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THDP Ch.9 Part 1 – Back to Qingfeng Valley (I)

Meng Qi: “?????”

She only wanted to make him swear not to tell others about the little white tiger, why did he make such an oath? But before Meng Qi could react, a faint red light flashed from Chu Tianfeng’s hand and flew into her body.

This… the oath succeeded?

Meng Qi’s first reaction was to look up at the sky, afraid that a thunderstorm may strike at any moment. To protect its favored daughter, heaven shouldn’t hesitate to punish a small cannon fodder, right? But fortunately, the sky was still clear and sunny.

Meng Qi’s second reaction was to look at Chu Tianfeng suspiciously—could it be that this guy didn’t want to pay his debt? But she quickly rejected this idea. Fentian Palace’s young master wouldn’t be reduced into a state that he had to renege a debt.

Meng Qi was extremely confused! She just wanted Chu Tianfeng to make a soul oath so that he couldn’t divulge this little white tiger’s identity. She didn’t believe even a bit that it was because her threat had scared Chu Tianfeng that the proud young man was willing to bow his head and make such a great oath.

While she was still in a daze, Chu Tianfeng had gently pushed her silver knife away and slowly stood up. The medicine effect was limited, and after all, he was a Golden Core cultivator, so he recovered quickly.

“You …” Meng Qi stepped back, keeping a distance from him. “You are just kidding, right?”

If she remembered correctly, Chu Tianfeng has just made… a tremendous oath? Especially in his last sentence, ‘heaven would not forgive.’ For the Three Thousand Worlds’ cultivators, breaking that oath was tantamount to abandoning the cultivation path. Because their original cultivation level would fall to the bottom, and then they would be rejected by heaven, making it difficult to continue cultivating.

Chu Tianfeng straightened his back and looked at Meng Qi with his cold, black eyes. His gaze was so deep that people couldn’t see through his mind. The young man raised his jaw proudly: “What do you mean?”

“I don’t need such an oath.” Meng Qi frowned, waving her hand with a disgusted face. “I only want you to swear not to tell others about the little white tiger.”

In fact, she had never really seen someone performing a soul oath. But since Chu Tianfeng could make such an oath so easily, then Fentian Palace should have a way to cancel it. Otherwise, would they let their young palace master fell into the hand of a small cultivator like herself?

“Redo it.” Meng Qi said.

Chu Tianfeng stared at Meng Qi deeply, his face reddened a bit before he said: “It is a soul oath, how can it be redone?!”

Meng Qi: “…”

“But I don’t need it.” She stared at Chu Tianfeng and took another step back, “I only need you to swear that you will not tell others about the little white tiger. ”

This was Meng Qi’s sincerest wish. Even without counting Chu Tianfeng and Lu Qingran’s close relationship, Meng Qi still didn’t need such a proud and troublesome guy to stay near her.

After a moment’s silence, Chu Tianfeng suddenly said: “Without the soul oath, I will tell everyone about today’s matter.”

“I’ll tell everyone I meet.” He repeated. His face reddened even more, yet he still didn’t stop his desperate threat. “Within three days, I guarantee that every single person in the radius of three hundred miles from Qingfeng Valley will know that you picked up a little white tiger demon.”

Meng Qi:” … ”

Chu Tianfeng was a true proud son of heaven. He had a high talent in cultivation, and since he became aware of his surrounding, people would fawn wherever he went, like stars holding the moon. After he grew up, young girls generally would be willing to get closer to him, both Fentian Palace’s disciples and other cultivators he met when training outside. Some of the bolder girls even tried to take the first move.

Chu Tianfeng never thought that this kind of situation would happen. He took the initiative to make a soul oath to someone, yet the other party ruthlessly rejected it. He even needed to threaten her with such a shameless way to make Meng Qi barely accepted his oath.

Chu Tianfeng’s face was now completely burned red. But even so, the jar had been broken, so he could only shamelessly added, “The oath has been made anyway, and I cannot cancel it. If you have a way, then do it yourself.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She stared intently at Chu Tianfeng: “I don’t have any order for you now and won’t have in the future. Just go away.”

“I won’t go.” Chu Tianfeng’s lips suddenly curled up. He felt that he had found a way to deal with Meng Qi. “If I go now, I’ll tell others that you picked up a white tiger demon cub…”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Meng Qi waved her hand. “If you want to stay, just stay.”

She never knew that the Fentian Palace’s young master could be utterly shameless like this… But she has to bear it for the time being. Later, there must be a way to get rid of this guy.

The little white tiger’s wound was still bleeding. She also didn’t know what this little guy’s relationship with the powerful man that resembled her master was. But Meng Qi believed Chu Tianfeng’s words. Although it was not particularly visible, when the white-robed man in the flame record raised his hand to slaughter the elder’s detached spirit, Meng Qi saw the Big Dipper flashed inside his eyes.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and turned to the little white tiger. The little guy was still lying on the grass lazily. He probably did understand human language and thus had given up struggling and running away.

Meng Qi still gripped the small silver medical knife in one hand. Although after rebirth, she waited until she entered the Qi Condensation period before refining this knife, its grade was still lower than the one she had in her previous life. Even so, her mysterious master was a real expert in refinery. Meng Qi could only use a small part of the knife’s intended role for the time being, but it was still her best self-defense weapon.

Although Chu Tianfeng had given his reassurance, she did not wholly relax her vigilance. The flame that previously surrounded the small white tiger had been extinguished. Meng Qi knelt on one knee and carefully placed her silver knife next to the little white tiger—as soon as she moved her hand, she could instantly reach it.

Meng Qi was facing Chu Tianfeng, and could still observe the man’s movements from the corner of her eyes. Only after confirming his position did she reach out to hold the little white tiger’s injured paw again. This time, the cub did not struggle, and obediently put his paw on her fair palm. The little white tiger’s blue eyes stared at Meng Qi for a moment before lightly glancing at the silver knife.

His eyes slightly narrowed, but soon relaxed again.


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7 thoughts on “THDP Ch.9 Part 1 – Back to Qingfeng Valley (I)”

  1. I think the tiger’s her former master… and probably the real ML? lol but it is funny watching her interactions with Chu Tianfeng. lol I have no idea why he wants to stick with her but he is getting what he wanted.

  2. That little back and forth was highly amusing. Also, I’m not sure but did it imply that Chu Tianfeng also had memories of their past life? Is that why he suddenly became aggressively subservient?

    1. Did she forget his oath already? He can’t disobey her orders – just order him to leave and keep his mouth shut about the tiger 😂

  3. > Meng Qi took a deep breath and turned to the little white tiger. The little guy was still lying on the grass lazily. He probably did understand human language and thus had given up struggling and running away.
    He’s probably just enjoying the show lol. If he’s the master, he wasn’t gonna die from this anyway.

    1. In other cultivation novels when the powerful demons are seriously injured they usually revert to their original form its their bodies ways to recuperate I think this is the case too. The little guy is most likely not a little guy big white tiger maybe even the sovereign which is the master

  4. Very confused about the oath…Didn’t it state that the guy would follow the Mc’s whims or so? So, how can he threaten her and refuse her wishes? Unless it has to be explicitly an order which she didn’t state but still. That oath seemed as wishy washy as the rest of the WN generally is like.

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