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ATCF Ch 15 Part 2 – The Heartless Jiang Xiao Li (II)

Shen Mian’s parents naturally understood this. Knowing their daughter’s suicide attempt was a fake, they immediately became angry. Mrs. Shen smacked the back of Shen Mian’s head and yelled angrily, “Apologies to Ruoruo now!”

Before Shen Mian could say anything, Jiang Ruo quickly stepped forward and shook her head, “No need to apologize. Mianmian has been under too much stress recently, so I cannot bear to blame her. I believe she only used my phone to send those texts out of fear, and not because she wanted to frame me.”

Shen Mian gave Jiang Ruo a grateful glance. She knew that Ruoruo had always been innocent and kindhearted, and it was indeed not her intention to frame Ruoruo when she used her mobile phone to contact the reporters.

After deciding to fake up a suicide incident, Shen Mian was so anxious that she forgot to charge her phone this morning. When it was time to inform the reporters, she found that her phone was out of power, so she borrowed Ruoruo’s to send the texts.

She was indeed at fault for using Ruoruo’s phone without permission and for not owning it up earlier, but she was afraid to make her parents angry and thus stopped from speaking out the truth.

Even so, Ruoruo still chose to forgive, which naturally moved her so much.

Mr. Shen’s face turned red as he looked at Shen Mian fiercely, “It must be a bad luck of eight generations for me to have a stupid girl like you as my daughter!”

Shen Mian was so frightened that she took two steps back, not daring to look at her father.

Seeing Shen Mian like this, Feng Yun felt sympathy, so she sighed softly and tried to persuade the Shen couple, “Stop getting angry at her. Mianmian’s suicide may be fake, but it must be true that she is under great stress. Aren’t you afraid that she might take it too hard and really jump off a building?”

Mr. and Mrs. Shen: …

Director Li immediately seized the chance, “Regardless of what, Shen Mian can no longer stay at school. For the sake of her mental health, I suggest you take her to see a psychiatrist.”

Hearing what Director Li said, Shen Mian quickly screamed, “I’m not sick; I don’t need to see a psychiatrist!”

Shen Mian’s mother also frowned: “Didn’t you say that she just faked the suicide? How come she still needs a doctor!”

Director Li’s voice was calm, “Whether she did try to commit suicide or just faking it, it all proves that something is wrong with Shen Mian’s current mental state. She made such a big ruckus and threatened to jump off a building — do you think she really doesn’t have any psychological problem? I strongly advice you two to take your daughter back for a professional assessment!”

Mr. and Mrs. Shen: …

Shen Mian’s parents were thoroughly angry at the moment and couldn’t wait to beat some senses to their foolish daughter, but Director Li’s persuasion had successfully planted the seed of fear in their hearts. What if Mianmian’s mental state was indeed not right? If something really happened to their daughter, it would be too late for them to regret it!

Seeing the hesitancy in her parents, Shen Mian knew that she would likely be taken home and forced to see a psychiatrist. Just imagining such a scene made her shudder. “I don’t want to go to a psychiatrist. I’m not sick! I indeed faked the whole suicide incident, but I am not the one who planned it!”

Hearing Shen Mian’s words, everyone in the office was stunned, especially her father: “What do you mean? Someone made you pretend to jump off the building?” If his daughter had a psychological problem, then he really should take her back to see a doctor. However, it was an entirely different matter if someone else made her do such a ridiculous and dangerous act.

Mr. Shen glanced at Jiang Ruo subconsciously. He knew that his daughter had a good relationship with this girl, and she was very likely the one who gave Mianmian the push.

Facing her father’s question, Shen Mian nodded immediately, “It’s true that I have been very stressed recently, but I’ve never had any strange thoughts like trying to jump off the building. If not for… I wouldn’t have done it at all.” If not for Jiang Zhou’s suggestion, she would indeed stayed sad for a while because of the mock exam result, but she would never take such an extreme way.

When planning the fake suicide, Shen Mian had resolved to risk her own safety to take Jiang Li down with her, but contrary to her expectation, Jiang Li was able to escape easily without even a scratch.

Now that things had come to light, it was no longer possible to have the school revoke her punishment, and Director Li even persuaded her parents to take her home to see a psychiatrist.

No, she didn’t want a psychiatrist — she didn’t need one. She wasn’t sick!

After discovering a hidden layer behind her daughter’s fake suicide incident, Mrs. Shen was also stimulated, “Then hurry up and tell Director Li and us. Who is this person who gives you the idea to fake jumping off the building?”

As a mother, of course she didn’t want her daughter to suffer psychological problems. Since this whole incident was not planned by Mianmian, she might be able to stay at school after telling the truth.

Shen Mian glanced at Jiang Zhou, then lowered her head again and remained silent. Jiang Zhou was Ruoruo’s older brother and had always been kind to her, so Shen Mian found it hard to personally expose what he had done.

Mr. Shen noticed his daughter’s slight movement and quickly turned to Jiang Zhou with a doubtful gaze, “You mean Jiang Zhou is the one who pushed you to fake a suicide incident?”

A teenager about seventeen or eighteen, already almost an adult, actually instigated a fifteen-year-old girl to fake jumping off a building. Was there something wrong with his brain?

Shen Mian remained silent. She didn’t want to tell on Jiang Zhou, but she also didn’t want others to misunderstand that she was mentally ill and force her to attend the so-called psychological treatment.

Seeing their daughter’s silence, Shen Mian’s parents understood. Others might think that Shen Mian was attacking indiscriminately in an attempt to push the blame, but as her parents, they definitely chose to trust their daughter. Mr. Shen glared at Jiang Zhou, “Mianmian is only fifteen, but you are already almost an adult. Why did you maliciously guide Mianmian and make her do such extreme things?”

Jiang Zhou remained calm, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Mr. Shen turned to look at his daughter, “Did he directly talk to you, or did you use a texting app? Did you keep the chat records?”

Shen Mian never thought that Jiang Zhou would deny it. She was stunned for a long time before nodding slowly; her eyes were empty, “Yes, we used qq to chat.”


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