, where Ji Wujiong was lying unconscious. She didn’t care whether Ji Wujiong was a dangerous man unworthy to be saved or not. She only knew that no matter what, she couldn’t leave behind a companion who brazenly stood in front of her to face the danger. Even if Ji Wujiong didn’t protect her so much, she and he had also fought side by side for a while, and they were already partners in this Grand Tournament.

It was impossible for her to leave her partner alone.

“Young Daoist.” The woman’s voice turned stern, “You have to know that if you insist on saving him, then all your gain here may turn into nothing.” She continued: “He cannot break off from his illusion and cannot pass the test. If you insist on facing it together with him, you will share his fail.”

“Your cultivation base may fall back to the Foundation Establishment stage, maybe even lower.”

“I see.” Meng Qi responded softly. She was already standing on the edge of the cliff, looking over the sea of devil aura below the fissure and figuring out how to get to the other side.

“Your medical cultivation, which already reached the fourth rank, may also be wiped out because of saving a person who shouldn’t be saved, which violates the intent of the great Dao of medical cultivation.” The woman slowed down her tone.

Meng Qi suddenly raised her head: “If I let someone die without trying to save, there is no need for the great Dao to expel me, because I would already have suffered a great loss of Dao heart and unable to make progress in my cultivation. From that on, I will never dare to call myself…” She closed her eyes briefly. When she opened her again, she looked straight at the unconscious Ji Wujiong. “…a medical cultivator!”

The next moment, Meng Qi’s slender body rushed forward.


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  1. I’m gonna be really disappointed but impressed with the author if she really does lose all her cultivation and has to work from scratch again. It’d really show her conviction and integrity as a healer and dealing with people thinking lowly of her rank wouldn’t be that painful, but I expect she’ll still get everything because she proves she’s a true healer to the senior.

  2. I love Meng Qi’s determination to stay true to her Dao path regardless of the consequences she may face afterwards. As for her jumping over the fissure separating her from Ji Wujiong, my first impression is the same I had when she wanted to throw him the medicine—how in world is she going to throw/jump across a fissure that’s about twenty meters wide, lol. Unless she trained her body like other cultivators, I’m going to assume that all cultivators, regardless of what they’re studying, have super bodies, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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