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ATCF Ch 14 Part 3 – Her Eyes Are Very Similar to Third Uncle (III)

Jiang Ruo’s eyes widened in disbelief, “How is this possible?”

The reporter reached out his hand to Tong Yi and asked, “Can you return the phone to me now?”

Tong Yi glanced at Jiang Zhou who stood not far away, and finally returned both the phone and the microphone with a light sneer. Now that Jiang Ruo was involved, Jiang Zhou would never stand by, so he only needed to step back now to watch the fun.

After retrieving their equipment, the two reporters immediately pointed the microphone to Jiang Ruo, eager to dig up juicy details of the shocking development. However, they hadn’t even had the time to throw a single question when Jiang Zhou forced his way into the encirclement and stood between Jiang Ruo and them.

Jiang Zhou’s face was icy, and his tone was unfriendly, “Scram right now if you know what’s good.”

The reporters and the cameramen exchanged a few confused gazes, feeling half-amazed by this sudden intrusion. Did this kid think he was some kind of overbearing CEO? But in terms of momentum, he was not even half as intimidating as the student just now!

When Jiang Ruo saw Jiang Zhou appear, her eyes brightened, and she immediately called him with surprise, “Big Brother.”

Jiang Zhou gave Jiang Ruo a comforting gaze and was about to continue confronting the reporters when the girl grabbed his sleeve, “It’s alright. Since I never sent those texts, I am not afraid.”

Jiang Ruo turned her eyes to the surrounding students and said in a clear voice, “I really didn’t contact these reporter. I have no reason to target Jiang Li, and I will never make fun of Mianmian’s safety. If I know she plans to jump off the building, I will definitely try to stop her instead of calling reporters to fan the flame.”

A student quietly retorted in a low voice, “What’s jumping off? Shen Mian obviously faked it. Are you now claiming that someone else used your mobile phone to contact these people?!”

Jiang Ruo’s fans immediately came to her defense, “What’s strange with that? Can you guarantee that your phone never leave your side 24 hours a day?”

“That’s right. I’ve gotten my phone stolen before. The matter hasn’t been investigated yet, so why are you targeting Ruoruo?”

“What’s there to investigate? Ruoruo is definitely not that kind of person. I believe her no matter what.”

“I also believe that Ruoruo would not do such a thing.”

“Shen Mian has always been a good friend with Ruoruo. Could it be that she used Ruoruo’s mobile phone to send the messages before directing the whole act on her own?”

“It’s possible. Shen Mian didn’t look like she seriously wanted to jump off. I think she just wants to force the school to revoke the punishment!”

“She did a mess in the last mock exam too. It must be true that her mental state is not good recently, but the rest should be fake. I don’t believe she really has the intention to commit suicide.”

“Right, and she also deliberately targeted Jiang Li. She must have hated Jiang Li because of the punishment.”

“It goes without saying. As soon as the reporters arrived, they pointed their fingers at Jiang Li. Shen Mian’s purpose is very clear!”

Jiang Ruo has a lot of fans, and it took just a moment for them to directly convicted Shen Mian guilty. And those who have just questioned Jiang Ruo could only choose to remain silent at this time, because Jiang Ruo’s fans were so ferocious that they did not dare to confront them head-on.

Jiang Li observed in silence. The scene unfolding before her was a strong reminder that Jiang Ruo was the female lead beloved by everyone, and it did seem she really lived up to her character setting.

The students’ arguments became louder and louder. Finally, Director Li, who had been pretending to be a wallflower until now, walked over to them and shouted loudly, “Why are you guys still here? Do you think you have too little homework? The concerned parties will go to the Academic Affairs Office with me, and the rest should go home. Now!”

Director Li wasn’t called Hades Li for nothing. With only a roar from him, the students who were still so heated just now immediately stopped arguing and quickly scattered away.

Seeing that Tong Yi hadn’t left, Director Li gave the boy a sideways glance and said angrily, “You are not a party involved. Why are you still here?”

Tong Yi looked very calm, “I helped anyway, so why can’t I stay?”

Director Li: …

At this moment, Director Li especially missed the child Tong Yi. This kid was so cute as a little boy and was not infuriating as he was now.

Jiang Li looked at Director Li, whose face was red with anger, and said softly, “I’m not an involved party, so can I leave too?”

Director Li was stunned and said in surprise: “You don’t want to know the results of the investigation?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “Shen Mian’s reason for targeting me is very simple, but I don’t intend to forgive her, so it’s pointless for me to stay behind.”

As for the identity of the person who sent the anonymous text to the reporters, it might be Shen Mian or maybe Jiang Ruo, but whoever it was made no difference for Jiang Li. More importantly, it was almost time for dinner and she was already hungry, so she couldn’t wait to leave.

Seeing that Jiang Li wanted to leave by herself, Tong Yi immediately became unhappy. “Didn’t you promise to treat me to a hotpot today?” He said with a pout.

Jiang Li tilted her head, “Then I will go to the restaurant first and cook the hotpot so you can just eat when you arrive. How?”

Tong Yi: …

The fun of eating hotpot precisely lies in the cooking process. He had no intention of eating already-cooked ingredients in a hotpot restaurant, alright!

Tong Yi turned to Director Li, “I suddenly think I have nothing to do with this, so I won’t go.”

Director Li: …

Isn’t it just a hot pot?

Why the big reaction?!

However, now that he thought about it, it indeed had been forever since he last enjoyed hotpot.

Director Li forcefully wiped away the aroma of hotpot from his mind and turned to face the two reporters and the cameramen behind them. “You knew in advance that a student was going to commit suicide, but not only did you not do anything to stop it, but you also came to interview with great fanfare. Do you want to use the life of a minor in order to attract traffic?”

One of the reporters immediately retorted: “Your accusation is too much. That student of yours obviously didn’t seriously try to kill herself, did she?”

Director Li smiled coldly, “So you knew that the suicide was a fake, but still used this incident to personally attack another of my underage student. Thanks to your emotional blackmail, she is now psychologically traumatized. How are you going to make up for her?”

After saying this, Director Li turned his eyes to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was stunned for a moment. After a few seconds, however, she nodded slowly, “Uh-huh. I’ve been hit hard, and it will take me a long time to recover from this trauma.”

The reporters:……

No, no, no. With this girl’s fighting power, who in the world was capable of hitting her hard to the point of being traumatized?!

In the college dorm room, Feng Song and Feng Bai never took their eyes off the phone screen.

Feng Song looked at the girl who looked a bit like their Third Uncle, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. Although he and she had never met each other, he felt a strange sense of kindness for her.

Feng Bai’s reaction was more exaggerated than his twin brother’s. Seeing the development, his shoulders were shaking hard as he laughed loudly, “This girl is too cute, especially when she reacted to Hades Li’s argument. Don’t you think so, bro?”

Before Feng Song could comment, the livestream broadcast turned off abruptly. Obviously, the reporters couldn’t stand Hades Li’s torture and hurriedly ended the broadcast.

Although the broadcast had been stopped, the reporters and their cameramen still had no way to leave. Hades Li had called the school security beforehand and forbid them to leave, saying that he had called the police and everyone had to stay put until the police arrived.

Amateur internet reporters were prevalent these days, and some with weaker morals didn’t hesitate to do anything in order to attract more traffic. Although the behavior of these people was condemnable, they hadn’t caused any serious consequences, so they would at most only receive some verbal warnings from the police. Director Li knew this, but he still called the police in order to teach them a lesson.


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