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ATCF Ch 13 Part 2 – As expected of the Little Moneygrubber! (II)

The crowd’s voice was getting louder and louder, but Jiang Li kept silent all the time. Tong Yi thought she was frightened by the situation and was about to speak in her defense when the girl suddenly opened her mouth.

“Why do you think that Shen Mian’s jumping off the building was related to me? Did she tell you personally?” Jiang Li’s voice was calm and composed, a sharp contrast to the crowd’s aggressiveness.

Naturally, the reporter refused to let her change the subject, “In this situation, shouldn’t you show concern towards your classmate Shen Mian who is still standing up there? After all, life is at stake.”

Jiang Li asked back in response, “If you think that Shen Mian wanted to jump off the building because she was punished by the school, why don’t you also ask about the cause of her punishment? Why do you instead come to blame me, the victim?”

When the reporter saw her taking the bait, he immediately pushed further, “Shen Mian caused you to fall down during the P.E. exam and made you lose two points as a result. She was indeed at fault here, but she lost fifteen points for this and also has a major demerit written on her school record. This punishment is clearly too heavy, causing her to be so depressed that she now tries to commit suicide. Shouldn’t you be more tolerant?”

The reporter’s tone caused some students to finally realize something was wrong. The one who punished Shen Mian was the school faculty, not Jiang Li. Taking the circumstance into consideration, Jiang Li would do the school a favor if she was willing to go and persuade Shen Mian, but from the way the reporter questioned her, they clearly portrayed Jiang Li as a villain.

Jiang Li’s expression was still calm, and she continued questioning the reporter, “Do you think that losing two points is nothing compared to losing fifteen points?”

“Of course!” The reporter exclaimed. “Everyone knows how big a gap 15 points of score can make. A student who originally can enter a key high school is likely to lose that quota and end up going to an ordinary high school. In the future, they can only be accepted into a third-rate university.”

Hearing the reporter’s argument, some students who were easier to get swayed nodded subconsciously, thinking it made sense.

Of course there were others who thought that Shen Mian was at fault here and that the punishment was just. However, the majority of the public nowadays tends to side with the weaker one regardless of right and wrong. Hence, fearing persecution, they didn’t dare to voice their opinion loudly.

Jiang Li tilted her head and calmly said, “But for me, the difference between that two points is extremely important. Don’t you know that there is often only half a point between the top scorer and the second place in the high school entrance examination?”

The reporters:……

Seeing the reporters’ dumbfounded expressions, Jiang Li explained with all seriousness, “No matter which school they end up in, the top scorer in the high school entrance examination in Minjiang City would be awarded a scholarship totaling 500,000 yuan. However, the second place can only get 300,000. The third place is even worse, as the scholarship is merely 100,000.”

The reporters:……

Everyone else: …

Even Tong Yi, who was standing next to Jiang Li, couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from twitching.

Jiang Xiao Li really deserved to be called Little Moneygrubber. Even in such a situation, she still calculated the account clearly.

Director Li, who was already off work when he heard the news, arrived in a hurry. Seeing the group of reporters who were clearly here to add fuel to the fire, he was about to call security to chase them off when he saw Jiang Li talking back to the reporters in a serious manner.

Hearing her argument, Director Li didn’t know whether to laugh or to get amazed. If it wasn’t that Shen Mian was still standing on the roof, he surely would have applauded Jiang Li.

Amidst the chaotic scene, Director Li saw that the firefighters had arrived and were now opening air cushions under the faculty building. He finally sighed in relief. Although he didn’t think there was anything unjust with the punishment he gave Shen Mian, things would not end easily if something really happened to the girl.

Director Li focused his attention on both Shen Mian and Jiang Li’s situations.

Ignoring the crowd’s dumbfounded look, Jiang Li began counting with her fingers, “If I am unlucky and fail to even get in the top list because of those two points, then my loss will be even more immeasurable.”

The reporters were successfully taken away by Jiang Li’s momentum and asked helplessly, “Do you really think you can become the top scorer?”

Jiang Li replied calmly, “It was originally possible, but after losing two points, I’m no longer so sure.”

The reporters:……

They had seen a lot of bragging, but it might be their first time seeing someone bragging with such a strong conviction.

This little girl dared to be so arrogant in front of the camera. Wasn’t she afraid of the consequences of bragging too much!

This group of reporters immediately rushed over after receiving a tip that a student at Mingjiang International School was trying to jump off the school building. By pretending to be family members who come to pick up students, they managed to sneak into the campus. After confirming that the news was true, they immediately started the livestream broadcast, eager to exploit this big headline to raise their traffic.

It had to be known that Mingjiang International School was the best private school in the province. Needless to say, the news of a student of such a prestigious school committing suicide was guaranteed to attract much attention, so these reporters couldn’t wait to dig into as many sensational details as possible.

Without even bothering to check, they knew that their livestream channel must be very lively now, and with Jiang Li’s arrogant attitude, she was bound to be criticized by many people.

The reporters guessed well. Their channel was currently very lively with endless barrage of comments. Some people did attack Jiang Li with their keyboards, scolding her as an arrogant and cold-blooded human who disregarded even the life and death of her own classmate.

However, quite a number of people expressed their support. After all, it was clear that Jiang Li was innocent here. Whether her classmate really jumped off the building or not, it wouldn’t change the fact that she was a victim.

And it would be a great loss if she really missed the top spot in the high school entrance examination because of those two points!

In the boy’s dormitory of a university, a young man was watching a livestreaming with his mobile phone. As his eyes fixed on the screen, his fingers were busy typing with lightning speed, arguing with some mentally retarded people who populated the comments.

What age was it now? These people actually had the nerve to force the victim to forgive the perpetrator — were their brains actually eaten by zombies?

And that big nephew Tong Yi was also very useless. He was clearly there at the scene, but he just stood there like a big statue. How spineless!

Seeing Jiang Ruo appearing in the camera with her holy-mother face, the young man typed faster.

Because he could predict what kind of bloodshed Jiang Ruo’s fans would make after they flooded into the channel following their idol’s statement.

He really couldn’t understand. Jiang Ruo was nothing special, yet so many fans were willing to charge forward for her. How much fortune did the Jiang family spend on her fake fans?

Was it because of beauty? But although Jiang Ruo was indeed a bit beautiful, she was just so-so in the entertainment circle. In comparison, the girl who so confidently claimed to be a future top scorer was so many times prettier than Jiang Ruo.

Yup, this girl was indeed very beautiful. Especially those eyes…—eh?

The young man suddenly widened his eyes. He quickly turned around and elbowed another young man who was gaming next to him, “Big bro, look. Doesn’t this girl look familiar?”

The person raised his head, revealing a face almost identical to the young man. Facing his twin brother’s enthusiasm, he responded calmly, “I am a face blind. Have you forgotten again?”


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